Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari says I think we should rather cancel the engagement. Sattu says what are you saying? Pari says remember what Pandit ji said. Piyush says what are you saying. Mataji says don’t make fuss out of this, this was just and accident and it can happen any day. Mataji says Vadahi come here. I know that Piyush and you are made for each other no matter what anyone says. Piyush can never find a better girl thank you. My decision is that engagement will happen today. Vadhai says but your bruise. Mataji says I am fine. Doctor says she is right. She just needs rest but she can attend any events. Mataji says my pain will go away when I see you two smiling. Simar says mataji is right. It will happen to day.

Scene 2
They all come downstairs. Piyush makes Vadahi wear the ring. Roshni is mad. Everyone claps. Vadahi makes him wear the ring as well. Roshni turns back. Rita asks Roshni to calm down. Roshni says I can’t tolerate this. This all isn’t easy.
Mataji says take Mtaji and papa’s blessings. they take blessings of all the elders. Rita says go Roshni. roshni says one selfie is a must. They all take photos. They fit in a family photo. Jhaniv says we are all done. We should let Vadhi and Piyush take photos together. Amar says to them stand close. Piyush holds Vadhai’s shoulder. Roshni is jealous. Vadahi says wait a minute. She says come Roshni. First you take photo with your best friend. Piyush says that’s right. They take photo together. Roshni says congratulations. She hugs Vadahi and says congratulations. She whispers and says be happy and take photos, but that place in his side is mine. It’s just engagement and I wont’ let the wedding happen. Vadahi says you intended to stop the engagement as well but it happened and will the marriage. You can’t get anything from the way you are walking on. Piyush says what are you two talking about? Vadahi says she is my friend as well. Photographer says to Roshni madam take a side we have to take photos of the couple. They take Piyush and Vadahi’s photo.
Roshni sees them together and is mad. Rita comes to Roshni and says it’s Mehdni tomorrow. Vadhai will have Piyuhs’ name written. Once it is done so you know.

Mami says to Vadahi’s uncle thank God it happened. I hope the marriage happens too. He says I hope so. Simar says what you hope? He says she was saying Vadahi’s lucky. SImar says you people enjoyed? They say yes.
Simar gives Saroj Sweets. Saroj says congratulations. Simar says not this way you have to eat sweets. Saroj sees Anjali giving sweets to Saroj. She stops Anjali’s hand. saroj says what were you doing? You were giving him sweets? He can’t eat it. did you want to kill him? Vikram says relax what happened. Saroj says see she was giving him sweets. Anjali says I know he can’t take sugar. This doesn’t have sugar. Tao ji told me he like rabri so I got this made for him sugar free. Everyone is enjoying papa ji should too. So I thought he will get this. You liked this? sanjev nods. Vikram says tai ji dad looks happy. Anjali says I think Tai ji doesn’t believe this. She makes saroj taste it. Anjali says it doesn’t have any sugar. And I got so many dishes made without oil and salt so papa ji can eat. Simar says you did very good. Tao says you thought so much for him. Simar says saroj ji now eat the sweets. Saroj eats the sweets.

Prem says to Simar nothing is impossible for you. Simar says I told you. She smiles. Simar gives him sweets. He opens his mouth but simar eats it herself and runs. Prem smiles. Tao says I think anjali is changing. Saroj says a girl like her can never change. She is just fooling us. Vikram says tai ji is right. Seeing what she did in past we can’t trust her.

Scene 3
Anjali is massage of Sanjev’s head. She says you like it? It has herbs. You will sleep peacefully. Saroj and Tao ji are on the door. Tao says she is doing this for him when no one is even seeing. I think she has changed. You should believe that too. Saroj recalls everything anjali said. She recalls going to jail. Saroj leaves. Tao ji says what happened? saroj says when she comes in front of me she reminds me of all that. Nothing can change in her. You forgot what she did to us. I can never forget her. I can never trust her. Saroj says in heart if anjali shows all those qualities simar will win. and I will have to accept anjali. I won’t let that happen.

Precap-Simar says you saw anajli took care of sanjev like a daughter. Saroj says this is just one quality. rest 3 are left. And look there time is slipping out of hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope Anjali isn’t playing games with the family, She’s is nice when she cares for everyone ! But what happened to Saroj ! She’s is afraid that Simar wins ? so i can tell u that when Anjali turns good , saroj will make plans in which everyone will mindustand Anjali ! Guys is Simar quitting the show ?

    1. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

      yes dipika kakar who plays role of simar confirmed it

  2. Ya …… Simar is quitting the show.
    Feb last

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