Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Fab5 appears on stage without Manik and Raghav reminds them of his warning and asks if he was clear or not. Cabir says that it was crystal clear while the Nh3 is enjoying this alot. Nandini goes and checks her phone and on reading the notification she runs from the auditorium. Manik gets the phone after Nandini’s aunt gives to her saying that Muktii called. He instantly calls Dhruv and tells him to follow his instructions. Dhruv says that the Fab5 will perform and he places the phone near the microphone.

Cabir starts the song and Manik sings from the phone. Nandini runs to clinic and when she arrives there she stands there crying and looks at Manik. Raghav says to the Fab5 that your performance was fabulous and that he would now score with the judges and would requests all the members to be on stage. After scoring with the judges Raghav says that there are now two winners this year which are the Fab5 and NH3. Harshad says that Manik performed through a microphone and Raghav agrees with him and announces NH3 as the winners and the Fab5 as the runner ups.

Later in the waiting room Harshad starts to addresses the Fab5 with their names and makes a video just to mock Cabir. He says to Manik that you are the ones with the dialogues not me and one more thing that you must all know that Harshad never loses. Manik says that it was decided that it was a tie which means they both were equal. He is about to say why it was a tie but says that they will see at musicana. The Fab5 leaves and Harshad says that he wants to dance and brings his hand out to Navya and says to her that you are just amazing and the Nh3 won just because of you. Harshad dances with Navya while she just glares at him.

Shahid announces in the college that NH3 won after defeating the Fab5 and the whole college celebrates with him. The Fab5 asks Manik of where he was while Dhruv defends him and says that Manik could be anything but not irresponsible. Aliya asks that what stopped you from coming and Dhruv uses Manik’s mother name Manik agrees with him. Nandini is with Rishab while her aunt is appreciating Manik and his work to help Rishab today and tells Nandini to call and thank him.

Muktii says that you have an agreement with Neunika that she would never come in between your music. Manik replies saying that it was for today only, Cabir asks that what was it that she wanted. Manik gets a call from Nandini but refuses it and she says to her aunt that his phone is coming off. She calls him again but he cancels the call again. Muktii says that she totally understands him and says that the musicana still remains and they will wipe out the bands there. Aliya says that this is how the Fab5 is and they go into a group hug.

Navya calls Nandini but they can’t hear each other due to the noise behind Navya. Navya tells them that they have won and they have defeated the Fab5. Nandini says that Manik also song well but Navya says that Manik sung through a microphone so we won. She says that she wants to meet but Nandini tells her why she can’t come today. Navya tells her to take care and that they will celebrate tomorrow. Nandini remembers why Manik sung through a phone. Her aunt comes and asks what happened and she says that they won the competition. She bursts out with joy but Nandini says that she wants to meet Manik and will come home early.

Her aunt says that you can’t go out with boys like that and are not allowed. She then turns and says that she was just joking and you are granted permission to go and meet him. Nandini says that she just wants to thank him and will come quickly. Manik says to Dhruv that it was not Neunika and Dhruv says that he knows. Manik says that he was thinking that he was covering Aliya but now he covered me and says that you were not wrong but I was and some lies can actually save our friendship. He apologizes to Dhruv and they hug each other.

Precap: Nandini is waiting for Manik at his home and goes to sleep while doing so. Manik comes later and is topless when she wakes up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Great episode loved manik
    Hope he realises soon that he cares a lot about nandini

    1. manik sucks… dhruv should get paired up with nandini actually evry one sucks except harshad! love mukti..

  2. manik is really best.manika and nandu best pair

  3. manik you are superb. i wish you to pair with nandu

  4. Wich song did the fab5 perform In
    this one

  5. Can anyone tell me what song fab 5 performed in competition

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