Balika Vadhu 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya asking Ganga to taste the food. Ganga tastes it and says it is good. She makes him taste it. Jagya says, it is good. Ganga asks when did you learnt cooking? Jagya says when I was studying in Mumbai. Ganga hopes Gehna accepts Niranjan as her life partner. Jagya says, I am hopeful too. Gehna will be very happy.

Anandi talks to the laundary man. He tells that Anoop scolded him unneccessarily. He tells that he doesn’t want to work with them. Anandi apologizes to him on Anoop’s behalf. She tells that Anoop is tensed and that’s why scolded him in his tension. Laundary man takes the clothes for washing. Anandi closes the door. Meenu hears her and gets emotional.

Gehna wonders where is Nandu. Nandu says I am here. He shows them a horse cart and says he will sit in the front and asks them to sit behind. Niranjan asks him to sit at the back. Nandu insists. Gehna and Niranjan sit at the back side hesitantly. Nandu enjoys the cart ride and talks nonstop. Gehna and Niranjan smile. Niranjan tells her that he recalled old song. He sings Mang Ke Saath Tumhara…………Gehna and Niranjan laugh.

Saachi and Mittal come to meet Mr. Adhikari. Adhikari tells that Saachi presented the presentation well and praises her. Mittal tells Adhikari that Saachi is a married woman. Saachi worries as she haven’t talk to Vivek. Mittal says, he will explain it to Vivek. Saachi gets worried.

Vivek comes home. Suman says she will bring water and starts coughing. Vivek asks her, why you were working in this condition and asks about Saachi. She says, she has a meeting. Vivek takes her to her room and goes to kitchen to cook the veggie. He calls Saachi. Saachi picks the call and says sorry. Vivek asks her why you are coming home. Saachi says, she will have dinner and come home. Mittal takes the call and says he will drop her home. Vivek cuts the call.

Meenu apologizes to Anandi. Anandi says, you are making me feel bad. Meenu gets sad and cries being upset with Anoop changed behavior. She says, I tried to make him understand but…….Anandi says, everything will be fine soon. Everyone knows that Chote Papa is a good person. We won’t let him go far. We will make something of his choice.

Nandu and Gehna come home. Nandu praises Niranjan and says they have played games. Dadisaa asks about Jagya and Ganga. Gehna tells her that Jagya got a phone call and he left. Nandu tells her that Niranjan took care of them. He gets excited as he talks about Dussera play. Dadisaa says, I have to tell about it in my class. Nandu goes to sleep. Gehna says, she will check on Bhairavi. Dadisaa is thankful to Jagya and Ganga, and thinks how to find out about Gehna’s decision.

Mittal drops Saachi home. Saachi thanks him. Mittal thanks him for agreeing for the presentation. He asks her to go inside. Vivek gets angry looking at them. Saachi comes inside and says sorry to Vivek. She says, she couldn’t refuse for the business meeting. Vivek tells her that Suman’s health deteriorated and he ordered food from outside. Saachi says him sorry and says I know I hurt you a lot. I won’t trouble you. Vivek says, I am not hurt and asks her to sleep. Vivek sleeps while Saachi looks tensedly.

Niranjan thinks of Gehna and smiles. He thinks she is same as before. He says he wants to spend most of his time with her and then thinks what he is saying about her. Why you are doing this.

Palash invites Shiv to unveil his painting Venus. Anandi comes in the car and goes in.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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