Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aliya comes to Dhruv and asks him what happened. She says that whenever she sees them together she gets scared as you might tell Manik. Dhruv says that he keeps his promises but thinks it’s time she should tell him. Suddenly Manik comes and says to be told what and Dhruv says that Aliya is mad at you. He takes Manik and says that she was saying that whatever happened today was a mess. He then asks him if everything is sorted between them and Manik replies positively. Then they come to where everyone else is and they all are saying that this can’t be done in one hour. They complain about the time and place when Nandini gets an idea.
Cabir says that they don’t want any lecture but Nandini says that this idea can make them all qualify. She says that both the sides have half the instruments and we can play together and can be amazing. Harshad says that they can never play together but Nandini says that we have to decide between our egos or music. Raghav comes and says that he doesn’t have much time and says that they have to start instantly. They look at each other and then share the instruments and start to play together. The song is started by Harshad but then Manik also joins and everyone follows and the coach is amazed to see.
The coach claps and congrats them as the song ends and says that he didn’t expect them to learn so quickly. He says that a lot of this credit goes to Nandini and Manik. On hearing this the expression return on everyone faces and Harshad claps with Raghav and says that this was a huge effort by the couple of Nandini and Manik. He then euphemizes and Manik leaves the scene.
Later when they are leaving Nandin stops to find her phone while Navya leaves. Manik comes and says to Nandini that why did you sang with me. Nandini says that what the hell is wrong with you, sometimes I try to understand you and then you are someone else completely. She says that what is problem and Manik says that you are my problem and you singing with us was a plan to create problems between me and Fab5. Manik leaves pushing Nandini on the arm.
Later Manik is sitting playing his guitar and is thinking of what happened between him and Nandini so is Nandini thinking of it as well. Nandini then says to her fireflies that it’s definitely not him who did all the good and then mocks of his methods and personalities. Manik on the other hand concludes that it can’t be her and must be Harshad. Nandini’s aunt calls her and she goes to her while Manik says that he can’t let Harshad win.
In the college the Fab5 have gathered and Manik says that it’s time to do things we are good at. Muktii says that end the suspense and tell us who is the target. Manik says that the target is old but the package is new. He says to Aliya that the target is Harshad. Harshad is going in the hall and sees Rose and starts to flirt. She notices what Harshad is doing and says that Cabir is her boy friend says to Harshad that how cheap.
Aliya says to Manik that we decided that we won’t come in each other ways but Manik says that he is the one to start all of this. Manik says that the goons were sent by him and this store room was setup by him. He says that Harshad started and I will end this. Muktii supports Manik when Rose comes and says that what happened earlier. Cabir tells Rose to stay away from that guy as he is a problem. Manik agrees and says that don’t worry as that problem won’t be any more.

Precap: Manik explains the plan to the Fab5. Cabir gets his part done while Manik comes close to Nandini after hitting her and Aliya sees it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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