Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang says to biblarth that i will realize same kind of situation that i had faced. dev kampan says, sorry gurudev. but you are giving pain to my student, is this necessary? Biblarth says, rohitang is near to mahakal and my pain is nothing in front of him. He is going to really bad path. You also know it very well. Nandi served meal to mahadev and mata parvati and then kartikaye. kartikaye says, you looking so happy.

Nandi says, its really priviledge for me that i am giving meal to my God and i am really thankful to you mata because you always serve food to us but now you have given chance to me. Now i am going to call to all gann. Kartikaye says, i have heard all this from nandi so many times but whenever i heard from nandi’s mouth, its look fresh. but rohitang is also hearing jyotirling stories but he is going to wrong path. mata says, words is having so much power and what do you think, only rohitang is hearing this stories.
dev kampan serve food to rohitang. Rohitang says, guru dev, please forgive me, i should serve food to you, please take your seat. Its really priviledge for me that i am serving food to you. How do you feel to become guru of that student whose death is definite by mahadev. Dev kampan says, guru shukracharya has told me about his experiences, now i realized how much he got pain. You take meal, i am not hungry. Rohitang says, i am hungry for knowledge.I will take this meal for my revenge. Dev kampan says, you have seen death of tund. Rohitang says, but i am not afraid. Mahadev is like a dangerous weapon.
Biblarth thinks that we can distract my path but he doesnt know that i am getting more closer to my aim. Mahakal will also face kal by me. But now, you just tell me, what is indra doing? Or shankchur is ready to attack. Mahadev will definitely come to save devta. Biblarth does worship and see the destruction of earth. He puts leaf on shivling and see that mahadev is not present. biblarth says, what is happening with me? Mahadev please help me. Could rohitang fulfil his dream. Please mahadev, let me free from this thoughts.
Mahadev arise and calls biblarth. biblarth says, prabhu!!! As you have said to me, i am doing my responsibility. Isnt it something uncomplete. Why will i feeling bad? These scenes is really bad for me. It feels that earth is not moving. I was searching you but i didnt find you. Rohitang’s feeling impressing me. Mahadev says, your prayer can goes into darkness but you have to comeback from darkness. Biblarth says, please forgive me and assure me. Mahadev says, just stay calm and just stable yourself and do as i said to you. everything will be alright.

Devraj indra is waiting for his force then dev guru comes and says, what are you doing devraj? Nigas has didnt do anything wrong. It is not good for you devraj. Indra says, i will make free from fear to this world. Devta’s force comes and then devraj ordered, gets ready for battle and says, it is really good for us that we are protecting tridev. dev guru says, nigas is devotee of mahadev. Indra says, i will not wait for battle with asur, i will destroy the planning of shankchur and rohitang so that tridev will also thankful to me. Asur spy heard all this. Dev guru goes from there.
Rohitang prepares himself for war. Devkampan comes and gives news that indra is making planning for battle with nigas. rohitang says, why? biblarth’s student comes and says, rishi biblarth is calling you then rohitang says, i will reach before you reach there. Rohitang says to dev kampan, get the reason for battle on nigas.

Precap:- rohitang says to biblarth, say anything that you want because finally i will do as i want and here nigas killed the spy

Update Credit to: Tushar

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