Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rose is annoying Cabir and he tells her to not to act when nobody is around. Manik comes and says that don’t worry as you have created quite an impression. Rose gets excited and says that I‘ll go and meet Dhruv in that case then. Manik says to Cabir that Dhruv is in danger and tells Rose to sit down as you are dating Cabir. He tells Rose to buy yellow tulips for Dhruv as he loves them. She leaves and Manik asks Cabir of whom the guy is and Cabir says that he can’t as the other guy can’t come out. Cabir says that he doesn’t have the same support system and just as you accepted the whole world will also accept us. Manik agrees with him and says that I am with you.

Manik comes and meets Dhruv and says that he was looking for him. Dhruv says that I thought that you were rehearsing while Manik replies saying that I was talking about life. Manik says that he just thinks that everyone is growing and changing and we should accept the change and move on. Dhruv says that if you are talking about Aliya than I know that you guys had a break up and you don’t need to explain to me. Dhruv says that I have also something to tell you and that is I am trying to be friends with Nandini again.

Nandini comes in the room and wonders where everyone is when a guard comes and says that the principle has called all the students and they are all there. She is leavening when Manik comes and asks her that If she and Dhruv are friends again. Nandini says that we were always friends and friendship can’t be broken and there is no need to make you understand. As she is leavening Manik holds her hand and says that I don’t like it. Nandini says that what is your problem with mine and Dhruv’s friendship. Manik wants to say something but says that we are working together and it won’t be good for him, Nandini says that how can’t it be good as I can get close to Dhruv and understand him a little more. Manik leaves saying that you always had to argue with me.

Raghav comes and the guard tells him that the principle has called him in the auditorium. When he goes in the room there is a surprise party for him. Cabir is singing a song and Muktii tries to wake him but he keeps on singing. Muktii asks Cabir if everything is alright and Cabir changes the topic again saying that he came here for the cake. Manik says to Nandini that we are meeting at 7 pm and they get into a conversation and Manik doesn’t leave her hand and tells her to first agree with him. Rose is about to give the first bite of the cake to Raghav when Cabir intervenes. He gives the bite to Raghav and then rubs it on his face.

Raghav thanks everyone for the celebration of his birthday while Cabir says that we had to take revenge for the thing you did to us. Raghav says that he loves this sweet revenge but it will be sweeter if they won the musicana. Harshad agress with Raghav and then Raghav turns towards Manik and he leaves Nandini’s hand and says that we will also win. Harshad comes and says that you didn’t won the inter college competition and are thinking of winning of the musicana. Raghav tells them to stop fighting and says that to go practice as party time is over. He thanks them again for the celebration just as everyone is about to leave Rose comes and says that the party remains and let’s dance.

Rose starts to dance with Raghav but Cabir stops her and starts to dance with her. Cabir says that this is no performance and tells everyone to join while Muktii tells Aliya and Manik to start the dance. Manik says that everyone will have to dance and tells Muktii to dance with Dhruv. Raghav leaves with the principle while Harshad watches over and plans something. He pours a drink and says that its time everyone should know the truth and drops a pill in the drink. Rose is looking at Dhruv and says that she has an idea and says that lets change partners.

Rose comes and starts to dance with Dhruv and he tries to avoid her. Nandinii is calling Navya who is getting ready, Nandini then comes to asks Harshad and he tells her to call Navya. Nandini takes a glass to drink and Harshad grabs it from her and gives her another one. Nandini says that you acting weird and Harshad apologize to Nandini and she leaves. Manik looks at Nandini and then Shahid and shows him to Muktii. They come to him and he is dazzled and leaves while Navya says to Nandini that everyone will be amazed to see her.

Cabir comes and takes the drink and Harshad decides to follow him when Nandini comes and updates him on Navya. Shahid also comes and says that we have to take the dance floor as the Fab5 is ruling them. Harshad says that he doesn’t feels like dancing but the two of them grab him. Dhruv gets angry and tells Rose that we have to change partners. Aliya comes and says that Nandini was on the dance floor and he leaves the scene without saying anything. Everyone is slow dancing and when they change partners Nandini and Manik are to be together.

Precap: Nandini and Manik are dancing together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ruchitaramshetty

    me first

  2. OMG…manik jealous….hahaha…ye to hna hi tha…i luv d way he holds nandini’s hand nd says “NANDUUU”…he is damn gud actor…

  3. i got goosbums.. when manik n nandu were together… ooooo i rly lvd this shw…

    thanx sona…

  4. Manik : I don’t like it.
    WOW !

  5. wow!!!! this show is geting interesting day by day & i m waiting anxiously for tommorrow update:)

  6. KYY is the best youth show on TV <3

  7. its strange….every serial shows d same love sequences, highly repeated, everything except d cast remains d same n yet we luv it….they r so addictive

  8. Wow manik…jealous!! At last this would have been before itself but no prob…I liked the eye connection of both….!! This show is the best!!Fab5 rocks

  9. Ruchitaramshetty

    Plz give the update.

  10. Ruchitaramshetty

    Of 16 October plzzzzzzz

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