Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman trying to talk to Ishita and she rests down to sleep. He switches off the tv and sits to work. He switches off the lights for her. After some time, her phone rings. He goes to see it as its disturbing her sleep. He says she is sleeping peacefully after many days. He sits near her and speaks his heart out. He says I m sorry Ishita, I tried hard and could not make things right, but I promise I will make everything fine, good night. He goes to the bed and smiles seeing her. Ashok and Suraj have a laugh. Ashok says the day went good, Shagun is not pregnant and I got a good weapon against Raman. He says Romi made some girl pregnant and hiding from family, this news will be out in Asian business conference, I will see how Ishita saves Raman for public embarrassment. Suraj says you are lucky, you got saved.

Ashok says did Romi marry the girl without informing family, her name also starts with S. Shagun calls Ashok and asks are you ok, upset? Ashok acts like he is upset and hurt. Shagun says I m so sorry, we have time and we are getting married, everything will be perfect, what are you doing. Ashok says he is drinking. She says not more than 2, I will give you everything you want, I promise. He says ok, I love you, I will talk later as I m upset. He ends the call being fed up. Mihika comes to talk to Shagun about Ashok. Shagun says yes, Ashok’s real face came infront of me in this pregnancy matter. Mihika asks really?

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Shagun says yes, Ashok loves me a lot, I never loved Raman, I love Ashok, I m happy to be with her, he promised me he will give me everything I deserve, he treats me like princess. Mihika says intentions change with time. Shagun says she trusts Ashok, he loves me. She goes. Mihika says I have to show Ashok’s truth to her, I will fail Ashok in his game. Ashok talks to Parmeet on phone and asks him to come home soon, as there will be many drama. Suraj asks what did Parmeet say. Ashok says Parmeet told me about S, its Sarika, she is receptionist at Ishita’s clinic and Romi loves her.

Ashok says Raman’s brother Romi makes girls pregnant and leaves them, and Raman fires them from job, this is breaking news, this is serious, its s*xual harassment, when the Asian business week people know this, then Raman will be gone. Suraj drinks and says superb. Its morning, Ishita wakes up and says she had a good sleep today and why did alarm not ring, phone is off. She sees 30 calls and many messages from patients for emergency. She calls Sakshi and gets scolded as she did not treat her son. Ishita says my phone was off. She ends the call and says battery is there, how did it became off, it means someone did this.

She calls out Neelu and asks did she shut her phone. Raman says he made Ruhi ready and he shut his phone so that her sleep is not disturbed. She gets angry as its imp for doctor to attend calls. He says he did this for her. She says a boy was in pain and I was sleeping here, my phone was never off in my career long. Raman gets annoyed and leaves. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know when they will change. Raman comes in room and scolds Ishita as he switched off phone for her. She says you think for yourself and do for your wish, don’t do this for me. He says she always finds it less whatever I do. The ladies have a talk about Karwachauth. Mrs. Bhalla returns from London in western attire. She says Toshi is back and hugs the ladies. Pammi looks on.

Mr. Bhalla smiles bringing her home. Mrs. Bhalla goes to hug Pammi and asks her not to be angry because of Ishita. She hugs Pammi. Pammi says I did not know you are coming. Mrs. Bhalla says she was giving surprise. Mr. Bhalla asks her to go home, and he will keep bags and go for some work. She says fine and talks about Amma, who would be jealous seeing her. Amma sees Mrs. Bhalla and Ayyo, what happened to you. Mrs. Bhalla says she is looking London Madam. She looks young. She gets inside and asks is anything burning. She says you are burning, everyone called me young, and I look your younger sister now, and you can’t carry this look, you become Amma in six yard saree.

She says she will see her home, what she made her home. Ama says fightercock is back, it was so peaceful before. Mrs. Bhalla argues with her. Amma asks her to leave. Their Nok jhok ends and Mrs. Bhalla leaves. Amma says green tea with milk and Malai, huh. Mrs. Bhalla enters her home and does not see anyone. She calls out Ishita, Simmi………. Wahts happening, where did they go. She asks Neelu to give tea, or ask water atleast. She goes in kitchen and hears Romi talking to Sarika in anger. Romi asks whats your problem, I have to meet you now in park. Romi leaves. She hears this and says Romi is going to meet Sarika, whats going on. I have to see.

Amma gives green tea to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla is upset and says Romi went to meet Sarika, I told him to be away from her and he does not listen. They go to see him. Mihika works in office and sees S Bhalla pregnancy report. She is shocked seeing the result is positive, its Raman and Ishita’s address, what is it doing here. She says I have to tell Akka and informs Ishita. She says Ashok had this, do you know about it. Ishita says yes, it came to our house too, how did Ashok get it. Mihika says it has a number in Ashok’s writing and gives to Ishita. Ishita says it looks like I know it, and calls. She is shocked seeing its Sarika’s name in display. She ends the call quickly and says its Sarika’s number, Sarika… S Bhalla….

Ishita thinks and says its Romi, so the name has Bhalla, Romi can’t change, he came with me to save himself, but pregnancy is positive, how can he hide this form family and Sarika…. I will find out, Romi can’t hide this.

Raman calls Pathak and asks him to call mum, as she is finding lawyer for Romi. She won’t tell me as I m not helping her. Please manage this case and tell her that you are doing this without telling me, make sure you handle this well. Ishita comes to Raman and looks at him.

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  1. Romi ab toh tumhari Khair nahi.MRS.BHALLA IS BCK.aur Raman band bajadega tumhara.

  2. whn d ishu nd raman ka luv cnfsn hoga.aur kab misundsng dur hogi.wtng 2 c dat.

  3. hit the road jack worst serial

  4. I agree with whatever. Worst serial. What else can u expect from Ekta/Balaji. R the makers willingly doing this that Ishra shld not unite forever. looks like they r targetting Raman in degrading his character. watever good that he is trying to do is turning out to be a nightmare for him. We r tired of this serial now. we wil not get to see wat we want. we have to see wat Ekta wants to show which can’t happen. Ignore this show.

  5. yes now literally it has became a typical ekta kapoor serial. We r missing the cute moments of raman nd ishita, nd where the track is going from raman-ishita’s confession to this shagun, ashok, sarika nd others. There’s no fun watching yhm nowadays

  6. Yeh serial Raman n Ishita ke dam pr hai not a other person plz make the original love sence in yeh hai mohabbatein serial and plz provide more sence Raman Ishita

  7. arey yaar another problem.y dont they con on thd main lead i mean raman and its going out of track like kumkum bhagya.dont do this yaar.plz do something to improve it.and for our sake plz add more scene of raman ishu yaar.

  8. YHM is rocking

  9. i think may be parmeet made sarika pregnant!!

  10. mani creating problems between raman and ishita, friend ko friend ki tarah rahna hoga par vo aisa nahi. I hate mani………..

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