Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryaman is saying something to all of them suddenly Harshad comes and says that he should be in an Indian school because he jumped from Tabbla plaiyng to Drum beating. Mukti asks him that what he wants and he ask Nandhani if she is okay. He says to Aaryaman that his car is red Aryaman says that why s he dragging his car because it was stolen. He says that it was not stolen because he saw it in the parking lot. All of them start to doubt him and say a lot of things to him regarding the accident of Manik and Cabir. They all says that he was involved in the accident and he was helping Nandhani only to gain Nandhani’s trust so that he can manipulate the investigation. Aryaman tries to explain to them that he was not the one who did this and these are all of his mind games but they do not listen. He says to Nandhani if she trusts him but she does not answer. Aryaman gets shocked seeing that no one believes him and al of them think that he is behind the death of both Manik and Cabir.
Madhiam is walking and Harshad comes and says that if he is the president then why did he not call the police but Madhiam says that he should not try to instigate people against himself and if he goes to the police then Harshad will not be seen in the academy.
Dhruv is sitting and then Aaliya comes place her hands on his eyes but he is able to guess that it is her. Then they both start talking and he says that they are finally performing and he is so happy but Aaliya does not seem happy and when he asks she says that her fashion career has finally started and now he wants her to come back hearing this he leaves.
Nandhani and Dhruv both go into the jam room and he says that he tried to talk to them but they would not listen. He starts to play and Nandhani begins to laugh when he asks her she ponts towards the front and he sees Mukti standing there. Finally Aaliya also comes and they all began to play.
Nandhani calls the o2 manager who says that he needs all of the members of fab5 and not even one less. She comes back with a sad face Mukti asks what the matter is and she says that he wants all f them. She suggests that they have a drummer but Mukti says that she cannot replace Cabir. Nandhani explains that Aryaman can play the drums so that their performance gets better but they do not agree.

Precap: Nandhani is crying where she suddenly feels someone placing a hand. She gets up to find Manik standing in front of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. maniks back.lov d precap

  2. shifa(shakira)

    waiting for 2mr episode

  3. Guyz maddy harshad scene is d first scene of d epi…aftr fab 3 play their instruments n nandu starts sayin dat aryamann cn replace cabir as he’s a gud drummer fr d recording…tab aryamann’s entry is shown..uske baad watever’s there in d update…
    Precap’s 1st part-outside..aryamann n nandu near outside aryamann’s car..aryamann asks if she trusts him(nt sure)..nandu while sobbing asks aryamann tum uss accident karwaya hai? Were u involved in d accident?? Mujhe sach jaanna hai aryamann..aryamann says fine. Tumhe sach jaanna hai na. Kal subah kahin pe milo…kahin pe means he said a place name n time bt i cudnt hear it clearly…ab issi se kaam chala lo jisne epi nai dekha…

  4. So happy that Manik has come……
    But abhi toh ye sref Nandu ki imagination hai………
    Kab sachai samne aayegiiiiiiii

  5. Shifa my dassera holidays start frm oct 18 n end on oct 27..its only 10 days this tym…bt i hav christmas holidays too…
    Kyy roxz. Confusing kyy…as in aaj ka epi

  6. Manikkkkk, what he has come back omg I learn from news that he will entry this week but never think that tomorrow. But I am happy. One think, I have few doubt that it would be nandini’s dream. But happy to see parth in ky2 s2

  7. precap was awsomme!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo excited to see manan together once again!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am soooooooo happy!! one more thing for us to be happy… finally fab 3 is back to the world of music…., yeahhhhhh…….. today’s episode was sooooooo good.

  8. Kise believe karu??? Jerkshad never in dreams nor reality…!! Aryamann…he deserves their trust man…okay nt fab 3…coz they were nt dat okay wid aryamann…but nandu shud’ve trusted him…he wasn’t lieing…bt nandu…its abt her manik! He is missing or evn dead according to fab 3 as nandu has d hope…aryamann…srsly…evry1 will understand him aftr they kno d truth…n harshad ws nowhr near d accident road…he came to kno coz of maddy(wt he said to them)…bt y will maddy say all dat? As in so much of info bout d accident…red car…harshad ws not evn doubted by any1…evry1 knows wt type of guy he is..bt still believed him! Im hating it k nyonika is nowhr in their(nandu,fab 3) minds..!! They kno only this news k she has sais o2 to ban fab 5…!! They r nt evn getting d idea of her in all this! Nt evn harshad! Aryamann is blamed in all this! Great!! Lyk srsly…srsly aryamann deserves this? This shit??? But still i cn understand…its their life which has gone…ManBir..Fab 5…!! Fr nandu…its her Manik..her monster manik who ws simply manik wen he ws wid her…who taught her to love stars…who made her fireflies glow n proved her mom’s theory true!! Its not a mere person fr whom they r reacting like this! Its their life!! Their love!! So aryamann..fab 3 n nandu’s reactions are justified…bt really yaar…it ws hurting watchin aryamann lyk dat…he did so much fr nandu despite of knowin dat it ws d same gal coz of whom soha ws dead(nt true)..as in manik loved nandu n if nandu wouldn’t b der it wud b soha n manik..n nw aryamann is alone..he loved his sister truly…despite of all this he ws wid nandu..he helped her so much wen fab 3 backed off frm performing 2gthr…!! N wt he got ws nothin! No trust!! He must’ve felt dejected…!! Aaah…why is it so complicated?? Evry1 is correct at their place! As in we cant say he is right or she is right! But dhruv ws wrong in somethin…aryamann doesnt lie on soha..he wont ever use her fr his plans or anythin!!

  9. what was aryamann saying in the precap? does he know anything about Manik.
    waiting for tommorow’s episode..

    1. He said to nandu..u want to kno d truth…then meet 2mrrw at some place at some time…idk which place n time he said…i just kno k he has said her to meet somewhr…@gopika

    2. Firstly nandu started yelling on aryamann saying were u involved in manik’s accident…. were u involved in the car blast….. aryamann then says u want to kno the truth right then meet me at the same place.(maybe the car blast place) rest is what sona wrote above

  10. shifa(shakira)

    yahoo manik back

  11. Nash its her dream dear…but fr us…its MaNan!!! N we’re happy at this!!! But…i hav swimming class 2mrrw frm 6-7pm…im just hoping that somethin happens i get to stay at home n watch kyy..evn day aftr 2mrrw…frm oct 9 toh ik i cant go…bas mujhe kyy dekhne ko mile!!

  12. shifa(shakira)

    plumpyy tum padubidri hahoto muje batho plz

    1. Okay shifa…i’ll inform u first:D…

  13. N that night….it ws soha’s bday..n he called evry1 fr a party coz he ws feeling alone…he didnt wish to say it bt coz of all this…he was bound to say…it clearly showed hw hurt he was!!! But…guyz do u remember aryamann used to get msgs n calls frm some unknown person?? They showed him speaking to some1…n dat some1 may b manik…coz according to 2day’s precap he said if nandu wants to kno d truth then she shud meet at some place d nxt mornin… But i ws thinkin k it might b soha too! Who knows wt CVs hav stored fr us?! So i cud b anythin! But d person is soha..that has less chances…d person being manik has more chances… N maddy too ws msging somebdy at d starting…in d canteen wen he kept a order of chocolate drink n veg sandwich n d canteen wala said its nt available n then he started msging dat unknown person!! Maddy is still a mystery! Ohh…so i didnt do any tarif of maddy or yuvi na…okay im smiling stupidly now…heheh…pehle toh i love his hair man!! That’s so damn dashing n makes him look more handsome!! Gosh! All hairstyles he has tried till now..sab mein he looks so handsome!!! N his voice…i found mny ppl on IF nt liking his voice..actually hating it! Pata nai kis tarah k log hai? I guess they need to go to an ENT…! His voice is just like him..him as in yuvi…innocent n sincere…!! That cute sa nose…that cuteee ears…those innocence n love dripping eyes…that pair of lips…n wen those lips smile…its d best gift ever,fr me!! That smile just shows him! His smile reflects his character..him…n that’s d best smile in this whole universe!!! N that positivity he has…hats off to him!! I can never kno a person like him in this entire span of earth!! Never!! N he has actually become d source of my strength..my power..d hope to live…i wont let my hopes die…i wont give up on him!! I somewhere deep down live for him wen i dont even want to live fr myself!! Yeah sometimes i feel as if just end my life…!! But nah i live fr him! Okay enough fr now…wt i said ws not aise hi…that’s true…wt i feel is it…i love u yuvi..!! Yuvian4eva!! YuvNa…

    1. Plump, you are really crazy about yuvi. That’s so sweet of you. I also like him but not more than you. You are his no1 fan, I think this. I first saw him in pyar tune kya kiya, where his character’s name was shekhar. And his co star was fenil. His acting was very nice. So I start to being his fan. And u r right his smile,hair both are very nice.

    2. God plump y are such a big and crazy yuvian…….. idk how many times u wrote on yuvi’s looks……… like seriously yaar u are biggest yuvian on tu….. and mind u but m biggest parthian on tu……… hats off to u dear….. if yuvi sees na then he will be pakka obliged

    3. Heheh…yeah pradi…u r d biggest parthian here…n m d biggest yuvian evrywhr(fr me)…im not tired of complimenting his looks u kno..i cant stop myslf at it…that guy makes me insane! Yeah how i wish yuvi n parth both sees d cmnts here! Tab toh think bout our mental state pradi!!

  14. Yeah plump. I understand that was nandu’s dream and this is true that, for us its MaNan whom we called the best couple in the world and whom we love to see together. And I hope that we can see manan very soon. Jaldi awo manik.

  15. Plump, I know that you were love niti in tellytadka cuz I was also voting nandini all the time but m sure that you must be vote more than me cuz I voted about 65 times and you said you voted 75 times. Happy that Nandu won.

    1. Genius huh?!! Yep lyk a mad i ws there all d tym…bt watever v all made nandu win!! Aftr all she’s d shining star na..!

  16. Awww…ur too sweet nash! Yep i crazy fr him..love him so much..n i pray to him n god b4 exms…really weird na?! That’s called a fan’s character!! Aww…thnx fr it!! Evry person considers himself/herself as his/her biggest fan..but hearing that frm some1 else bout u is truly a great feeling!! Im overwhelmed nash!!
    N that’s d only epi/show i’ve not watched yet of yuvi…!! I didnt get tym fr it…it needs full 1 hour na…n im a fenil fan too!! But i hav their pics…YuvNil look awesome 2gthr!! But somethin pokes me all d tym:p…im a fan of yuvi frm bff days..then i watched d whole HHL fr him n nw i love his vry first show n d first role!! Whatever shows i’ve watched fr him i loved it xcept BALH..that is one crap show! Good dat yuvi left it!! Actually i ws more of a parthian b4 in bff days…then parth left bff(heart breaking)…he wsnt onscreen fr 2 long yrs…n b4 a month or so of kyy got started..he did one close up ad wid lauren…gosh! He looked so charming in dat maroon blazer n that beard!! Shit! He looked so calling in dat clothes!! Okay calm down tosh…yuvi bhool gayi kya tu? Acha nai bhooli main yuvu ko…i love hik na… This ws my self talk…
    Night guyzz…love ya all!! Be positive as my love says that! Be happy keep smiling stay blessed stay healthy

    1. Yes, parth was looking best In that maroon blazer after breakup. That was his most handsome part.

  17. shifa(shakira)

    g8 plumpyy.kyy2 rocks

  18. Guys congratulate our Parth…… He became a maternal uncle(Mamu)yesterday…..her sis deepali gave birth to a baby girl on 5 October…… its so sweet na…..anyways congratulations Parth…..we luv u

  19. yesssssss… bt t z so sad dat i cant watch t on tv. bt no prob. happy as hell vth manik coming back..

  20. Hai frnds so many days onwards iam reading ur coments……. Iam know each and every new things….. Thanks to all

  21. Good mornin all!!! Its my chotu sa cousin’s bday 2day!!!!!! N oct 5 is my parents’ wedding aniversary…i’ll remember deepali di’s chotu baby’s bday…parth mama…so happy he looked in dat pic…soooooooo adorable that was!!! Just tooo cute!!!

  22. Hey ram! Welcome to this crazy pg of kyy!!

  23. Btw…both yuvi n parth hav their di’s…yuvi has 2 di’s…dakshina di n disha di…n he’s d lovely bro of his sis…whole family mein he’s d smallest…awww he’s sooo cute…man child he is! Parth n deepali di…parth looks complete baby wid her!! Full on bachha hai parth!! He only said na his di is lyk his mother! So bachha dikhna banta hai!! Yuvi bachha n parth bachha!! How r these sooo cute n hot at d same tym???

  24. Pagal bana rakha hai inn dono ne mujhe @mr.thakur n mr.samthaan!!

  25. Acha bye..gotta go! Schl student hu..schl jana padega…love ya all njoy!!

    1. I have seen thus symbol….. are u Max???

  26. shifa(shakira)

    helo guys any1.

  27. nice epi.
    the precap is superb.eventhough its her imagination,i.liked the precap.m so happy to see manik back.

  28. Guys wen is kyy repeat telecast shwn At NIGHT ??

    1. Hey nish!! Nah yaar…they dont show d repeat telecast at night…its shown at 6pm…b4 they used to show at 7:30 & 10:00 pm nw only 6pm…they better show d repeat telecast at 10…

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