Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At home, Pammi was with Mr.Shukla. Pammi says Chandar didn’t come to give her the papers so she thought about coming herself. Mr. Shukla says he also met Chandar less since he returned from Kashmir. She asks about Sudha, Mr. Shukla says that it is Chandar’s birthday today so she has gone to Mandir.
Chandar and Sudha returns, Sudha is happy to see Pammi. She asks how she came. Pammi says that Chandar don’t come now, so she had to come. Sudha asks her to come in to have tea together. Pammi says that they both must come to her place for tea. Chandar says it is a bit difficult for him to come. Pammi says its his birthday so she has kept a small party for celebration. Sudha says she will come for sure.
In the evening, Sudha and Chandar arrive. Pammi hugs Chandar and introduces people to him. Pammi’s brother takes Chandar out. Pammi speaks to Sudha, Sudha says that Pammi looks beautiful. Pammi says it is because of love, that makes one beautiful. Pammi says she also looks beautiful. She asks Sudha if she loves Chandar, and wants to marry him. Sudha asks what kind of question is this, she and Chandar are above this all. Pammi says they always stay together, go out together, if she doesn’t want to get Chandar why she doesn’t free him. Sudha asks is only getting someone is love. Pammi says losing is also love, but she has nothing to lose. She doesn’t have parents, she has seen her brother and army took her husband as well. Sudha has the love of family and Chandar’s care. Her truth is that she loves Chandar dearly. Sudha is restless and goes out. Chandar meets her at the door and asks what happened. Sudha looks at Pammi and runs out. Chandar comes behind her and stops her asking where she is going. Sudha says she is uncomfortable. Chandar asks ifs Pammi said something. Sudha denies. Chandar asks what she said. Sudha says that Pammi loves him, she asked her if she loves Chandar. Pammi says what could she answer, is love felt at heart or soul. She says she had asked him a long time ago what is love, he didn’t reply. She also doesn’t have a reply, she asks Chandar to say something but he was speechless too. Sudha leaves.
Chandar comes in. Pammi stood by a window side. Chandar asks Pammi what she got making an innocent girl cry. Pammi says she didn’t intend to. Chandar says that she has bear a lot of pains, they have made her ruthless. Pammi says that one day Sudha will have to face those truths. Pammi asks if he thinks he can only make Sudha happy or sad. He is doing unjust with Sudha. Not her, but Chandar is her sinner. Chandar says whoever he is, he is of Sudha not hers. Pammi says Sudha has no greed in her soul, she is like a Goddess. But he isnt a God, he got angry and could hold a hand at her for Sudha. He gets emotional and does he know why, because he understands that he doesn’t tell anyone he loves Sudha but his body knows it. When we are happy, we dance with this body, we cry with the eyes, we purify our body by bathing before Pooja. We do everything with this body. He knows everything, had he not known he couldn’t have saved himself from her. Chandar says she won’t meet Sudha ever again, she must promise. Pammi says she won’t, but he must know he is her sinner. Chandar says for him thinking like this is also sin. Pammi laughs and says if this is a sin, he has commited it. Infact, he is the God of sinners then. Chandar looks at Pammi then leaves the party. Pammi is left laughing.
Sudha comes in her room crying. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder, it was her younger sister who asks Sudha what happened? Sudha asks when she came? She says she and amma just came here. Sudha says someone asked her questions? Her sister asks if she didn’t know the answers, if she doesn’t want to know them. She asks Sudha to hug her as they are meeting each other after eight years. Chandar walks towards Sudha’s room, her sister was inside and it was dark. Chandar holds her with shoulders, then is shocked to see her and asks about Sudha. A lady comes inside and curses Chandar to be shameless. She asks who is he. Chandar asks who is she. She says she is Sudha’s aunt (Bua). Bua scolds Chandar and drags him downstairs. Mr. Shukla says this is Chandar and takes him inside.
The next morning, in the library Sudha comes to Chandar’s table and throws a paper on him but hides herself. Chandar looks around, then indulges in study. Sudha rolls another paper and throws it on his head. He gets up again. Sudha throws another paper, this time Chandar crawls behind her and sits there. Sudha looks at him and asks what he is doing. Chandar asks what she is doing. She says she is also a member here. Chandar says he has exams. Sudha says she also has, Chandar asks when? Sudha says they will come sometime. He asks if she came to tease him. Sudha says she has come to study as well. She tells Chandar to sit calmly. Chandar says till she doesn’t go away he won’t to study. Sudha asks him to promise that he will return straight home after library. He hasn’t come home since last two days, he is her friend and upon a little thing he is so angry that he didn’t ask how Sudha is, if she has eaten something or not. She says he has teased her so much. Chandar asks how he teased her? She cries and says he doesn’t care how much he was worried if he is fine or not. He still has made her cry. She leaves saying if he won’t come home today, he will find her dead face.

PRECAP: Mr. Shukla shows Chandar a photo of a boy and asks him to talk to Sudha that he will keep her happy. Chandar stands with a photo. Chandar holds Sudha’s hand and asks if she will agree on one thing. Chandar asks her to marry that boy.

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