Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini is worried that why Manik disconnected the call, he calls her. Nandini asks what did Neonika say to her about her. Manik asks her to breathe deep and feel better, both sits on bed. Nandini says she is still worried about how Neonika looked at her. Manik says some people are just horrible, and not everyone is like her- a sweet potato upside down. She was worried what if something goes against them. Manik says misunderstanding will come their way only if they allow it to come, and says curtly, this time no misunderstanding, no sacrifices, nothing. She smiles that it means her hope won. He says bye to her, and stands up. She asks him not to come here anyway. He sits back calmly denying he is coming.
Cabir and Navya come home, Cabir’s mother was here. Cabir asks what she is doing here. She says smiling that she has come to meet her daughter in law to be. She calls them inside. Navya’s mother asks what kind of dress is she wearing. Cabir’s mother says she has no problem with it, she went out with her husband to be. Navya took her mother inside. Cabir asks his mother isn’t it too much. His mother says she is alright now, she just know he is with a girl who is pregnant. She asks him to come home with Navya, as she misses him. He is angry that he won’t come there. His mom leaves happily anyway. Cabir comes to Navya, and asks is her mother a spy. Navya says she came to know about it the first time herself. She tells him she checked his wallet. They say they need to do something about it.
Manik’s car pulls up, Nandini says she has been waiting for so long now. He comes out and had some seeds in hand. She asks what is this. He says these are seeds, his gardener says they will break open into a new plant if she waters them for two days. She looks at him quizzically, he says these are just two days in fusion concert, there can be new plants growing from them. She begins to cry, he wipes her tears. She asks him to close his eyes and not to open them. He abides by she comes forward. He opens his eyes, she is angry that he is cheating on her. He shuts his eyes again, she comes close to him again. He says she can’t do it, she insists she can and kisses him on cheek. He opens his eyes, asking this is the most courage she had. She runs inside. In her room, she puts the seeds in a jar filled with water. They have last chatting messages, before Manik leaves.
In the college next morning, Nandini was happy and tells Navya it is a new day and two days later there is fusion concert. Navya says performance is always exciting, Navya says performance is also exciting. Navya asks what else is going on. Nandini denies anything, Navya shows her mirror. Nandini says Manik and she will sing in fusion concert. Navya is also happy for her. Nandini gets worried that Pandit ji gave her a warning yesterday, as Manik will sing but she might not be. Pandit ji appears from his room, he scolds Nandini that she isn’t interested in music but in Manik. Navya whispers on her to say sorry, Nandini does. Pandit ji asks her to follow him.
Cabir was being an old man wearing a wig. Mukti comes there and asks what is going on. Manik says Dhruv came yesterday in pub, he has an idea and he must come back. Mukti says Aaliya is right, Dhruv has changed a lot. He hurt Aaliya much and she is broken. Manik asks if she is saying Aaliya won’t accept him even if he comes back as a friend. Mukti was worried that we are Fab5, what if we lost Dhruv. Cabir says this is why we want Dhruv back. Everything is going to be fine as it was.
Pandit ji comes to class and asks Dhruv to go to neighbouring class as it is empty. Nandini asks what kind of setup is this. He says she will know. Nandini’s phone rings, Pandit ji takes it from her hand and disconnects it. Cabir was standing in a changed get up, Manik tries again. Cabir asks him a question, what is happening between him and Nandini, did he miss anything. He asks if they are going to land somewhere. Manik says Fusion concert is going on there. Cabir asks if he would wear the suit or shalwar qameez? Manik looks at him angrily.
The phone keeps on ringing, Nandini asks to let her talk once. Pandit ji says doesn’t he understand that when the other person is disconnecting she doesn’t want to talk. He takes Dhruv’s phone as well. Manik was irked why the phone is going off.

PRECAP: Manik looks for Nandini all around the college, while Pandit ji makes her pray doing pooja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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