Million Dollar Girl 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

kavya tells If Mom came to known about party they will dead..Already its late…Avanti tells if Kavya came they dont have to take permission..Kavya tells that last time what happend..Avanti tells will go at night when mother sleeps..and Vicky will come as security guard,,Avanti,,Kavya and Dj applies make up and gets ready,,Avanti..Kavya and Dj wears short frock and heels..Dj tells today they will party hard..Avanti comes out of home Vicky sees and laughs..Kavya comes,,,Vicky stares kavya..Kavya tells If Vicky have not seen her till now??Vicky slowly goes near kavya and places hair’s anotherside..Vicky says now kavya is looking pretty..Kavya smiles..All of them sits in the car…Avanti tells Vicky that to be confident in party so that no one comes to known that they gatecrashed the party..Vicky drives the car…Virat sees Bhuwan and stops the car..Virat tells to come and sit he will drop..Bhuwan sits in the car…
Virat tells what Bhuwan would do??Bhuwan tells that he will sit at home as there is no friend…Virat tells to come along with to party at Banaras club..As party starts Loud music and drinks,are shown,Virat and Bhuwan goes in..Virat and Bhuwan drinks..Virat gives Bhuwan three thousand and tells thanks..Virat tells it was a task one have to convince for buisness offers….Avanti,,DJ..Vicky and Kavya comes sees Virat…Virat tells he is guessing that Avanti and all gang are not invited but gatecrashed…Virat tells Avanti to drink and get lost like last party..Avanti goes…Virat tells himself that he will be happy to see Avanti loosing in the compedition..
Rajat and Ranvijay comes…DJ goes and drinks..Dj tells Hi to Bhuwan but Bhuwan ignores..Host of the party tells that they are playing game in pair..Who looses have to take a shot..DJ tells how pair will become??Host tells its simple he wrote the name already..First girls have to pickup..Kavya picks up chit and get Vicky name..Vicky gets happy..Vicky tells kavya she will win..Avanti picks up she gets Virat…DJ picks up he gets Bhuwan..Bhuwan tells he will not play as he is not intrested..Host tells that he have to play As it will be against Protocol..Bhuwan agrees…Host tells that He will be acting as Referee…
Host tells all the couple have to dance on newspaper and who are outside the paper will loose. And music will be stopped Paper is folded and made small..Who looses have to take shots ..As the game starts all dance..Dj smiles sees Bhuwan Bhuwan ignores…Again Paper is folded Avanti and Virat gets closer..Virat sees Avanti..Avanti feels shy..Again music is stopped Paper is folded,,Vicky tells kavya that Paper is very small.She have to stand on his shoes..Kavya agrees and stands on Vicky’s shoe.Dj tells Bhuwan to dance properly as they will loose..Bhuwan tells to stop it,,Bhuwan says that he dont want to play.Dj tells whats Bhuwan problem is??If he dont want to play why did he came..He goes and sits,,,Avanti tells Virat this is the last time she is standing on his shoes..Again Paper is flded…Vicky picks up Kavya..Virat tells Avanti would have not heavy he would have pick up…Aanti tells that she is soo hot that temperature is very high..Virat tells really MIDDLE CLASS??Avanti tells yes…..Avanti tells herself that this is the best time to bring Kavya and Vicky together,.,Avanti wantedly falls..Avanti calls Virat “loser”..and tells that he cannot do.. Virat tells no it was Avanti’s..Virat tells that Avanti left her position..Avanti tells that it was Virat mistake..Avanti and Virat drinks and goes,,,Host tells that Winner is “KAVYA AND VICKY”..kavya and Vicky gets happy,,,Everyone claps..Vicky tells Kavya that he believed that they can do it..Host tells time for next game,,He tells that when they buy car have to check its potential.Same way game is Boys have to do pushup and girls have to sit on them,,Bhuwan tells he is not intrested…Rajat what happened If Bhuwan scared??Bhuwan comes back and tells he will play.. Kavya tells Vicky she dont want to fall.Vicky tells okey.As the game starts,,Vicky hardly do pushups and shouts in low voice 1,,2,,3…Kavya shouts to do…Avanti tells Virat she will se how Virat do Virat tells he will do…Bhuwan does pushups..DJ tells Bhuwan she will fall…Bhuwan wantedly moves DJ falls..DJ tells What the hell???Bhuwan tells he dont like talking much…Ranvijay falls…Vicky falls Kavya tells atleast cannot do pushups??Vicky tells he have not done dinner..Kavya tells no one have done,,.Rajat and Virat does pushups looking at each other..,Rajat falls Virat wins…Avanti gets happy…

Precap:::Zubair tells that he like Avanti’s idea its very good and he like Virat execution So both are winners

Update Credit to: Ansari

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