Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik was on the bed while teasing Nandini that she can’t stay away from him. She asks him not to value him much. He asks why she has come here, so far away. He says she can’t stay away from him but when he comes close to her she moves away from him. He drags her to his bed, they lay for a while. She asks did he drink what she gave him. He says she was insisting on him, he didn’t intend to but he drank it. He is tolerating her just for Cabir. He apologizes Nandini that he only took one drink. He says he only for her, he can do anything. If she asks him to jump from 120th floor, he will. Nandini goes to walking, worried about what she can do.

Manik stands up and covers Nandini with a blanket. He looks at his face, and tries to retriet. He holds her hands and drags her closer. She resists and asks Manik what he is doing. She throws the blanket up on the camera.
Soha comes to knock at Manik’s door. Cabir thinks sorry Soha, I have to be a good friend and sleeps again.
Manik says sorry to Nandini, he lies on her lap and asks what if she runs away from him. She assures she isn’t going anywhere. He says today in the car, everyone’s mood was off; he wants the fab 5 to be together always.
Dhruv peeks from the curtain, Aaliya shouts in fear for lizard. Mukti gets afraid, and hides her face in Aaliya’s blanket. Dhruv crawls from the side of the curtain to the door, and goes to washroom. Mukti hears the sound from washroom and is afraid again. Dhruv comes out, Mukti asks what he is doing. He says he was using washroom, as his flush isn’t working. Dhruv leaves the room. Soha scolds him outside, saying why he knocked their door. He says she is his friend, he can knock her door. She goes knocking the door for Manik’s room again.
Manik still lies on Nandini’s lap as she caresses his hair. He tells her that Cabir’s mom came in the college again, he was sad. She isn’t mom, infact she is Neonika.

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He says she doesn’t deserve to be called mom. In the world, everyone is fighting, me Cabir Dhruv, Mukti and Aaliya, we were all fighting and there we all went to be fab5. Then we realized that we can fight with the entire world if we are together. Nandini says she knows how important they are to him. He says he was afraid of losing, but they strived. They started to bully so that no one bully’s them. She begins to talk but he puts finger on her lips. He says she came then, he changed and didn’t care whether he wins of lose. With her he can be himself, just Manik. She kisses his forehead.
Soha comes to the CCTV footage. She looks into Manik’s room and says she wanted to have fun with him but he is sleeping. She says she won’t let him sleep and is coming.
Aaliya lay awake, so did Mukti. Mukti asks why isn’t she asleep. Aaliya says not anymore. She says to Mukti that had Abimanyu not left, they could be in a good relationship. Mukti says they spent just a little time. She tells her they didn’t even kiss, because he only had to talk. Aaliya smiles, but Mukti was saddened. Her phone bell rings, she reads a message, says good night and turns to sleep.
Soha tries to open the lock of Manik’s door with key but it was bolted from inside. She asks Manik to open the door. Cabir says Nandini was right that Soha is pshychotic.
Nandini kisses on Manik’s forehead. He gets up jumping, he finds her second earring is missing. She says it is ok, but he says he has to find it. She tries to stop him, but he leaves. Nandini gets Cabir’s message that Soha is on the prawl. She asks him if he doesn’t want to hug her before leaving. He says he does, they hug each other and fell on the bed.
Soha regrets giving drink to Manik, he is asleep. She asks the maid to get the keys from here.
Manik asks Nandini about her earring, she removes it from one of her ears and says here it is. He takes it and smiles the second isn’t here. She lied to him, and he has to find it. He heads to find one.
The maid asks Soha about the second earring she finds with the keys.

PRECAP: Soha comes to the corridor looking for the earring, so does Manik. Nandini tries to keep him indulge with her in the hall.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. auho life nd death ar best frnds they go hand in hand n we have to accpt this thruth n should have to make oursef strng to face all situations of life.i had seen all this in very young age n the person i had lost was my life n for that person only im living in this world to fulfill her aim of life.

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