Shastri Sisters 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sahstri ji blessing Anu for her job. She comes out and falls. Rajat gives his hand and she does not hold it. He says best of luck for your new job. She asks does he know. He says he knows everything about her, her indifferent behavior can’t make him away from her. He says you are starting new life, wherever you go, you will always find me. Saajna……………….plays…………..Anu cries seeing Rajat leave.

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Anu comes to the job and joins as intern for three months, and she will be hired on permanent basis if he likes her work. He calls Rajat and says he has hired Anu. Rajat thanks him. Bhatia says I should thank you, she is a brilliant student. Rajat says take care of her, she is special. Anu talks to Alka and tells about her job. Alka says Rajat did not sign papers. Alka asks her not to get sad by the past and she will come soon to meet. Devyaani comes home and she gets a chit by a kid. She reads the poetry and impressive lines. She smiles. Bobby sees her standing far. Neil comes there and she thanks him. Neil asks for what. Devyaani says for this chit, its cute. Neil says being cute is not my style, I did not give this chit to you, remember whatever good happens in your life will not be by me.

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She says I know you are lying, who knows me more well than you. He says she is mistaken and leaves. Neil and Bobby look at Devyaani while she smiles. Astha reads magazines, and gets scared hearing some horror music. She says she does not know any Lord bhajan, and say Jai Mata Di. She comes out of the room. Alka stands far with the tape recorder. Astha comes to her room and locks the door. Alka comes and asks what happened, is everything fine. Astha opens the door. Alka asks what happened, why do you look like someone did black magic on you.

Astha asks what do you know about it. Alka says I heard that such people hear bad sound and see strange things, and ghosts get after them. Astha is shocked. She says the one who lies a lot will get more affected. Astha thinks she has to change herself to get save. She asks Alka to go and shuts the door. Anu comes home and sees nails near Rajat’s bike. She picks it up and turns to see Rajat. He stops her holding her hand. He says you have sent a message for me by Alka and Rohan, and I also sent message that I did not sign papers, did you get my message. Anu says I signed it by my wish, I want to move on. She cries.

Anu asks Rajat to sign. He says you removed the nails so that my bike does not puncture and I should not have any problem, you are saying you want to move on. She says don’t make it tough for me. He says he will make it tough for her to go away from him, so that she loses one day and comes to him. She says leave me, let me go, I m getting hurt. He leaves her hand and she goes upstairs crying. Rohan talks to Shastri ji and tells about Veer, he is from expected family and shows his pic in mobile.

He gives the phone and the phone get off before Shastri ji can see. Rohan says I will send you Veer’s pic, I m sure Anu will be happy with Veer. Shastri ji says fine, we have to one thing, that Anu realizes this that she can be happy with someone other than Rajat. He says once she meets him and likes him, we will make the relation fix. Devyaani waits at the bus stop. Same kid comes and she asks who gave her the chit. He gives her another chit. She reads the compliments. She smiles and asks the boy who gave this chit, she will give him choc. He says Papa said taking bribe is bad. She says did he not ssay giving chits to girls is bad, fine I will write a chit, give to the person who gave this. She writes and gives the chi to him.

She tries following the kid and stops as auto driver stops her, saying its bus strike today. She loses the track of little boy, and leaves in the auto. Neil and Bobby smile as they were hiding. Bobby tells Neil that she wants to meet. Neil says don’t forget whose plan it is, act like bad boy when you meet her, then Neil will make hero entry and save her. Neil leaves and Bobby smiles. Anu says she will do physical checkup is imp before psychological stress check. Dr. Bhatia sees Anu worming very well. He messages Rajat. Anu tells him that she made all notes. He says I m impressed with your job, its perfect.

He says defense officers are coming for evaluation, to know how they are committed to work, you make them notes as well. Anu says fine. He gets a call and says fine, send him. Rajat comes and looks at Anu. Anu tirns and is shocked seeing Rajat. Saajna…………..plays…………….

Shastri ji feels unwell and faints on road before a car. Veer comes to him and is concerned.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Chutiyapa Kr Rha H Story Ka…..

  2. how the blade veer

  3. Is veer handsome and its real name

  4. I think i have 2 watch so i can c that new veer

  5. Neil has been hurt by Devyaani’s rejection, and his track was taken back seat as the show was focusing on Anushka and Rajat’s annulment. Neil plans to hurt Devyaani by fooling her in love and then dumping her, in order to make her realize how it feels when someone fails in love. Neil asks his friend Bobby to get after Devyaani and befriend her. Bobby at first tries his hand to impress Devyaani. Later on, Bobby starts flirting with Devyaani and sticks around. He then gets closer and teases her, and Neil makes a heroic entry to save Devyaani from Bobby. Neil and Bobby have a fight for Devyaani, and its planned by Neil to fool Devyaani.

    He makes an impact on Devyaani as her dreamy hero and acts more caring and loving, by which Devyaani starts falling for Neil. The twist comes as Bobby starts liking Devyaani crazily and stands against Neil who is breaking Devyaani’s heart. Bobby sees Devyaani responding to Neil more, and turns negative. Bobby then tries exposing Neil’s truth to Devyaani, making Devyaani hate Neil knowing his revenge plan. Will Neil realize his big mistake of being revengeful towards his love? Will Devyaani forgive Neil? Keep reading.ze

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