Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti was crying in the washroom as she washed her face. Navya says Manik beat them, couldn’t let them go like this. Nandini comes out, Manik and Cabir where outside and asks if Mukti is alright. Nandini was shivering, Manik holds his hand and asks water for Mukti. Cabir goes to get water, Nandini cries that it is so disturbing, what Mukti herself must be feeling. Manik hushes her to be quiet and says they aren’t as weak, they will fight back. Cabir brings water for Mukti, he offers to go inside but Nandini says it is ok, I will take it. Mukti and others come out just then, Manik gets a flashback of what had happened with her, he comes to hug her as she cries. The Fab5 hug each other.
Dhruv was sitting on the stairs listening to students talking what had happened with Mukti. They talked how Mukit used to walk in college with full attitude. Dhruv comes up and gets him with collar. The students say every scene must be replaying in front of every channel. Sooraj talked about their country’s culture on a tv channel. Cabir and Manik curse them, Manik was angry and says he knows where their funds for such long speeches come. He says I swear this guy will fall into Mukti’s feet. Navya says her mother says a girl’s respect is in her hand, if Mukti hadn’t gone to bar this shouldn’t have happened. Aaliya says this even happens to those who wear shalwar qameez. Manik says the problem is only with the mentality of this politician. He makes a call to ask how much funds an industrialist give to RJ. Nandini hangs this call up and says they have to change the mentality behind it, they must bring this case forward to everyone.
Pandit ji meets Dhruv and angrily asks him where was he and where is Nandini. He asks Dhruv to go find Nandini.
Navya was against Nandini’s idea, Manik asks is she sure. Mukti agrees with the idea, Cabir asks how will they promote their campaign. Nandini says they have TV, we have Radio. Aaliya says we have made a lot of nasty plans, but this has got something in it. The campaign is named as It’s not Us, It’s you. Cabir illustrates that mistake isn’t ours but yours. Nandini goes to get her bag when they find Dhruv at the door. They all say it is good to see him, Manik asks him to come in. Cabir says we knew he will come for sure. Dhruv says he hasn’t come for that, but to take Nandini for the class. They were all taken aback. Dhruv tells Nandini that Pandit ji is mad with anger, lets go. He leaves. Navya asks everyone’s attention to work.
Nandini asks Dhruv to ask how Mukti is. He says if she has an idea how much angry Pandit ji is. In the class, Pandit ji scolds Nandini that sometimes it feels he is the student and she is the teacher. Nandini says she was cold after exercise and then outside there Mukti… Pandit ji says he doesn’t concern what goes on out of the class, he jerks her holding her by arms and ask if he is mad.
Manik walks restlessly, Cabir tells him that he is with Mukti and he can go where he wants to.
Pandit ji says it seems she has become a huge artist or only he is dreaming for her to be an artist. Dhruv tries to relax Pandit ji, Pandit ji warns Nandini that tomorrow she is going to perform and if there is a single mistake she will be out of the concert. Dhruv asks Nandini for rehearsal, she leaves saying I can’t.
Manik was waiting for her outside the class, she tries to hide her tears by throwing her bag on floor. He picks her things up, and hands her a tissue. She holds it and clears her tears. As she turns and smiles at him, he asks if she is ok. She smiles and nods, he asks sure? She asks him to come along her. They sit on stairs, Manik asks what she wanted to say, did Pandit say something. Nandini was quiet, he asks did he touch her. Nandini asks why his mind only go on one track. He asks what, Nandini says tomorrow he is going to throw her out of the concert. He asks why. She says he is a perfectionist, and nowadays she is not able to concentrate and is hanging out a lot. He smiles, she asks why is he smiling. He says it is shocking, that is. She says if tomorrow she doesn’t perform well, he will send her out of the class. He says as far as I know, he won’t do this. Nandini says he is doing so, and our fate isn’t with us. Manik drags her into his hug and says these days she has started to talk all the rubbish about this hope and fate. She says with him, she is losing. He asks her to think what is perfect. She puts her arms around his neck and says she is thinking. He hugs her tighter, she stands up with a jerk saying she can’t remember. He asks shall she remind her. She says she will find a hundred ways to handle a tough guy, it must be in some magazine. Manik asks her to go and attend that Pandit’s class, she asks why is he saying this now. He says yes, because… he can’t see him defeated.

PRECAP: Cabir makes a show about their campaign, what girls wear is their personal business.

Update Credit to: Sona

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