Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik stops Nandini and tells him that problems have now started, he understand but they never were afraid of problems, they have always fight back. He asks Nandini to close her eyes, she looks at him. He asks her to close them, she does. He asks her to put her hand on her heart, she does. He asks her to feel what he says, he comes close to her and whispers in her ears. I love you. She opens her eyes to look at him. He says he doesn’t care what people think. He will wait for her to take her time, he will wait.
Navya comes home, her mother is happy that she came home soon. Her mother shows Navya the dresses they liked for her. Cabir’s mom also liked them, Cabir’s mother tells them she would like what Navya would like. Navya stops them and sends the tailor away. Navya tells her mother that Cabir can’t marry any girl, he is a gay and a gay is the one who loves a guy not a girl. She tells her mother everyone here knows about it, Cabir is a good man and her friend she doesn’t want to put him in even more trouble. Navya’s mother asks who her child’s father is, Navya says his father doesn’t care about him even. She asks Cabir’s mother why she wants him to marry her, he is her son whom she loves a lot. After this marriage, Cabir would get even distant from his mother. She tells her mother that her daughter, Navya is going to be a mother of a baby and is unmarried, she won’t get married and will bring up her child alone. Cabir comes to sit by Navya.
Nandini walks in the corridor, Manik follows her silently and assures her he won’t bother her. Nandini comes to a bench and looks for Manik, Manik comes from the other side and sits on the bench. He says he only found tea in the café, no coffee was there. He keeps her cup, she picks it up. Manik tells Nandini he likes strong black tea, his butler orders it from London. He says he is just telling her in case she wants him to smile, but right now it is her turn to smile. She wasn’t in mood, Manik gets silent. Nandini shuts her eyes and brings her hand closer to Manik’s and touches his hand with her finger and locks his in her finger. He tightens the grip, she looks at him. Manik smiles happily. Nandini says Manik, then goes away.
Navya’s mother runs to the kitchen, Navya runs behind her. She pushes her away and throws oil on herself. Navya stops her, Cabir and his mother come there too. Cabir asks her to throw it away. Navya’s mother says she can’t return to Navya’s father with this true that her daughter is going to be an unmarried mother. Cabir snatches the match stick, Navya hugs her. She pushes her away and says she will return to Patna, but she can’t answer the people. Navya’s child will stay alone in this world. Cabir says Navya isn’t alone, he will always take care of her. He will prove to be a better parent than them, they are going to college and they want both mothers to return to their homes.
In the college, Navya says they have spoken a word. She doesn’t want to make him suffer more, she wanted to say thanks to him, he has done the most for her in the world. Cabir says he meant every word of what he said. He laughs hard, asking her to make it a bit light. He says if he want a gay, he hadn’t married her even then. Navya smiles that hadn’t he been a gay, she would marry… then stops. They see Nandini comes there, Manik was a few steps behind. Navya comes and asks how is she. Cabir also comes there. Nandini looks behind at Manik, then leaves.
Navya sits besides Nandini on bench. Nandini cries that after last night, it was supposed to be a new beginning, but Pandit ji came in between. Navya says after all the problems, they again get one. Nandini says she doesn’t understand, what would she say to Manik. Manik says to Cabir that it is too late, it has already damaged to. He says they have been through that, he and Mukti have been. He says he doesn’t want to lost her. Cabir says last night was most traumatic for Nandini, but she is fine. Manik says she isn’t normal, she is shutting herself away. Manik says normally, he should be with her but he is here. Cabir says he hopes Navya is able to help her. Manik says even Navya have been suffered a lot. Navya hugs Nandini and says she has learnt in the last few months that everything happens for a reason. Nandini says she talks a lot like olders, Navya says she is going to be a mother. Nandini asks how is she? Navya says her mother returned to Patna, and told her she is dead for her. Nandini is ready to help her. Navya tells her Cabir is ready to help her.
Cabir tells Manik about his step towards Navya. Manik says he is already independent, Manik must try and figure something out. Cabir stops him and says he told him this because when he is entering into a new territory without getting worried, Manik already knows Nandini. Navya hugs Nandini while Cabir and Manik hug.

PRECAP: Mr. Murti thanks Manik for always being there to help Nandini. Manik says Nandini is her… chacha ji completes that Manik is her friend. Manik says no, Nandini watches him. Manik says she is special.

Update Credit to: Sona

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