Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 6 by Aliya

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Let’s begin….

Sanskar comes back home early..it was really early for him because he reached at 4.. normally the person who reach home not before 9 at night

He listened someone singing.. He just don’t need to guess who it would be..

Awara bhanwre, jo haule haule gaye
Phoolon ke tan pe, hawayen sar sarayen

He smiles… And nods his head
This arrogant guy is Changing
The person whom Ragini named as box of attitude

He sees Ragini who was cutting vegetables while her singing and dancing session…

“Crazy girl”the only thing he could say…
He literally forgot all his pain.. He was just enjoying with a wide smile plastered on his lips

Rag:Koyal ki koohoo koohoo,
papihe ki peehuu peehuu
Jungle mein chinghar ki chayen jayen

He without making any sound he kept his bag in the sofa… His gaze were fixed on Ragini

Rag:Nadiyan mein laheren ayen
Balkhayen chalki jaayen
Bheege hoton se woh gun gunaaye

Now Ragini steps into a chair and dances…

Gaataa hai sahil, gata hai beheta paani

Then she steps into singing

Ragini:Gata hai ye dil, sun Sa Re
Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa(her eyes falls on Sanskar) Reeeeeeee…heee…
She turns and hits her head

Sanskar:u can continue….

He goes to his room….

Ragini bites her toungue…

Ragini: why did i marry… Is so embarrassing

Sanskar who was about to enter room turns: i think this house need a dining table but no problem you can jump or dance whatever you want.. But don’t break you legs by jumping in the table
He controls his laughter

Rag immediately gets down the table: Ragini couldn’t you see before dancing like mad

San; not mad… but crazy
He goes to his room smiling

Ragini Covers her face their her both palms… She was blushing…hmm..like instead of crazy he said i love you

Then the realisation stuck her that she should cook

She makes coffee for herself…

She was making the food…. And sipping the coffee in middle..

She kept the cup in kitchen slab

Sanskar comes there… He takes the coffee and drinks

Ragini was shocked

Sanskar sees her expression: what?? Now don’t burn the food

Ragini: co..coffee

She just remembered the first day when he said her that he will do his work and today

Ragini murmurs: something is really really wrong with him

Sanskar: did you say something!

Ragini:woh…choota hai

Sanskar was confused

Ragini: it was my coffee…

Sanskar: oh sorry… You want the coffee

Ragini nods her head in no being confused by his behaviour

Sanskar drinks the coffee….

Vighnesh comes there

Ragini: oh bhaiyya you came…i will come in 5 minutes

She off’s the flame and hurriedly runs to her room

Sanskar: are you both going anywhere..

Vighnesh: actually Ragini needed some groceries

Sanskar: Ragini?

Vighnesh laughs bit: i was forced to sir.. if i call her mam by mistake.. She doesn’t talk to me for whole one day.. and my day won’t go without listening to her talks…

Sanskar smiles a bit: vighnesh you go home

Vighnesh: but sir..

Sanskar: i will take her to grocery shop

Vighnesh smiles seeing his changed behaviour: ok sir…

He goes…

Ragini comes: arey where did bhaiyya go…

Sanskar: actually i sent him to home…

Without listening to him fully

Ragini: arey but how will i go now…at sharp 8 adi and krish is gonna come…

Ragini being tensed was about to go out

Sanskar: listen to me once

She turns

Sanskar: i will take you… Ok

Rag shocked:WHAT.DID.YOU.SAY?

Sanskar smiles seeing her reaction: i did i will take you…

Ragini: let’s go to doctor… Arey mein khud hi doctor hoon na…

She goes to him and checks his temperature… His pulse

Ragini: there is no problem.. You are fine

San: exactly.. You are overreacting..and let’s go now…

After sometime..

Ragini was feeling sleepy she looks at the speed meter it was showing 40.but still she was happy that her husband himself asked to go with him…

Ragini suddenly: why you came so early…

Sanskar: actually there wasn’t much work

Ragini: so you get loads of work daily

Sanskar: not like that..

Ragini: then you wantedly come late…

Sanskar: no..

Ragini: now i understand…

Sanskar: what?

Ragini: you are cheating on me right

He for once lost… Because he was doing the same keeping her in a darkness… She is full of life and he just don’t want to move on from the past

Ragini ???: secretary

Sanskar confused: secretary???

Ragini: yes the one whom you are having affair

Sanskar: affair???

Ragini: hayo Rabba.. Now don’t tell me you don’t know the meaning of affair

Sanskar couldn’t do anything but to laugh

Ragini: oh now you are laughing…i understand everything… Everything means everything..i would go to court and sue you… And your Masakkali..jeena haram kardoongi

Sanskar: oh god can you please lock your lips for sometime atleast…

Ragini murmurs angrily ??: yes yes.. What can a wife do..but you don’t know me..i would hang you…thabi tho sochoon..kabhi 9 kabhi 10 kabhi 11 usse zyada tho mujhe pata bhi nai hai

Sanskar: kyunki tum ghode bhej kar so rai hoti ho…

Ragini angrily: i don’t want to talk to you…ahaan…now i got it.. You came early today because you and your Masakkali had a fight

Sanskar: its been 10 minutes we reached to supermarket won’t you have to buy anything

Ragini gets down the car; i know you don’t need to tell

She closes the door with bang

He raises his eyebrows with a forced smile

Ragini was in full mode of anger

After buying she goes to billing counter

Ragini was about to pay the bill..

Sanskar gives the bill

Ragini looks at him

Cashier: thankyou…visit again

Ragini angrily: i will not


Ragini: if any stranger comes and gives money your will accept

Sanskar: Ra….

Ragini: give back his money

Cashier was about to give back the money to sanskar

Sanskar: wait… Ragini don’t create the scene here

Ragini: i am creating the scene.. Its you…

Ragini takes out her money

Sanskar held her wrist: i have given it

Ragini: no no no…

She handover the money to cashier

Ragini was about to go

Sanskar: Ragini take back your money

Ragini:i will not Mr.box of attitude

While the cashier was looking at them like pendulum

Behind a customer:any problem sister?

Ragini: yes this man is troubling me

Sanskar: what?

Customer: don’t worry sister.. You go

Sanskar: what not worry… She is MY WIFE

Ragini goes from there

Sanskar: she is angry with me.. That’s why?

Customer: oh

He was about to go

Cashier: sir your money

Sanskar takes it…

And goes he sees Ragini standing in a bus stand

Sanskar: this girl

He goes to her but didn’t ask her anything but stands next to her

Bus comes… Because he knows how the buses would be at thus place as all the worker’s goes from here.. There would be no single place not even in step…

He goes to car and sits: let me see what will you

Ragini was struggling to get in but she couldn’t…bus goes

She looks at sanskar who was sitting in the car acting unknown

Ragini murmurs: teda hai phir bhi mera hai na..mein kuch kar bhi nai sakti

She goes to the car and was about to sit

Sanskar stops her: wait..! Before sitting you have to accept something

Ragini: and what is it?

Sanskar: your money…
He forwards it..

Ragini: no i will not…

Sanskar:sochlo.. i don’t think so you will get the bus and rikshaw no chance.. At sharp 8 your friends are gonna come..what will you do???

Ragini murmurs: smartness with me

She takes the money and she sits in the car

Later they reach the apartment

Ragini goes and prepares the food…

Bell rings

Sanskar opens the door

Sanskar: come in

Sanskar: sitara you here..

He wantedly told loudly

Ragini peeps from the kitchen

She couldn’t see the person

Ragini slowly comes out

Sanskar turns to her: Ragini meet my Secretaryyyyyyyyyy

Sitara:hello mam

Ragini was shocked.. She was middle aged lady
Ragini smiles sheepishly

Sitara handovers a file to sanskar and then goes from there

San: so and before your again doubt me i want to clear she is married and her daughter is even married she is even having a grand child

Ragini without saying anything turns being embarrassed

At that time bell rings

Sanskar sees 2 guys standing… And he identifies them


Ragini smiles widely and hugs him:kriishhhhh

Something irked sanskar

She then side hugs adi…

Who gives his wierd laugh:ha ha ha..

Krish:dekh mein tere liya kya laaya

Ragini: kya???

Krish forwards Cadbury dairymilk silk

Ragini takes it and again hugs him

Sanskar fists his hand…

To be continued…….

So how was the part??

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