One Year – Swasan Fan Fiction Part 1

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Hii guys!!
Back with part 1 of One Year. Hope u like my story.

Part 1

A bride was sitting in her room thinking that it’s her wedding day and the baarat was on the gate

Her pov
Why god why?? Why every Time I need to adjust. I know one day I need to live this house for sure but not too early. I am just 20. I need to study more but…. I am not complaining that my family thinks me as curse but the thing is that they never understood me. I got everything from them but didn’t got that understanding. They always supported me in my every phase of life but for this marriage, I unwilling agreed . I am literally neither mentally nor emotionally ready for this marriage. I…

She was disturbed with the knock on door .

Now, the groom was focused.

His Pov

My wedding. A new start.New responsibility. Everything new.But the most important My Wife.
She is an ethereal beauty and nobody can deny it. I don’t know I never met her nor talked on call . I just saw photo of her and that made me go crazy. She has some magic. Definitely she has some kinda magical powers.

Pov ends.

Swara’ room

It was Shekhar who knocked the door.
He walked towards Shona. She hugged him and cried.

Shekhar( trying to console her): Ahh princess!! Don’t cry my lioness.  You know na girls need to go away. I never thought that this kinda time comes so early. People are right as they always says ” GIRLS GROW FASTER ” Shona u know it feels like yesterday only I took that little angel in my hand and today that angel is going away. You know what beta its harder for me than you that from tomorrow I will not wake you up and prepare breakfast for you.
But Shona from now you need to take care of your in-laws. You shouldn’t give any chance to complain. Swara  sanskaar is a good guy. I know him He will keep you happy and safe more than me.

And he broke down.

Now Swara was in veil and made to sit with sanskaar.
Sanskaar was mesmerized by her smell.

Then Pandit jii asked both of them to stand up
For the First Vow, the Groom promises: “om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman” meaning ‘You will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide welfare and happiness for you and our children’. The bride complies in return:“dhanam dhanyam pade vadet”‘ I am responsible for the home and all household, food and finance responsibilities’. Concisely, the bride and groom promise each other prosperity by fulfilling their respective roles in their lives.

For the Second Vow the groom says: “om oorje jara dastayaha”, meaning ‘Together we will protect our house and children’. The Bride in return promises “kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam”, which translates as ‘I will be by your side as your courage and strength. I will rejoice in your happiness. In return, you will love me solely’.

During the Third Vow, the Groom says, “om rayas santu joradastayaha” by which he means ‘May we grow wealthy and prosperous and strive for the education of our children and may our children live long.’ In return the Bride promises, “tava bhakti as vadedvachacha”, meaning ‘I will love you solely for the rest of my life, as you are my husband. Every other man in my life will be secondary. I vow to remain chaste’.

During the Fourth Vow, the Groom declares “om mayo bhavyas jaradastaya ha” by which he means ‘You have brought sacredness into my life, and have completed me. May we be blessed with noble and obedient children’ In return for this promise, the Bride says “lalayami cha pade vadet”, by which she means, ‘I will shower you with joy, from head to toe. I will strive to please you in every way I can’.

For the Fifth Vow, the Groom says, “om prajabhyaha santu jaradastayaha”, which means ‘You are my best friend, and staunchest well-wisher. You have come into my life, enriching it. God bless you’. To this the Bride says, “arte arba sapade vadet” or ‘I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. I will trust and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes’.

During the Sixth Vow, the Groom asks, “Rutubhyah shat padi bhava” which means ‘Now that you have taken six steps with me, you have filled my heart with immense happiness. Will you do the kindness of filling my heart with happiness like this for all times?’ to this the Bride replies, “yajna hom shashthe vacho vadet” meaning ‘I will always be by your side’.

For the Last and Seventh Vow, the Groom says “Om sakhi jaradastayahga”, by which he proclaims ‘We are now husband and wife, and are one. You are mine and I am yours for eternity.’ The Bride accepts this proclamation and says “Attramshe sakshino vadet pade”, which means ‘As God is witness, I am now your wife. We will love, honor and cherish each other foreve

Sanskaar then fills vermilion on swara’s head and ties mangalsutra to cherish their wedding.

To be continued.

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