Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone talking about jhumri’s to be child. Tau ji jokes that the shild should not go on Baldev. Tau ji says the child will bring happiness in this house. Simran looks at jhumri. Dadi says what will you do when you get to hear about another child. She says Rajveer cab also give the good news. Everyone look at Rajveer and Simran. Simran smiles. jhumri comes to Simran. Simran says I wanted to talk to you, its good you came. jhumri says don’t talk about yesterday. jhumri says Baldev took good care of me yesterday. Simran says what baby, you know you are not pregnant. jhumri says I know this but I m thinking that I m. If I can hide it and get love from Baldev, whats wrong in hiding it. Simran says think of the day

when everyone comes to know about this. jhumri says we will see it later.

Simran says you are making a mistake. Simran says this dream will break some day. She says tell the truth to everyone. jhumri says how should I say. If everyone knows about this, they won’t give me the love, they will throw me out of the house, if Tau ji knows this, he will not keep me in this house. jhumri says Tau ji hates lie. Simran says I know. Simran says I have one solution. Simran says we will go to doctor and start the medicines if there is some fault in you. jhumri says these talk only an educated girl can do, from where did you learn this. Simran says leave it, focus on yourself. Simran says trust me, no one will know about this. jhumri smiles.

Simran tells Rajveer that jhumri is not pregnant. Rajveer is shocked and says what Simran wants. Simran says think of something that we can take jhumri to a doctor. Rajveer says I won’t come in all this. Simran says we need your help. Rajveer says I can’t. Simran says please agree. Simran says I convinced jhumri, you need to take us to doctor, trust me. Rajveer says only 14 days are left. Simran says I will be happy I did something good for this house. Rajveer agrees. Simran smiles. Tau ji asks Rajveer what he wants to say, why he wants to go to the city. Rajveer says there is some work and gives excuses. Rajveer says I will take jhumri and Simran along with jaggi. He says if you permit, we will go. Tau ji says you are going to bring something from city. Tau ji permits him. Tau ji laughs and leaves.

jhumri says I think Rajveer confused him so much that he said yes. Didi and Himmat hear this. Didi asks Himmat to follow them. Himmat smiles. Himmat goes after them. Rajveer, jaggi, Simran and jhumri come to the hospital. Rajveer says its good that we did the work we stated to Tau ji. He asks the women to hurry up. jhumri says think again. Simran says we brought you here so that you can have a child. jhumri says I m incomplete without a child. Himmat comes to the hospital as well. Himmat calls Didi and give her the updates. jaggi says he will wait outside as he does not feel good by the smell of phenyls. Rajveer asks him to stay near the jeep. jaggi hoes outside.

Tau ji asks the workers to work hard. Baldev comes with Hoshiyar. Tau ji says you guys came very soon. Hoshiyar says the work did not finish as the office was closed. Didi comes out and makes a excuse. She says we have to go to the city soon to do some charity in the hospital. She wants to take Tau ji to the same hospital where Rajveer and everyone went. She asks Tau ji to come with her.

Tau ji asks Baldev and Hoshiyar to come with them. jhumri sees the photos of the baby at the hospital and smiles. Simran too looks at them. Simran assures her. Himmat watches them and smiles. Didi says today Simran will not have any chance to explain herself. The doctor checks jhumri and talks with Simran. jhumri thinks Simran is talking to doctor as if she can understand everything. Himmat asks his goons to stop Rajveer and his wife. The goons says we have to settle our scores with Rajveer. Tau ji reaches with Didi, Hoshiyar and Baldev. jaggi sees them and is shocked. jaggi sees Himmat also. Didi looks at Himmat. Himmat asks Didi to go in.

jaggi thinks of informing Rajveer. jhumri says Simran that you were talking to the doctor well. Simran says I could not understand anything, Rajveer helped me. The doctor says jhumri is well, everything is normal. She says get her husband checked. jaggi comes there and tells them that Tau ji, Didi, Baldev and Hoshiyar came to the hospital. jhumri says what are they doing here. They get shocked and tensed.

Rajveer, Simran, jaggi and Simran try to hide from Didi and Tau ji..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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