Amita Ka Amit 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 2nd September 2013 Written Update

AA reach Jigna’s place along with Fallu. Kids are running around everywhere. Amit is very much nervous and disturbed looking at this. Fallu asks Jigna how is she able to handle so many kids running around like this. She says I and Himanshu are not able to meet the guests even because of these many kids. Jigna shouts at some girl all of a sudden much to the discomfort of AA. The other girl was keeping noodles on her head. Jigna looks at their scared faces. She was scolded not you. Amu dismisses it and hands over their gift to Jigna. She gives Fallu’s gift as well. Jigna gets excited. Amu tells her it has been chosen by Amit so a surprise. Jigna nods. Anyways it wont be of my use. Fallu suggests JIgna to meet and look after the guests while AA can take care of the kids. AA are taken

aback. Jigna likes the idea very much. Anyways their parents will come over in an hour’s time.

Next, Amit is shown trying his best to handle the kids (boys basically) but is unable to. He keeps warning them not to be naughty and throw things around or he will call their dads. The kids don’t listen. Amit picks one and scares him. The kid starts crying so Amit tries to calm him down. He hands over his specs to him and the kid runs off shouting in glee. Some kid takes his phone. Amit tries running after the kid but ends up slipping on a painting and his face gets smeared with the paint colours.

Amu on the other hand is trying to make the girls play passing the pass with the lunch box. One of the girls tries to snatch the box from the other so Amu tries to calm the situation. They get into singing and playing again. But the next minute the same girl again starts acting like a rebel. The others follow suit. She has to ultimately shout on top of her voice to quieten all the little girls. Though they all make a sad face. She immediately apologizes making a sweet face. The girls burst out giggling. Amu ends up making more weird faces and they all end up having loads of fun together.

Fallu compliments some lady’s grandson. Rest praise the lady herself continues. Jigna’s mother asks her when they will be hearing the good news from her. fallu replies they themselves need to grow up still. They still are kids. The former lady adds that people grow up on their own as soon as they get more responsibility. Plus there shouldn’t be this long gap to have a kid after wedding. Jigna’s MIL nods. Amit is very well settled in his life and office. Then what’s the need to delay? Doc’s nowadays says it is tougher to have kids in older age. It actually affects the health of the mother and the child. Fallu is all serious now. jigna appears there with a tray of refreshments. Mom is right. It takes so much energy to handle kids. The former lady tells Fallu to tell AA to start family planning.

Amit comes running there (from the kids). He hides behind a sofa chair as Fallu turns in time to see the kids coming running after him. She asks Amit what he is doing there. He gets up a little and she is taken aback to see his face (all smeared with colours). The kids catch up on him. Everyone tries to hide a smile looking at his face. Jigna tells the kids to go out and play. Himanshu too turns up now. He asks about Amit’s face and Amit shares the incident. Himanshu tells him their parents have all come here now. Amit is relieved. Amu comes out playing train with the girls. Jigna compliments her she turned every girl her fan. She in turn says I am their fan. They are very cute. Amit mutters….cute! Amu notices Amit’s face. He calls the kids atom bomb. She asks him what happened to your face. He just smiles in answer. Jigna offers him juice. Amu gives it to him. Taking one to Himanshu she takes Trisha from him. Ladies start complaining about tv, toys (like guns, helicopters, etc.). Amit looks dubious. Jigna strictly says I have decided I wont let my Trisha play with such dangerous toys. Amit chokes on his juice and ends up coughing. Everyone looks up at him. He begins to say helicopter but stops. It was plain cough. Jigna’s mom tells her to open the gifts. Amit’s eyes widen hearing this. Jigna goes to get gifts and takes Amu along with her while Amit goes to clean his face.

Jigna calls Amu to sit with her. amit asks Amu to leave. She tells him it is about time JIgna will start opening the gifts. Plus I want to see your surprise gift. She happily joins Jigna. Amit looks at them helplessly. First gift is some gun which upsets Jigna. Her mom is pretty sure it is by some Priyanka as her kids only play with such gifts. Jigna tells her to speak low but she doesn’t relent and goes on to say a lot more against that Priyanka. Amit finds another gift on the table which is wrapped in similar coloured paper from a Ms. Bhawna. He gets an idea. He excuses himself from Himanshu and goes to sit by the table next to Amu. Holding his gift in his hand he asks Jigna if she wont open this one. She tells him to keep it here only. He keeps it near the other gift. He looks around very carefully at almost everyone but in the end is caught by the lady who has brought that gift. What are you doing? Why are you taking out its label? Everyone is surprised. Amu asks him about it. He fumbles…I don’t know what I was thinking but this is your gift. She nods….it happens. Jigna picks up Amu’s gift. It turns out to be a helicopter. Fallu and Amu shoot him a surprised / almost upset look as Jigna keeps looking at it weirdly.


Amu picks up the helicopter and it mistakenly shoots something on Ms. Bhawna. Amu apologizes profusely and then looks at Amit. The lady forgives her. fallu asks her (while keeping a straight face) you brought this gift for a six months old girl? amit tells her it was him who brought this gift. She doesn’t know anything about this gift. Fallu goes all quiet. Amu takes one look at her MIL and thinks of something. Actually I should apologize to you all. We really don’t know what to buy for a six months old kid. She promises another gift for the lovely doll. The atmosphere lightens. Amit smiles again.

Back home, Amit is relieved the day got over. While staying with the kids I felt like I have grown 5 years older. I am really sorry for the gift. When I was a kid I used to give these only so I thought of buying that only. She very cutely tells him it is ok. He admits she very diligently accepted her mistake. She is sure he too would have done the same. He is sure he doesn’t like kids for I cant handle them. They were all monkeys. She shares she too had issues initially but it was all well in the end. He nods….as you got cute girls to take care of. If you were with those boys you would have known. They were after my hair…pulling them. She smiles and tugs at his hair asking this way. She does it again and they both start doing it to one another. Fallu comes calling for AA and they stop. They quickly straighten their hair. Fallu says she wants to talk to them. Have you thought about your future? First Amit couldn’t understand but then nods. We have done all the future planning. Not one but two…insurance policies and there is one mutual policy on her name as well. Amu beams back (seriously ). Fallu says I wasn’t talking about them. Amit thinks she is asking about business then. She can clearly see he doesn’t understand but Amu does. Fallu leaves from there as there is no point talking to him.


Amit is unable to understand what went wrong. I only replied to what she asked. Don’t know what she wants to hear. It is very tough to understand women. Amu cannot resist smiling and nods. He is all the more confused now. She explains what MIL meant…about their kids. He is about to say something but stops. He gets up and recalls the whole incident which happened at Jigna’s home. She closes his mouth…..a fly will get in. He tells her not to joke on such a serious issue. Do you know what mom wants? She nods. I do but you think about yourself and why are you overreacting? We have married so there will be kids for sure. He agrees but what’s the hurry. How come she is all about kids all of a sudden? Amu says we went to JIgna’s place and there were so many kids around. She too would have felt like taking her grandkids along to such functions. He turns her over to look at him. Functions? I am still stuck on having kids and you have already sent them on functions (lol). You even know how dangerous the situation is. Don’t take it lightly. Plus whatever happened at the part I don’t think either of us is capable of handling a kid… least not now. She agrees but doesn’t know what to do. He tells her to say it straight. Amu gets back to her values stuff. How can a daughter-in-law tell her MIL to wait to see her grand kids? He comments her values only will put them into trouble one day. And because of which our family will start here. She doesn’t know what to do. He is about to go to tell MIL but she stops him. We will tell in a few days we aren’t ready yet. He tells her mom knows very well how to get things done her way. You will give in to her. She agrees to tell next week but he insists on tomorrow. They finally agree on tomorrow morning after breakfast. She tells him not to think so much. No one can force us in to anything. He looks apprehensive yet smiles for her.

Precap: Amit asks her why dint you let me tell her inside we don’t like kids. She says she is waiting for the right time. He tells her there is no roundabout way. You have to tell it straight. Looking down, she walks a little away from him. He asks her if it isn’t that she is actually inclined towards kids while saying no..

Update Credit to: pooja

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