Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi arguing with Tau ji. She says I want to talk to Himmat alone. She takes Himmat with her and tells him that I will tell you the truth. She says the truth is Simran’s ghost is near us. Himmat gets scared. Didi says you have to look happy to be away from ghosts. She says don’t look upset, keep smiling. Himmat smiles. Tau ji and Hoshiyar are shocked to see him smile. Didi says Himmat is not afraid now. Tau ji says its good that you are not scared of ghosts, but be afraid of me, go and clean the house. Himmat leaves.

Dadi talks to Simran about Himmat. Dadi sees Simran upset and asks her whats the matter, what are you thinking. Simran says I m thinking about Didi, what to do next with her. Dadi says don’t change the topic, I can see you sad. Simran says I m upset and worried but I don’t know how to share with you. Dadi says tell me, maybe I can show you the right way. Simran says yes, don’t know why I m seeing only darkness in the way. She says I have bear everything, but I m losing the hope. Dadi says are you talking about Rajveer. Simran says yes. Dadi smiles. Simran says Rajveer is my strength and trust, but now he does not know me, he looks at me as if he is seeing me for the first time.

She says Rajveer won’t accept me, never. Dadi says no, look don’t lose hope. Dadi says only you can bring his memory back. She says spend more time with Rajveer so that he can think about you. Dadi says I will tell everyone that you are alive, if you say, Simran says no, not now, they are innocent, they will show their happiness to Didi. Simran says its my fear that Didi will show her real face. Dadi says you spoke like an educated one. jaggi comes laughing about Himmat. Simran says Himmat is scared, we should scare him more, as Didi will fear more if he breaks up.

jaggi says its easy, I need Dadi’s help. Dadi says I m ready to help you, tell me what to do. jaggi tells them. (Muted) Simran says great solution, now no one can save Didi. Chanchal brings food for Rajveer and asks him to think what he can remember. She says look at this and names the dishes. Simran hears them and cries. Rano calls Chanchal and she leaves. Simran comes to Rajveer and says I m here and will make you eat food. She says its me after your mum. She makes him eat food.

Rajveer looks at her. Chanchal comes back and Simran hides. Chanchal sees that the food is near finishing. She is shocked. Chanchal calls Hoshiyar and he says don’t shout infront of him. Chanchal tells him that Rajveer ate food on his own. She is very much happy. Hoshiyar is shocked seeing the food plate. He says are you saying the truth. She says yes. They get happy. He says it means he will talk to us soon. He tries talking to Rajveer. He says show us by eating again. Rajveer is silent. Simran cries. Chanchal says now I m sure that he will be fine soon. Himmat comes in the hall being scared of Simran.

jaggi scares Himmat and he shouts seeing jaggi. jaggi says you are scared as if you saw a ghost. Himmat says how do you know. jaggi says ghosts does not exist. Himmat says it exists. jaggi says was it true what I saw. Himmat asks what did you see. jaggi says I saw Simran’s ghost outside your house and she was laughing. Himmat says she is after me, she will kill me, save me, what should I do. jaggi says you meet one baba and he will meet you outside the old graveyard and remember he meets only at night. Himmat is scared. Himmat goes to meet the baba. He sees a baba under a tree. Himmat is shocked. He goes to him while Dadi and Simran are hiding behind the tree. Simran tells the baba that be ready, Himmat has come. Himmat greets the baba and talks to him.

Himmat talks to jaggi and says we have to mix something in Didi’s food.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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