Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 28th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with sanjay saying shruti that he knows he has lied but truth is never the way to go ahead. Then he tells shruti that his mom had blackmailed and he knows but she will soon take her as daughter in law. Shruti tells sanjay that she does not want all this but just that he had lied and she knows another mom’s sadness and she does not want to take such a relationship ahead. Then shruti goes and sits on the bed. Then sanjay goes to talk to her she tells that keep quiet as she does not want to talk now with him. Then sanjay gets up to go and then shruti tells wait and tells that don’t tell anyone outside and don’t make a matter as she cant answer everyone outside. Then sanjay tells her sorry and tells that he knows he has done a mistake. Shruti tells that he has done a mistake and sanjay tells that she can believe him then she tells him that his mom does not like him so why will she like dadi and her children? Shruti then tells that please at least don’t tell his mom anything what happened inside then sanjay says that bshe can believe him. Then shruti says that she cant handle more trouble so lets just go and sleep. Sanjay takes his pillow and goes on his sofa and shruti sits on the bed and is crying. An emotional song is being played and sanjay is also crying and then shruti removes her jewellery and sits crying. Shruti is remembering her marriage with sanjay.

In their room ami and khushboo are going to sleepand then khushboo says that she cant sleep then ami gives her a doll. Then khushboo sees it and kisses it and then trisha comes and sees that they are taking her things so she shouts them and tells that don’t touch my things without her permission. Then they sleep. The lights are off and ami and khushboo say that they are not able to sleep then trisha gets up and tells that she has tpo get up early next morning so just shut up. Then trisha sleeps. Ami and khushboo go to shruti’s room and shruti takes them tpo sleep there and then she also sleeps there.

Next morning sanjay is bathing and he sees shruti get up. He goes to shruti after bathing and offers her tea and tells that he knows she could not sleep tonight. Then prabha comes and sees them and children sleeping. Shruti and sanjay say good morning. Then prabha tells that she came to call for breakfast and then shruti tells that she can make breakfast. Then prabha tells her that non need as she just has to come and eat with her children. Sanjay gets angry and goes. Then sanjay stops his mom and asks her that why is she talking so rude to her. prabha tells that shruti was sleeping with children on the bed and he was sleeping on the sofa and why? Then parul comes and listens and tells that why he was sleeping on sofa and says that actually on suhaag raat one should sleep with wife but why on sofa. Sanjay tells them that it would be good if they don’t interfere in shruti and sanjay’s matters. read full updates daily only at desitv Then sanjay goes and prabha tells herself in her mind that she knows there is some problem between sanjay and shrutio and even is shruti tries to come close to sanjay then she cant come. In dadi’s room ami and khushboo go running and ask her whether she could sleep or no. then dadi tells that she could sleep as she was tired because of the marriage. Then shruti comes and ami says that she did not realize when she slept away in shruti’s laps. Then they hug shruti and tell that she is her best mom in the world. Then khushboo tells them to stop and she take s a picture from signs from her hand. Then ami goes and tickles khushboo. Then shruti goes in the kitchen and tells good morning and parul also says her and then shruti says that can she work. Shani says yes and tells that it is her first day in kitchen……then prabha tells him to keep quiet and go as all work is done. Parul goes as she has to see trisha. Then shruti says that can she make paratha and says that at least tea or coffee. Then prabha tells her to go as all work is done and tells her to take care of her family.

Precap: on the dining table prabha tells ami that she does not have manners to talk to elders. Then ami tells prabha rudely that she only does not have manners to talk to dadi as she is older to her and why is she teaching her to talk to talk to elders with respect. Shruti listens all this and tells ami to tell sorry and why she talked like this. Ami tells that, that arrogant(khadus) aunty was only….shruti slaps ami.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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