Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji being shocked to know from the inspector that he has his arrest warrant. He asks what did I do. The inspector says on Didi’s husband’s murder charge. Hoshiyar talks to the inspector. The inspector says someone has taken this case out again. Tau ji asks who. Didi says she has done this. Tau ji gets angry. Didi says Rajveer has opened the case once again. Everyone are shocked. Rajo smiles. Rajveer enters in the house with Didi. Didi says Rajveer my son has done this work. He needs justice so he is making you go to jail. She says you can rule over me, not how will you make him quiet, how will you be safe from his revenge.

Dadi talks to Rajveer and says you can’t do this. She asks whats the truth. She says tell everyone that you have not done this. Rajveer says its true what you all are seeing, I respected Tau ji but now I know that he has killed my dad, so I have complaint against him, he has to go to jail. Everyone cry. Dadi scolds Rajveer and says I will punish you. She slaps Rajveer. Didi is shocked. Dadi says I regret seeing you. She says I died for you today. The inspector asks Tau ji to come with him. Baldev stops him. Tau ji says I m ready as my own blood has gone against me.

Tau ji is much hurt and says I m not afraid as I have not done anything wrong in my life. Tau ji looks at Rajveer and says I was proud of you, I never thought I will see this day because of you. He leaves with the inspector. Himmat sees Tau ji going in police jeep and says stop, where are you taking my dad. Didi smiles. Everyone scold Rajveer and are angry on him. Baldev claps for him. Baldev says he proved he is your blood Didi. He has killed Tau ji today. You wanted this right, get up and make sweets. Didi says fine, why not. She asks Rajo to make sweets for everyone.

Chanchal talks to Rajveer and says you have given good prize for our trust on you. She says its good to be illiterate if this is what you do being educated. She says you have cheated Tau ji, even we love you, what did you think about us. She cries and says why did I do your upbringing, it would have been good if I was childless. Hoshiyar says enough Chanchal, come with me. Himmat comes shouting Rajveer. Everyone look at him. Himmat gets angry and brings a stick with him.

He beats Rajveer. Himmat says how dare you do this, what did you think, you will rule in this house, I won’t leave you alive today. Simran cries. Didi does not react. Chanchal asks Hoshiyar to stop Himmat. jaggi and Baldev stop Himmat. Himmat says I won’t leave him. Simran requests Himmat to leave Rajveer. Himmat says you should be happy that I m beating him, he cheated even you. Tai ji says why are you stopping Himmat, what wrong is he doing, he is taking his dad’s revenge like Rajveer took.

Tai ji says Tau ji never trusted Himmat but he is his own blood. She taunts Rajveer. Dadi says stop it. Tai ji says what wrong did I say, Rajveer is a snake’s son. Chanchal takes Rajveer’s side. Didi laughs. Himmat says I will not leave Rajveer today. Didi says don’t be angry on my son, its your dad’s mistake, he has send your wife and permitted Rajveer to keep two wives. Tai ji says you are right, he always gave importance to Rajveer than Himmat. Tai ji says leave Rajveer, else he will send you to jail too. I can’t live without you. Tai ji takes Himmat with her. Baldev is angry on Rajveer. Simran cries.

Simran asks Rajveer why did he do this. He says I m helpless. She asks the reason. He says Didi asked me to do this. She says you should have told me. He says I wanted to but Rajo did not leave me alone for a min. He says Didi took him to police station and complaint against him. She says why did you not tell anything. He says so that Didi does not doubt on me, how will we tell everyone that Didi killed Daddu and tried to kill you. He says don’t you trust me. She says don’t worry, I will get Tau ji our of jail.

Rajo sees Rajveer missing. She thinks where did he go. She is shocked to see…………

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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