Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2014 Written Update

Episode Starts with Bhabho asking suraj to book tickets for the very next Hyderabad train & asks to prepare Ladoos for her beendinis’..Suraj Keeps mum & stands without even uttering a word. Bhabho asks, why he is keeping worried.. Bhabho wishes to hear the good news from sandy & calls her mobile. Babho-Sandy Conversation goes on. Bhabo says to sandy that she is very happy over the news of her pregnancy. Babho tells that for the first 3 months she needs to be careful. She asks her not to worry & says they’ll be reaching HYD by the very nxt train to pick up her. Sandy listens’ her with a stern face.. Babho says if she has Wings she’ll fly to HYD @ the moment (Aww..Bhabho I luved ur dialogue!!!!)Chavi, Emily wants to talk with sandy, while Suraj stands

worried. Bhabho gives the phone to Suraj & asks them to talk. Suraj goes upstairs & says RM ppl misses her so much, Sandy doesn’t’ reply. Suraj asks her why she is silent while the battery goes empty..

Rahul, asks Roma to console sandy as Zakir had insulted her. Roma goes to sandys’ room & sees Sandy packing her thinks. Sandy says, she is leaving TA. Roma asks her not to take Zakirs’ word to her heart, & asks her to stay back. She continues that Sandy has put a lot of efforts for this training and she cant’ go like this.. Sandy reveals her that she is preggers & its time for her training class & tells her to leave…

Cut to GG room. Suraj packing his dresses, while doing so, he see the HYD tickets by which they went to leave sandy to TA. He recollects his conversation with Sandy.. Suraj in his mind voice, “asks sandy to remember the tickets & tells, by the same train after 11 months he’ll come to pick up her, @ that time she wont’ be his wife “Sandhya Rati” She’ll be “Sandhya Rati IPS”. He says, it’ll be the most proud moment”. Suraj feels dejected reverberating the Flashbacks…Babhasa enters GG room, & notices worried suraj. He goes near him & asks why he looks dull. Suraj lies that all are happy and so does he. Babhasha says, he can read his face without any words. Suraj replies that he don’t’ even know whether to be happy or sad about sandys’ pregnancy as she reached TA after facing soo much of struggles. Babhabha says he is always supportive , reverent of a wife-Hubby relation & asks him not to worry. He assures that he will be there for suraj always. Babhasa-Suraj hugs.
Cut to TA…Roma asks sandhya, whether she is happy. Sandy says she is happy.. But Roma says she doesn’t’ feel like that.

Babho-Babhasha-Suraj, travelling in auto. Suraj is all upset & worried. He is lost in thoughts of his promise to fulfil sandys’ dream & her parents wish..There in TA sandy comes across the trophy and feels unhappy. Suraj recollects some flashback moments in browsing centre where they found out in selected candidates list. In TA, sandy watches other candidates undergoing practices. New DBH version BG music plays in BG…!!! In auto babho says Gooseberry is very good in this period for sandy & says she is a motherless gal so assures that she’ll take care of her very well.. Suraj notices a lady with same costume of sandy with a child on seeing this he feels unhappy further,.

In TA, Roma brings sandys’ uniform as she left it in her room. Sandy keeps mum on seeing that. Roma says sandy is not happy about the happenings & the episode ends there..

Precap: Rahul says why this confusion if sandy decided to leave TA, & asks Roma to concentrate on IPS training than other thing..

Update Credit to: Bliss

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