Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the inspector asking Rano what can I do for you, He flirts with her calling her a fairy. Rani imagines a dance sequence with him. The song Gandi Baat……………… plays……………….. They are shown dancing. They have an eyelock. Simran comes to Rano and they talk to the inspector. Simran hears him flirting and says what? He changes his words. Simran says we need to catch the bus. He says Raja ko Rani se pyaar………. Rano smiles. Rano says who are you. He says Gabru Singh Chauhan. He says I can do anything for you. Simran says we need to get to the bus, please don’t waste time. Rano says it would be great if you help us. He flirts with her and Simran says come Rano.

He looks at her and she smiles.

Simran says lets go now please. He says fine, but sit well as I m going to fly this jeep. He says I m Salman’s fan and he says some dialogues of Salman. He calls Rano a Pari and drives saying some filmi lines. Simran says this is the bus, stop the bus by playing the police siren. He says see what I do now. He stops the jeep infront of the bus. He stops the bus by his hand. Simran and Rano go inside the bus and ask about Rajveer. The conductor says the bus stopped before reaching here. Simran sees Rajveer is not in the bus and shows his photo to the conductor asking was he in this bus. He says yes. Simran is shocked.

Simran asks where did they get down. He says in last village, but you won’t get her now, as she got lift from a truck, I don’t know where she went. Simran says she did this so that no one can find her. Gabru is waiting for Rano. The bus leaves as Simran and Rano come to Gabru. Simran says we are finding our family member. Gabru says I m happy and always ready to help. He says its my duty to help people. Rano asks will you help us, find my brother. He agrees and says don’t worry, I will find him but first I will drop you home. He thinks I will see my in laws house by this reason.

Rano smiles hearing his filmi lines. Rano asks Simran to give Rajveer’s photo to him. Simran gives him. Gabru says Rajveer is very handsome and even you are very lovely. Simran tells her name and Rano says I m Rano. He thinks Gabru weds Rano. Rano asks him to find Rajveer as soon as possible as everyone are worried at home. He says I will to make our love to another stage. She smiles. He says lets go.

At home, everyone are tensed. Simran and Rano come back. Everyone ask them about Rajveer. Simran cries. Tau ji says stop there and comes to them. He says before giving them a reply, tell me why you went without my permission. Dadi says I gave them the permission, so ask me, not them. Tau ji says how can you send them like this. Dadi says what would I ask you, you were very worried, I did not wish to trouble you. She says you would have told no. Tau ji gets angry. Dadi says Rajveer is Simran’s husband and we should understand her feelings.

Dadi says whats wrong if Simran goes to find Rajveer. Tau ji says its not good to send them. Dadi says don’t let me tell you everything now, since Didi came here, the rules have broken. Chanchal says stop it, let Simran say something. Chanchal asks Simran did you find anything about Rajveer. Simran tells them everything. Chanchal says this means Didi is very clever and took away my son, now we won’t know where did Rajveer go, how will I live without him. She cries. Rano says we have given this responsibility to inspector Gabru Singh. Tau ji asks who is he, I don’t know him. Rano sound confident.

Its morning, Rano is thinking about Gabru and smiling. Simran sees her lost in thoughts. Simran asks her to go and give tea to everyone. Rano does not hear her and Simran goes herself. Rano thinks whats happening to her, she says my brother is lost and Simran is so worried and I m thinking about Gabru. She says I should help them in finding him.

Himmat comes to Rano and asks for tea. Rano says how did I forget Himmat, he also said he will find Rajveer. She gives him tea. She thinks only Himmat was close to Didi. She thinks Himmat can help me in finding Rajveer, I should tell this to Dadi and jaggi. Gabru is trying to find Rajveer and goes to someone’s house and knocks the door. He aims his gun at the lady and she gets shocked seeing the gun.

Dadi gives some money to Himmat. Himmat says I don’t know anything about Rajveer but my friend saw Didi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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