Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th December 2013 Written Update

Sakshi and Sharda reach Ahmadabad. Sakshi is hesitant to go home. Sharda asks her if she is scared of going home. Sakshi nods. Sharda offers to go with her but Sakshi surprises her by asking if she can spend some more time with her. My mom wont be free before dinner so I thought to accompany you for shopping. What if you get lost in this big city? Sharda tells her not to worry about her. I have come to Ahmadabad before as well. Sakshi nods and leaves from there. Sharda takes out some chits about taxi and tries to ask a few passersby but no one helps her. Sakshi notices this from far. Initially she decides not to go and help her but then goes to Sharda. I wont leave you here alone for another minute. Sharda smiles. They both leave together.

Sakshi tries a yellow saree (she

looks beautiful). They both like the saree. Sakshi also tells her how yellow is her favourite colour. Sharda looks at Sakshi lovingly and then puts the veil over her head. For a second it felt like my own DIL has worn this saree. Now Sakshi looks at her lovingly. You hold a right over someone very soon. But one doesn’t feel scared to ask or say something to you. Why so? Sharda tells her to think of her as her second mom. Sakshi gets happy. I feel like taking you with me instead of this saree. She hugs her calling her her second mom. Sharda asks her to choose one saree for her mom (real mom) as you were going to hurt her today. She will get happy. Sakshi denies. She doesn’t wear something like this. Sharda acts sweet and stern with her and makes her sit and select one saree for her mom.

Sakshi has come to drop Sharda on the station. Sharda tells her to always remember her words. Sakshi nods. I have deleted Aditya from my life. Now I wont think about my past I will only think about my future. I will follow your every word. She touches her feet and Sharda blesses her. They share a hug. Sakshi also reminds her she has to study. Sharda agrees to try. Sharda tells her to give the saree to her mom for sure. And think about the relation which your mom has chosen. At times destiny is waiting for us…all we have to do is take a step forward. Sharda gets in the train as it gets a green signal. They both wave at each other.

Sakshi comes home. Her mother is talking to someone on phone. She tells them to cc all the mails regarding the merger to the legal department. Sakshi calls out to her but she signals her to wait. Sakshi recalls the way she had bonded with Sharda and hugs her mom. She is happy but then tells Sakshi to give her two minutes. Sakshi wants to show her the saree but she tells her to keep it in the room. Freshen up I need to talk to you. Sakshi gets sad. She recalls how Sharda had told her to buy her mom a saree to make her happy.

Sakshi is about to go when her mom finishes her call. Sakshi wants to show her the saree but her mom starts talking. I know you go out and spend your whole day with your friends but you will have to change yourself now that you are going to get married. We will meet on the dinner table in 5 minutes and also discuss the details of your wedding. She gets another call. Sakshi is very sad.

Sakshi and her mom sit for the dinner. Sakshi’s mom tells her that they are going to Mumbai tomorrow as it is her engagement tomorrow evening. The family is very nice and we are going to be business partners as well. Your mom will just be a phone call away from you. Business deal is not as important to me as your secured future is. After your dad passed away, we had nothing. I looked at you and decided come what may, I wont let my daughter miss anything in life. She will be happy.

Karan is with his friends. My dad takes decisions in business and this wedding is a business deal for him. His friends talk about some Viren Shah. Karan doesn’t want it to be like that.

On the other hand, Sakshi’s mom calls this a lifetime opportunity. Thousands of girls dream of such a wedding. This family has everything. Such a chance never comes again in life. Tell me what have you decided now?

Karan is sure he wont get married. I will do what all I want to. I don’t want to plan the marketing strategy of sarees with dad. I don’t want to be his photocopy.

Sakshi’s mom is sure her daughter wont disappoint her. Sakshi recalls the positive words of Sahrda. Her mom wants to know her decision. Sakshi agrees for the wedding whereas Karan says he is not ready for this marriage.

Latika asks the maid (Kaveri) if Diya is ready for school. But Diya is waiting for her Nani (Sharda). Latika is upset thinking about when her mom will come. Suresh comes there and asks about some mail. He asks for breakfast. Latika tells him mom hasn’t come yet. Just then Sharda enters. Diya rushes to her to give her a hug and shows her what she has drawn. She recalls the train incident as she looks at the drawing of birds. They should be in the sky but you have put them on the ground. Show them flying in the sky. She asks Suresh if he took medicine yester night. His mom (Dadi) tells her to think about today. Everyone is hungry and in a rush. Sharda goes in the kitchen to make breakfast. Kaveri gives her water but Suresh calls out for her. She doesn’t even take a sip and goes to give him breakfast. She gives everyone the breakfast of their liking. Chirag jokes he thought that they will have come to Ahmadabad looking for her. Dadi calls her trip like a trip to abroad. You must have faced a lot of difficulties? Sharda surprises everyone by answering in negative. In fact I got to learn a lot there. There is no point shedding tears. She remembers how Sakshi had motivated her to make a new identity for herself. Nobody hears this. Suresh tells her to take care of the catering department even though someone else is also doing that. Sharda nods. He also tells her to take care of her beloved son Karan.

Sakshi’s friends ask her about the decision she has made regarding getting into an arranged marriage. This isn’t a healthy decision. They want to know how she agreed to get married to a guy who she hasn’t seen. What happened to your man of dreams? Other friends quieten Vini. Sakshi says you might be thinking I am making a compromise with life but that isn’t so. My dreams are still there. My dream man will come. The only difference is that he will be a stranger. The one whom I am marrying can also be the man of my dreams. The one whom I loved left me before even holding my hand. I think destiny also wants a new man to come in my life that is why Aditya left me. I got into that train; held the hand of a person who showed me the right path. Destiny will make the final decision for me. Plus if I don’t give it a fair chance then how will I know what’s right or wrong. Maid brings two dresses for Sakshi to choose. Your mom has sent them. Sakshi asks her about mom’s choice but is sad to know that she hasn’t said anything regarding that. You have to reach the airport in one hour.

Vini notices the gift bag that Sakshi had brought for her mom and asks Sakshi about it. She is taken aback to see the saree. It is the yellow one. This saree was bought by her for her DIL. Her friends ask about her (Sharda). Sakshi replies the one I was talking to you about. If I wouldn’t have met her in the train then I don’t know where I would have been roaming today. I don’t even have her number. How do I return it to her now?

Sharda checks the saree. This isn’t the one I bought. Dadi and Latika are happy that they were right about it. You couldn’t manage alone. Sharda remarks how she had chosen this saree for her mom. Dadi wants to know who she is talking about. Sharda gets lost in Sakshi’s thoughts and smiles. I had met one girl in train. She helped me a lot. She bought this saree for her mom. I guess our packets got exchanged. Dadi says you gave the saree you had bought for your DIL to some stranger. Now what will you give to your DIL? Sharda is sure she will do something. I will do embroidery on a new saree by evening. Suresh asks her what the need of doing all this is. You are doing the same thing since last 30 years. Has this helped? It would have been better if you would have bought an exclusive saree from Sharda Saree Niketan. Sharda starts explaining her point of view when Latika starts talking to Suresh about something related to business. He and Latika decide to discuss it in the study room. Before leaving, Suresh asks for Karan from Sharda. Take care that he doesn’t do some madness today only. The bride’s family would be coming soon now. She agrees to go check on Karan. He must be ready by now. The father daughter duo leave.

Sharda comes to check on Karan in his room. He is nowhere to be seen. She stops as she sees something. A letter is kept on his bedside table. She picks it up but it is written in English. It says sorry and is addressed to his dad. He cannot marry a girl whom he doesn’t know and wants to live his life. She wonders where Karan would be and what has he written in this letter.

Precap: Someone announces that the bride’s family has come. The thaal slips from Sharda’s hands and the contents land on Sakshi’s feet. They both are surprised to see each other.

Update Credit to: pooja

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