Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi calling Simran and asking her who taught you to make this food. Simran is shocked. Everyone look at her. Didi praises the taste of the food. Didi says she did not eat such food in her life. Everyone are happy. Simran smiles. Didi gives her the shagun. Tau ji gives the silver coin to Simran. Simran thinks about Didi’s harsh words which happened earlier. Simran is happy. She comes to her room and sees the two coins. Rajveer comes to her and sees her happy. He says you are happy today. Simran says yes, I will be, as I got the coin. He says keep them safe, you won’t get them again. Simran asks why. He says thank the Lord for saving you. She says I thank the Lord daily for sending me in this family. I m doing this to become a good bahu. She says I wish Didi blesses me daily.

Everyone are in the hall and have a discussion about the food Simran made. Daddu says Simran’s hands are magical. Someone comes to meet Tau ji. Tauji asks how did you come. The man tells them about the land Himmat sold to people. Tau ji and everyone are shocked to know this. Tau ji scolds the man, and says how can you think we can sell our land. The land is our mother. The man shows him the papers. Hoshiyar looks at the papers and says someone has signed on your behalf. Tau ji says the signatures are false. He asks who did this. The man says you can find it out, you can complain it in police. Tau ji thanks him for informing him and asks him to postpone this issue, so that he can find out everything. Daddu asks whats this. Baldev says don’t worry, I will find out, who did this. Tau ji says Himmat did this. Everyone are shocked. Dadi says Himmat can’t do this.

Tau ji says I know this. Its my mistake that he is born to me. Where is Himmat. Tai ji says he cannot do such a big mistake. Tau ji says did we know that he would do such things. Tau ji says Himmat does not care about us, what will he care for the land. Didi is shocked listening all this. Tau ji says I will not live him now. Didi calms him down and says think before saying anything about Himmat. Tai ji comes to the kitchen and cries. She thinks I m tired of explaining to Himmat. Why is he doing like this. Everyone come to her and try to calm her down. Dadi says nothing will happen, this is nothing new to us. Simran says trust me, Himmat cannot do this, Himmat will be proved innocent infront of Tau ji. Dadi says don’t say like this.

Simran says why cannot we speak if we see anything wrong infront of our eyes. Simran says today’s women are not weak. Simran tells them about today’s women. The women are shocked to know this from Simran. Simran says you are wrong, I m feeling sorry for all this.

Chanchal starts crying and says what happened to Simran. Dadi says we should send her to mental hospital, she has gone mad. Simran is puzzled. Tai ji says don’t say anything like this. If any man of this house listen to this, they will shoot you before Himmat. Simran is shocked. Simran thinks what did I do, its a big mistake. Simran goes from there. Dadi asks Chanchal to take care of Simran. She takes Tai ji with her. jhumri takes milk for Baldev and puts one spoon of hakeem’s ingredients in it. She says Simran said right, she spoke well.

Simran is going to her room. Chanchal stops her and gives her water to drink. Simran drinks it. Chanchal asks her how she is now. Simran says I m fine. Chanchal thanks the Lord. She tells her that she should not do like this again. Simran leaves. Didi hears this. Chanchal gets scared seeing her suddenly. Chanchal asks do you want anything. Didi says what did Simran say. Chanchal gets tensed.

Didi says Simran that her face shows something. She asks from where did you learn saying all this big things.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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