Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Babuji that pig came in their village and spoiled some farms. Tauji says we will kill that animal. Rajveer says we can’t wait till evening but. Babuji says we will catch it, whenever he comes out. Tauji’s son tells that he will sit on the maachan. But Tauji asks him to shut up and says I know your every vein. Tauji asks him not to go anywhere from his eyesight. He says for this work, we need an intelligent man like Rajveer. Buaji calls Simran and address her as Madamji. Simran gets shocked. Buaji says even Rajveer addresses you as Madamji. She asks why Rajveer gave you so much respect and address you Madamji. she asks whether you are from city, or educated. She asks her to tell. Simran is shocked. Simran says there is so many things between husband and wife and everyone should stay away from that. Buaji gets furious and asks her to come to Tauji and says the truth. She takes her forcibly and calls her brother. Simran’s father in law Hoshiyar comes and buaji says she was roaming without her veil and when she asked why Rajveer address you Madamji, she didn’t say anything. Buaji says you have to tell the secret. Babuji says Rajveer went to Singapore and addresses his boss as Madamji, he says even tau knows about it. Buaji says she can’t live without hearing the truth. Simran says she can’t say the truth as it is shameless thing to say. Simran cries and says Rajveer used to address her as Madamji in the room as he feels she is a boss at home. Simran makes excuses to escape her wrath. Babuji says now you the truth, let her go. He asks Simran to go and let Rajveer address you as Madamji. Simran goes to prepare the tea for everyone. Buaji gives a scary look to hoshiyar.

Simran tells jaggy about cooking up the story to save herself. Jaggy praises her wits. Simran tells him to inform this to Rajveer. Jaggy says Rajveer is in the maachaan to trap Pig from the farm. He says he have to take food for Rajveer and asks Simran to give him the tiffin. Simran says it is a romantic opportunity and she can spend time with Rajveer. she tells Jaggy that she will prepare the food for Rajveer and come along with him. She will make him eat food from her hands. Jaggy says ladies don’t go outside, even Rajveer won’t help you this time. She emotionally blackmails him. Tauji’s son listens to their conversation and smiles. Simran asks jaggy to get decorative items, cold drink and other stuff. Jaggy says Rajveer bhai went to kill the pig, not to celebrate his honeymoon. Simran plans to surprise Rajveer. Jaggy hesitantly agrees.

Tau’s son Himmat tells Bua that Simran will be taking food for Rajveer. He plans to tell this to Tau but he don’t know how to trap Rajveer. Buaji bashes him saying he is good for nothing. She says Simran is very clever and her mind works very fast. Buaji tells him something which is muted for us. She laughs asking him to take the pictures of Simran with Rajveer. Himmat smiles. Tua is massaging his father’s leg when Himmat comes and says I need to go out in the night citing important work. Tua says thieves or drunkard works in the night and asks what he is upto. Himmat says it is nothing like that. Buaji interferes and asks him to let him go. Tau says he is seeing her moves. She says nothing changed until now. Tauji asks her not to get involved in decisions pertaining to house.

Buaji tells himmat not to try to know about her past and rather concentrate on work. She says, if you didn’t succeed then don’t show me your face. She continues that if Simran is out then the doors of this house will open for your wife.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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