Maharana Pratap 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with pratap feeling dizzy and then he gets up but yet a bit unconscious and then somehow goes to the horse and removes two leeches from the horse and goes onto the horse and is about to ride it but there is one more leech on the horse on the other side of horse which pratap couldn’t see it. But then basar khan says to himself that pratap got saved by the horse but he won’t get saved by his aim and he would have to die. He then hits another of his arrow on pratap’s hand and this time pratap falls down unconscious and his leg gets stuck in the horse’s paddle. The horse then goes running on his own and pratap gets dragged by the horse till it comes near a valley.

Pratap then falls into the valley after getting rolled from there and he falls into a river

in the valley. Then he drowns into the river. On the other hand, Rani Jaivantabai tells Rana udai singh that Rani Dheerbai is the person who tries to kill pratap. But Udai singh shouts on jaivantabai and he tells her that she is only the person who was trying to make problems in the family and in their relationships. He also tells her that she is misusing her high post and he tells her to go away from the palace as he does not want to see her face again. Then when jaivantabai is going away, a messenger comes and tells Udai singh that pratap has got lost and on listening this, jaivantabai goes immediately from there to find pratap. In the jungle Ibrahim khan comes back with pratap’s horse. Gurudev asks Ibrahim that where is pratap. Ibrahim says that he could not find pratap. Then gurudev asks him that where did he find pratap’s horse. On this Ibrahim says that he found the horse in the jungle which was feeding on grass. Back in the palace udai singh asks the messenger that who were the last people to meet pratap and he goes with a part of his army to find pratap.

Rani Dheerbai gets happy on hearing this news. In the river pratap drowns and reaches in some other world. On the other hand Ibrahim khan sends a pigeon messenger with a letter to shamsher khan that he has completed his task and is waiting for his reward. Back in the palace jaivantabai’s dasi tells her that it is not safe for her to go out in the city. Then jaivantabai goes and starts praying to god continuously. In the river, pratap enters the heaven and searches whether there is anyone or no. He then finds Rana bahadur there and thanks him for saving mewad. But rana bahadur disappears and pratap gets shocked. He then goes ahead and finds dada devidas and devidas(the one whom Chundavat killed) tells him that he should not be there. Then he asks him forgiveness and pratap forgives him. Then even devidas gets disappeared and pratap gets shocked. Then he goes ahead and finds his khandani sword stuck in the ground. When he picks it up , the sword gets disappeared and he falls in the quicksand. Then he goes on drowning and on earth gurudev and jaivantabai are praying hard to god to save pratap. In the heaven, Lord Shankar helps pratap get out of the quicksand. When som and pratap’s other friends find him, som spots pratap in a boat unconscious in the river and he takes pratap back.

Precap: Rana udai singh is doubtful that why such things always happen with pratap and he tells chief Chundavat to make a secret army to keep an eye on all the people and even those who are doubtful of killing pratap and even on Ibrahim khan(Basar khan).

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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