Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran making a plan with jaggi to make Rajveer realize that she is in danger. Someone hears their conversation. Didi asks Simran to cook well and start the work. jaggi calls Himmat and asks him to make him talk to Didi. Himmat gives the phone to Didi. Didi talks to jaggi and Didi is puzzled as she does not know who is calling her. jaggi makes Didi angry. Didi shouts on him. All the women come and help Simran while Didi is away. Didi asks who are you. Hoshiyar asks Himmat for some work. He says come with me as the work is important.

Didi comes back and sees the vegetables cut. Simran acts as if she did it. Didi says you have to do the work alone. Didi wonders how did Simran did this alone. Dadi comes and asks

Didi to come with her. She says come and see Rajveer. Didi asks what happened to him. Dadi takes Didi with her. The women come and help Simran again. Didi comes to see Rajveer and asks Dadi what happened. Dadi says I saw him smiling. Didi gets happy and says really. Didi sits with Rajveer looking at him. jaggi sees Didi with him.

Dadi asks everyone to help Simran fast, as they have very less time. Simran thanks everyone for helping her. Rajveer really smiles and Didi is happy to see him. jaggi also see her. Didi’s mood becomes very good. She says Simran might do anything and its important to go and see her. She says I will be back soon and leaves. jaggi says what happened to Didi now and calls Simran that Didi is coming. Simran tells everyone that Didi is coming. Everyone are shocked. Tau ji stops Didi and makes Didi busy. Didi leaves. Tau ji smiles.

She sees Simran alone in the kitchen. She sees everything prepared and is shocked. She asks Simran how did you do this alone and so soon. Dadi says Simran is a machine, she is working very fast, I m shocked to see her speed. Didi says but how can she do this alone. Dadi says how did you leave Rajveer again. Didi says he really smiles, I saw him by my eyes. Simran is happy that Rajveer is becoming fine. Dadi asks jaggi why should she tell Didi that everyone helped Simran. jaggi says because Simran wants this.

Dadi says think if Rajveer does not recollect anything then who will save Simran from Didi. jaggi says yes, I know but I want Rajveer to get fine. He asks Dadi to go to Didi. Dadi says she won’t leave me as I was on guard. She says let me think. jaggi says I know you will save yourself. Dadi goes to Didi and knocks her door. Dadi starts crying and hugs Didi saying I did a mistake. She says you gave me the responsibility to keep an eye on Simran, but now i heard that my bahus have helped Simran in making food. Didi says but you sat there right, then how did they help her without you seeing them.

Dadi says they helped her sitting behind the kitchen wall. She says forgive me. Didi says I won’t leave Simran now. I will see you later, I will see Simran first. She says I won’t leave you now. Dadi wishes Simran stays fine. Simran talks to Rajveer and asks him to smile for her. She says I m dying to see your smile. Didi comes to Simran and says how dare you. Simran asks what happened, I came here with your permission.

Didi says you cheated me. Simran asks what happened. Didi says I know everything that you took everyone’s help in making food. Didi says Dadi told me everything. Simran says I told jaggi to tell, but Dadi told her, it means she is helping me. Simran says its not true, I did not take anyone’s help. Didi speaks against Simran. Simran makes Didi get angry. Didi and Simran have a heated argument. Didi takes out the knife and Simran is shocked.

Simran says Rajveer save me, Didi is trying to kill me. Didi falls and Simran picks the knife. Didi says don’t kill me, forgive me, what did I do. Rajveer gets up and takes the knife from Simran’s hand. He looks at her. Didi hugs Rajveer and speaks against Simran. Rajveer gets angry on Simran and throws the knife. Didi says congrats, your plan succeeded, Rajveer came in between to save me, not you. He now knows that you are his enemy. Rajveer gives Simran an angry look. Simran leaves being upset. Didi smiles.

Simran cries and comes to her room. She thinks how Rajveer reacted. Chanchal sees Simran crying and thinks what happened. Simran talks to the doctor and says Rajveer reacted. The doctor says his memory is coming back. He asks Simran to be positive and not worry about her image. He says when he comes to know everything, he would be fine. Simran asks what should I do now. The doctor asks Simran to make Rajveer recollect about their Singapore moments. Simran says ok, I will do something. Chanchal is shocked to see Simran speaking english.

Simran and Rajveer get closer in their room dancing on the song Kaisa ye Ishq Hai…….. and Didi is shocked to see Simran in western clothes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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