Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 16th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Priya is trying Nehas call n she doesnt answer! She is worried! Ram comes n tells Priya that her earings are old ..n shows her a new pair..! Priya says they are beautiful..! She starts to remove the old ones and Ram puts the new ones on her! Priya says.. dun think u can do it.. ur hands are shaking! Ram says i will do! Ram tries n ends up tickling Priya..! She says to hurry! Ram struggles some more but finally puts the ear rings on Priya! She thanks him..! Juhi comes and sees Ram backhugging Priya..! She is hurt and walks out of the room! She breaks down in her room! Juhi rues that she was mistaken.. thot Ram loved me.. but he only loves Priya.. m such a fool ..! She rues that love is not meant for me.. how will she get it! Sid comes in the room and asks

for his file! She doesnt reply! Sid comes to her and Juhi breaks down in his arms..! Sid asks whats the matter? Juhi says am tired of proving to everyone..! She says i dun get anything .. except rejection from everyone..! She says all moved on.. Ram with Priya.. i m only lonely ..i dun wanna be lonely! Juhi asks Sid if he will support her? Sid says ofcourse.. am with u..! She hugs him again! Priya asks its done? Ram says just started! Priya says trying Nehas call .. she is not receiving my call .. coz she thinks i m asking about Sammy ..! Priya rues that hope Sammy-Pihu thing may distance Vikram-Neha from us..! Ram suggests to surprise them for dinner! Priya agrees and says no talk of Sammy there! Ram says wont! Priya changes the ear ring saying will wear it on some special occassion!

At China Palace restaurant, Sammy and Suhani are arguing! She says dun act innocent! Sammy asks what did i do? Suhani says.. fooling every girl .. how many girls lives u ruined? Sammy asks dun blame me.. Suhani says telling truth..! When i talked of marriage u din wanna agree .. but now u agreed coz u wanna marry Pihu..! She rues that i should understand that u treat girls as time pass..! Pihu Myra Pari and all arrive at the same restaurant..! They say.. dun chase guys so much or they run off..! So move on! Sammys moby rings. .n he says i love u Suhani..! She says Priya told me that u r marrying Pihu ..! Sammy says.. it was decided by family i turned it down! Suhani says .. stop lying n he screams telling the truth! Pihu overhears n says Sammy is here ..! All say ur imagining! Someone drops something on Pihus arm n she screams.. Sammy hears n says.. heard Pihus voice! Suhani fumes … saying ur sitting with me ..n hearing her voice??

All ask Pihu to go freshen up..! Suhani is crying and Sammy says trust me ..dun cry.. go wash ur face n she too goes to the ladies room ..!

Part 2

Neha is pacing around worried about Sammy! Vikram asks to give some space and time..! Doorbell rings n Neha-Vikram come to talk to Sammy! Neha sees RaYa n starts to blabber that tried but culdnt reach Sammy! She says din come here to talk about that..we are friends so came for dinner! Neha says. .dun lie.. ! Ram says it was my idea.. so ..! Let us come in! Neha-Vikram says come in..!

Pihu enters the washroom n Suhani cries a bit outside before entering ..! At dinner .. Ram is eating chips n Neha says no more.. eat dinner! Neha asks Ram ..tense about Sammy? RaYa say din come for that.. lets have dinner..! They start n Ram asks about Sammy .. Priya elbows him! Ram changes subject..! Priya says din spend time together so came here..tonite..! Ram asks about Vikrams farmhouse case.. and Vikram says will take time .. n Neha says be aggressive..! Ram says lets go for vac .. n Vikram asks when ? Ram says.. after Pihu-Sammy wedding when they go for honeymoon! Neha says.. true..! Priya chides him .. n asks Neha about her trip .. n she cribs about her mom! Ram asks about Sammys room .. ! Priya chides Ram n says.. till u dun find solution of Sammys problem no talk of Sammy-Pihu! Ram agrees! Neha says give notice before coming so i can cook better! Vikram teases her.. ! Ram says lets plan international wedding! Neha fumes and says.. its a problem .. u wanna talk of Sammy n Priya doesnt let u..! Priya fumes …!

Part 3

Sammy is waiting for Suhani to return .. ! He gets up from his table and while walking around .. Pari-Myra spot him! He asks them what they are doing n if they came alone? They say came to hang out n Pihu is there.. in the washroom! In the washroom ..Suhani runs into Pihu n she taunts her about being in a rich restaurant .. n on a date with a richie rich ..who use n dump them..! She says.. rich guys dump girls .. at a snap of a finger! Suhani is stunned! Pihu says not doing it out of concern. .ur my moms servant as in doc.. n u stay with us.. so warning! Suhani is hurt n Pihu says dun tell me i got late warning u … ! Suhani says can tell u the name. .but u cant .. ! Pihu tries to guess n Suhani says his name will hurt .. u…! Pihu is stunned!

Precap — Priya tells about taking only 3 kulfis n Ram asks why? Priya says coz u wont eat! Neha says let him eat! Ram says.. lemme taste Neha made out of love.. so please..! Priya relents!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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