Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi being scared of Simran. Simran says she is a ghost and Didi is shocked. Didi wakes up the whole family. Didi says she has seen Simran. Didi thinks if she tells them about Simran, they will doubt on her and she will have to answer them. She says till I get to know about my son, I should be careful. Didi changes the topic and says maybe some thief came in the house. The guards say no one came in the house. Tau ji asks them to find the thief in the house. Didi is afraid. Baldev says there is no thief. jaggi says yes, there is no one. Didi says I have seen someone. Tau ji says ok, but why did you got so scared seeing a thief, you have faced many criminals in the jail.

Didi says yes, and says now I m old and not like before. She says I m worried about you all. Tau ji says don’t worry about us, go to your room and sleep. He asks everyone to go to the rooms and sleep. Didi asks Himmat to drop her till her room. Himmat says what. She says take me to my room. Himmat asks what happened to you, why are you so afraid. He says tell me, was it a thief, or were you lying. He says your room came, I m leaving now. Didi is afraid to get inside the room. She stops Himmat and says see in my room is there anyone else. Himmat thinks what happened to her that she is so scared.

Himmat comes out shouting. Didi shouts and says what. Himmat says no one is there. Didi gets angry and is about to slap him, then she thinks Himmat might be her son and gives him Rs. 500 for doing her work. Himmat says why, for leaving you to your room. He says I will come to take you in the morning. Didi comes to her room and takes her husband’s ashes. She says I don’t understand whats happening. She says is this true. She says I know it can happen, but Simran was dead, how can she be alive.

Rajveer comes to his room and is shocked to see Simran in the room. She smiles seeing him. She disappears. Rajveer gets upset. He thinks about his moments with Simran. He sees the gift which she brought for him and cries. He says I miss you a lot, I did not know I would cry to this extent, I asked you to go away from me, not from this world. He says my every hope has finished, how can I live without you. Simran cries seeing him. Rajveer thinks he saw her and looks at the door where she stood.

The next morning, jaggi keeps hot water for Didi in the bathroom. She goes to take bath. Didi sees her chant written in the mirror and is shocked. She wipes it and gets afraid. She says whats happening. She says I was afraid, now I m getting more scared.

Tau ji tells Chanchal about Didi’s act yesterday night. Chanchal says I can’t believe it. Dadi says Didi won’t be afraid seeing death too, how will she be afraid of a thief. Didi comes and hears all this. Didi says give me tea. Dadi says Tau ji wants to talk about something, everyone come there. Didi tells Dadi I want to talk to you. She asks Dadi does someone come after death. Dadi says no, its rubbish. Dadi says then how can Simran come back. She thanks the Lord and says it was my imagination. Tau ji says till Daddu was there, I had my strength, now I want to give the responsibility to everyone by sharing it.

He says I don’t want anyone to say that I ruled in this house on my terms. Didi asks him to divide the duties as well as the property. Everyone are shocked. Hoshiyar says no, it will divide everything. Tau ji says no, this can’t happen.

Tau ji says I will do this what they want. He says now the time has changed. We were lucky to be happy and united in difficulties. He says everyone saw what Himmat did, so it would be good that I divide everyone’s share. Hoshiyar says it means you will divide this house. Tau ji says no, only the land, we will be like we always be. Baldev says no need. Tau ji says if anyone tells this again, what will I do then, I will die. Baldev cries. Tau ji says I don’t want anyone to blame anyone, call the lawyer and tell him. Baldev hugs Tau ji. Didi smiles.

Simran talks to Didi and Didi is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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