Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Rajveer and Simran. Tau ji says why did Simran go to the cliff. Chanchal says we won’t get our answers. She says before Rajveer does any mistake again, take care of him, save him. She cries. Tau ji says see Chanchal, I think there is only one way to bring Rajveer out of this. Everyone come and talk to Rajveer asking him to get married again. Rajveer refuses and says Simran is with me. Tau ji says try to understand, everyone has to live his life and everyone needs a life partner, you can’t live life with photos. Rajveer says I left living life. Tau ji says don’t try to give up your life, you don’t have any right to do so.

Tau ji says sometimes we have to live life for others. He says look at your parents, why do you want to punish them, they are sad about Simran, if you also leave them, how will they bear the pain. He says we all love you, don’t you have any duty towards us. He says don’t you think you should keep us happy, you should also give this house a son. Chanchal says I agree that you can’t forget Simran and can’t give anyone her place. She says its hard to forget her, even we love her a lot, as she won our hearts with her love. She says I know wherever Simran is, might be crying seeing you like this.

She says how can you do this. Simran will be happy if you remarry and start your life again. Hoshiyar says Chanchal is right. You will be getting a life partner and Simran’s soul will be happy. Rajveer agrees as says I will do as you say. Everyone are happy. A water pot breaks and everyone are shocked seeing it. Didi comes to jaggi’s room and sees him sleeping. She smiles and says he is my son, yes. He is my son so I feel like a mum seeing him. She thinks he looks like me. She says my heart says its him. jaggi wakes up and is shocked to see Didi in his room.

Didi smiles seeing him and comes to him. jaggi says you, at this time, you came again. She says yes, you woke up again today. He says what did I do, you come to me from three months. She says I m like your mum. He says you ask me the same question daily. He says I told you Tau ji brought me in this house when I was very small, I don’t know anything else. He says let me sleep. Didi says ok, fine sleep. jaggi is shocked to see a scissor in her hand. She cuts the bedsheet’s thread and smiles. He gets scared of her.

Didi leaves from there. Someone is seeing Didi and following her. Didi says now I m sure that jaggi is my son. She says once I get a proof, I will make this property on his name. She plans to make him the king of the house and everyone else her slaves. She hears payal’s sounds and sees a shadow. She goes after the shadow. Didi takes out a knife and checks who is it. She sees no one but hears the sound. She sees some shoes and thinks there she is, but no one is there. She says someone was here, but who. Simran says Lohari…. Didi follows the sound again. She hears Simran’s voice calling Lohari. She asks who is it, who is daring to take my name, come infront of me.

Didi looks around. Didi gets scared seeing the shadows. Simran comes infront of her and Didi is shocked to see her. Didi says no and runs away. She goes to her room and Simran holds her hands. Didi is spellbound seeing her. Didi says this cannot happen, you died. Simran says if you are sure, why are you scared. She says you threw me off the cliff. Didi says yes, but… Simran laughs. Didi says you are my imagination. Simran says no, its really me. Didi says this is not true. Simran says this is true. I came back Lohari for saving this family from you, the time has come to break your pride, I will punish you that everyone will be afraid seeing you. She says the time has come to kill you.

Didi says I won’t be afraid, I killed you. Simran says you are right, you killed me. Simran says even then I came back, as my work was incomplete. Didi asks what. Simran laughs and says to kill you, I made the promise to Daddu. She says Daddu is missing you, go to him. Didi shouts and runs. She comes to the store room and hides. She sees Simran. She is shocked.

Didi asks Tau ji to divide the property equally. Everyone are shocked. Simran talks to Didi and taunts her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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