Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laali talking to Kuldeep and seeing Simran, she acts like she is talking to her dad. Kuldeep laughs and says you are really bad. Laali tells Simran that she was talking to her dad. Simran asks what was she talking. Laali lies and leaves. Simran says why did she lie to me, I heard her telling something. Tai ji thinks of Laali’s words. She feels Laali is right as Tau ji always loves Rajveer and beats Himmat. She cries and thinks to talk to Tau ji. Tai ji comes in the kitchen and sees Laali and Simran cooking.

Laali is unable to cook well and Simran guides her. Tai ji thinks Simran torturing Laali. Tai ji thinks Simran wanted to bring Laali here as she needed a maid, Simran got benefitted by her. Tai ji supports Laali. Laali says its great food, we will cook well together. Tau ji is happy today and thinks of his childhood. He laughs saying he realized his mistake. Dadi blesses him. Tai ji comes to him and says I want something. Tau ji says I m very happy, tell me what you want. She says I want a separate kitchen from Simran and Chanchal.

Tau ji and everyone are shocked. Tau ji says what? Tai ji repeats and says I want to cook by my wish. Tau ji scolds her saying have you gone mad, who is stopping you. Tai ji says no one stopped me, I know I want a separate kitchen. She says give me Rajjo’s kitchen, I will cook there. Dadi asks Tai ji what happened to you. Tau ji says I won’t give you any other kitchen, if you ask for another one, I will stop you from using the old one too. Laali sees this. Dadi asks how did she tell this. Hoshiyar says don’t know what happened, she was fine till morning. Tau ji says go and ask Chanchal and Simran, did they fight with her.

Hoshiyar says fine, I will ask. Laali comes to Tai ji. Tai ji says go from here. She acts sweet and gets her into her words. Tai ji says I will not go out now and be on hunger strike. Laali leaves happily. Hoshiyar asks Chanchal about this. Chanchal is shocked and says I can’t believe this, she did not tell me anything about new kitchen. Simran says yes, nothing happened. Tau ji thinks. Hoshiyar says think again, maybe you said no to her dish. Simran says yes, we were joking what to make, Tai ji told Laali to find Aamchur. Simran thinks about Laali’s words. She asks where is Laali. Laali comes there and says stop Tai ji, she is not listening to me.

Tau ji asks what happened. Laali says Tai ji is on hunger strike, she is saying she won’t eat food till she gets a new kitchen, even if she dies. Tau ji and everyone are shocked. Everyone come. Dadi says Laali you might be mistake, Tai ji won’t do this. Laali says you come and check. She is not talking about anything else, she has sent me out too. Chanchal says I have spent my whole life with her, she won’t do this. Tai ji comes and scolds Chanchal. Everyone are shocked. Tai ji says I will have food if I cook in my kitchen. She says I don’t want to talk about this now.

Simran asks Laali how does she know this. Laali says I made Lassi in the morning. Simran doubts on her. Himmat supports his wife. Simran says we should know. Himmat scolds Simran. Rajveer says Tai ji, be calm first, don’t be angry. Tau ji says what happened. Simran says yes, say did anyone tell you. Rajveer says we can talk, share your problem. Tai ji says you keep quiet Rajveer, now I will who stops me from making Himmat’s fav food.

Chanchal cries and says I don’t care if you make Rajveer’s fav food, I m sorry, you should have told me that time itself. Laali smiles. Chanchal says we would have made what you said. Tai ji says you both saas bahu decide always. Simran gets worried. Tai ji says no one values me and my sons in this house. She says now everyone are not valuing me, its good Laali knew my fear and gave me strength to do all this. Everyone are shocked knowing Laali gave her this idea. Laali gets tensed. Everyone looks at Laali.

Rajveer and Himmat have a fight. Tau ji and everyone stops them. Tau ji slaps Himmat and Rajveer. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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