Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to birju that we don’t go in front of other men without face covered. Birju says how can I hire them with seeing their face.
Mausi ji calls birju and says we want to conduct your interview. People wanna know how you face all the challenges. Our audience wanna see in you. this interview will give benefir to juwala. He goes out to talk on the phone. Roli calls Sid and asks him to come in. Sid and Prem have disguised and ladies with face covered. They come in. Roli tells sid that mausi ji is talking to sid. Roli says stay here we will see around the house stay here. Prem says this is not safe. Khushi says decide something before birju come. Roli and simar run upstairs while prem and sid cover their faces. Khushi asks what did you think about me ? Birju wonders how they look so tall suddenly.
Khushi says why are you staring at them ? Birju says stop it. First I have to ask some questions from them. Khushi says yeah sure. Roli and simar go to the room of baba.
Birju asks what can you both do ? Khushi says they can do all the household. Birju says what can you cook ? Khushi says they can cook so well. He asks their name ? Khushi says one is munji and other.. Birju says let me talk to them.
Khushi says theya are bit shy to talk. Birju says send me your details by tomorrow. Khushi says let me show you their dance.
She turns on the music.
Roli and simar can’t find anything. Roli recalls when juwala came out of the room and she was crying. They go to that room.
Roli tunrs on the music. Sid and prem start dancing on the song, chikni chameli.
Khushi says look birju did you enjoy their dance ? Birju is leaving for the rally.
Roli and simar go closer to the room and suddenly an alarm wails. Birju says who is this in the house ? He starts looking with his men everywhere. He says there is someone in the house.
Prem and sid wanna go up. Sid asks prem to take khushi to home while he will look for roli and simar. Briju wonders where are they ? Suddenly roli strikes with a vase and it breaks. Birju hears it. He is coming there, Roli and simar are so scared. Someone comes and opens the door. Its sid while birju is on the floor. SId has hit him. Sid says lets go home. They run.

Scene 2
Pari and uma are busy with their eggs. while bhagti and jhanvi are busy with their as well.
They get a task that they have to oil massage their babies. Jhanvi says I have seen it in hospital its so easy for me. Bhagt plans on copying him. Jhanvi is oiling the egg and bhagti is copying her.
There uma and pari are busy with theri eggs as well. Bhagti;’s egg slips but jhanvi hold it.

Scene 3
Roli says to simar that we had a narrow escape today. Prem says we have to be careful next time. Simar says what we did was illegal she can hold it against us. Roli says don’t worry no one saw us there.

Scene 4
Juwala is so angry at her men that they didn’t catch them. One says only khushi came here with those ladies. Juwala says give tge cctv footage of all the cameras in the house. Let me see who invited their death by breaking in my house.

Scene 5
Jhanvi is having wonderful timw wjth anurag. Bhagti ia listening to them and ia waiting for Jhanvi to leave. Jhanvi gets a call from simar. Simar asks how are you ? She says good. Simar talks to anurag and advices him to ggo with Jhanvi to the hospital. This infuriates bhagti.

precap- some man has broken in mata ji’s room. All the people come there. He escapes. Mata ji finds that he has fled with the property papers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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