Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer asking the mechanic how did he come. The mechanic says your wife has send me. Rajveer asks how did my wife looked. The mechanic describes her. Rajveer is happy thinking she was Simran. Rajveer describes her further. The mechanic says did it finish. Rajveer asks where is she now. The mechanic says she is at my shop. Rajveer says fine. The mechanic repairs the jeep. Tau ji asks Dadi what Didi saying. He says I don’t know anything. Didi says don’t pretend infront of me, your face shows you are lying. Tau ji says I don’t know anything. he says your son was born dead.

She says did Daddu lie to me. Tau ji says I don’t know what Daddu told you, if he said, he would have known the truth. He says now Daddu is not in this world, so that truth went with him. Didi cries and says lie to me. She says I m your sister, I m equally adamant like you. She asks Hoshiyar who is her son and says I will find it out doing anything. Didi leaves. Dadi cries. Tau ji says its strange, how did Daddu tell her about her son.

Rajveer comes to the mechanic’s shop and looks out for Simran. He asks the mechanic where she if. the mechanic says she was right here. Rajveer says where is she now. The mechanic says I don’t know anything, give me my pay. Rajveer pays him and leaves from his shop. Didi is in her room chanting her old mantra. She sees a blank document on which she took Daddu’s thumb impression. She says I have taken away everything from him, but he did not tell me about her son.

She says it will take some time to find out. She says when I get my son, I will give this paper to him and he will be the owner of all this property. She says I will bring everyone on the road. She says I can’t wait for the moment when all of them cry infront of me, I will get peace seeing that. She says I will get true peace when everyone dies. Then my revenge will be fulfilled. She says they have taken away you and my son.

Rajveer is driving somewhere thinking about Simran. He says why does I feel Simran is with me. He says who went to call the mechanic. He says was it she? He shouts Simran ji, come to me if you are close to me, why are you making me wait like this. He comes to a cliff where Simran died and thinks about his first meeting with Simran. He thinks about his moments with Simran. Kaisa ye ishq hai….. plays….

He thinks of Simran’s death and cries. He says when you were with me, I ran away from you and now when you are not with me, I want to come to you. He cries and says I don’t have any hope now. Someone is watching him. He says what should I do, you have not left any way for me. He says I will prove it to you that I won’t live without you, I love you more than you thought. He says Simran I love you a lot that I can’t bear to be away from you. He says I will make our love immortal. He jumps down the cliff in the water.

Rajveer is shown under the water. He closes his eyes. Someone holds his hands and pull him out. Its a woman who pumps the water out of his mouth and leaves. Hoshiyar and jaggi come to the spot and looks out for Rajveer. Hoshiyar says why did Rajveer come here. jaggi says someone called me and informed that Rajveer fell in the water. jaggi says someone said she has saved Rajveer and he is near the lake. Hoshiyar says this is the same spot where Simran died. they try to find Rajveer. jaggi sees Rajveer lying and calls Hoshiyar. Rajveer is on the other side of the cliff.

jaggi and Hoshiyar go to Rajveer and try to wake him up. Hoshiyar gets worried. Rajveer opens his eyes and sees Hoshiyar. Hoshiyar asks how did you come here, who was that girl who saved your life. jaggi says we will talk to him at home, first lets take him. They take him to home. Everyone at home are talking about Rajveer. Tau ji says thanks to the girl who informed us about Rajveer. He says else anything could have happened. Chanchal says it can happen again, Rajveer is unable to come out of Simran’s death. Tau ji is shocked.

Didi sees Simran and is shocked. She runs and Simran holds her hand and says Lohari..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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