Ek Boond Ishq 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 12th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with an angry Tara, who feels cheated. She feels that MJ brought her purposefully away from home to do the same he was accused for with another girl.

She said, he used her trust, their friendship to succeed with his cruel intentions. She makes her point clear, by slapping him and then giving him a piece of her mind.

She said that now its her turn to play games. He has now messed with Tara and not some innocent defend-less girl. She said that she will make him regret his actions.

MJ just looked at her while she said all the harsh words. Later he said, I did what I found to be correct and you make do the same.

Tara said, while MJ was leaving, that “Life mein Dukh dene waale ko Dugna Dukh nahi diya to kya kiya”.

MJ left, and while driving all the memories with Tara came to his mind, starting from his marriage, his behavior with him, her talks about her devil husband, and this last confession.

With a heavy heart he goes home.

At the mansion, Baba had come and all are very pleased. He teases Mitthi about Adi and later ask for MJ.

MJ comes, shocking Nirmala and Rudra. Baba asks him about the wound on his heard. MJ just throws himself in his Baba’s arms, crying. Baba pats him and says he missed him too. He asks if he is alright.

From behind Tara comes and says that if your elder Bahu is there, will your son have any problem. This shocks MJ and the other two devils also.

Jayraj ask a troubled Nirmala if she is ok. Nirmala says that she was just thinking about his birthday tomorrow. The discussions goes to how they will celebrate his birthday.

They all go for Breakfast, where Tara taunts MJ, before proceeding to the table.

The scene shifts to Nandu looking at Adi’s pic and remembering the time in the boat. Yug comes with flowers and praises her beauty. His eyes falls on the picture of Adi lying on the floor. He asks Nandu who he is.

Kalavati is shown talking to someone over phone about dismissing an ACP from his services, saying that he couldn’t do one thing she asked properly. Kalavati pens down MJ names with her pen, and after writing something the nib bends. She hatches some plan for destroying MJ’s life.

Tara is shown with Mitthi. The latter seems to be scared about some plan of Tara’s, saying that it has never happened before in this house. Tara on being asked why she is doing says that because it is the right thing to do.

MJ in the evening is with his horse, he remembers Tara’s warnings.

In the dinner table, Baba asks Tara to distribute the gifts he had brought. Tara gives everyone. Later she gives MJ his gift, after he enters the house, with a warning note from her, saying that tomorrow will be the day when he will experience Her first attack.

Update Credit to: Mithuz

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