Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi and Dadi scolding Chanchal infront of Simran. Chanchal is afraid of them and leaves with Rajveer. Didi asks Himmat to come with him and tells Dadi to take care of Simran. Dadi acts infront of Didi and says I will punish her if she does something clever. Didi leaves with Himmat to go to the mandir. jaggi calls everyone to help Simran in the work. Chanchal, Tai ji and Rano also help Simran along with others. Simran is happy to see them. Dadi says now don’t worry, they will help you. Simran says if Didi comes to know about this, she will not allow me to Rajveer.

Dadi says I know what to do and calm her down. Dadi smiles and says I have asked jaggi to guard, he will inform us when Didi comes back. Simran

says I don’t want any help, I m doing this for Rajveer. Chanchal says she is right. Dadi supports Simran and asks her to understand why is Didi doing this. She says she wants you to get tired and not spend time with Rajveer. She says if you want to help Rajveer, you have to take our help. Tai ji says we all care for him, we are doing this for him. Simran agrees.

Simran says I m ready to take your help, but I will also work. All of them start working and clean the room. Baar Baar Haan……. Chale Chalo……….. plays…………. jaggi is guarding outside the house. He sees Didi and Himmat back. Himmat asks why were you in hurry. Didi says I don’t trust anyone in this house, who knows they are helping Simran in cleaning the room. Himmat says if they helped her then. Didi says then I will see Simran and punish others too. jaggi hears all this. jaggi does cuckoo koo and Dadi understands that jaggi is doing this.

She says fasten up, lets go from here, Didi is back. Everyone gets worried and run from there. Simran says I m worried that Didi won’t allow to meet Rajveer. Didi and Himmat come to the room. They open the room and are shocked. They see the room very much clean and tidy. They see Simran sitting. Simran says I finished now. Himmat says she has done a good work. Didi calls Dadi. Dadi asks did you go to pandit, did he bless you. Didi says yes, but what about Simran, how did she do all this.

Didi asks how did she clean the room so soon, and that too alone, without anyone help, did anyone help her. Dadi says no, I was here, no one came. I m sitting here after you went. Simran did all this. Didi says no, if the Lord tells me this, I won’t believe it, this work was to take lots of time. Simran says yes, but I did. She says I cleaned the room alone. She says shall I make tea for you. Didi says I don’t want, you work. Simran says I finished, I want to be with Rajveer now. Dadi says you have to permit her, no other way out. Didi agrees and everyone are happy.

Didi says come with me, I will take you to Rajveer. Simran is happy and goes with her. Everyone smile. Simran comes to Rajveer. She smiles seeing him. Didi stops Simran and says stay here till I say. Didi goes to Rajveer and says look son, I brought this taweez for you. She makes him wear it. She saays you will be fine wearing it, then you will talk to me. Didi says now I will leave you with Simran for some time, take care, don’t come in her talk.

Rajveer looks on. Didi says I will go now. She looks at Simran angrily and says look at the time, come out of the room after one hour, then be ready for another work. Simran is happy and comes to Rajveer. Simran takes out her laptop and shows him some photos. She tries to make him recollect. Didi is thinking what might be Simran doing with Rajveer, Dadi and jaggi are keeping an eye on her. Dadi comes to Didi and says I thought you will be free, apply some oil on my head.

Didi says the time is not passing by. Didi asks Dadi to stop talking and is worried. Simran asks Rajveer to recollect her and their marriage. Rajveer does not respond. The one hour passes and Didi comes back. Simran is tesned seeing her as she is sitting with the laptop.

Didi takes Simran away from Rajveer. Rajveer says Simran. Simran smiles while Didi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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