Jee Le Zara 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 12th December 2013 Written Update

Ajji and Nani decide to go for a walk and ask DV to join them, but he makes an excuse of having tired feet due to drivingLOL

Sanchi is about to leave for office when DV comes to her room asking for his kiss in ghumaoing manner, and Sanchi keeps asking him to leave. Sanchi says she is in no mood of kiss and all and DV says oh he likes that she was thinking about kiss, but he was talking of case whose date is after 2 weeks. ROFL he then says that Sanchi has become naughty thinking of kiss. Sanchi tries to change the topic, but DV comes closer and asks if she is ready for kiss. Sanchi closes her eyes and gives an expression which makes DV say if she is going to a dentist LOL. Sanchi pretends to be angry and walks away saying she is not expert in all this. DV pulls her towards him,

while Hum Tum plays in the background. They are about to kiss when DV’s phone rings.

DV rushes out and finds Ankita there. He is shocked to see her there, while she comes and hugs him while Sanchi watches them. Ankita tells him that she has come here for him only. DV asks her where will she live and Ankita says, with him as she has come here for him only. DV is shocked and sees Sanchi watching them and glaring at him. Ankita says hi to her and says that its all thanks to her that she has come here. Sanchi invites her inside the house while DV tries to take her away. While inside, Ankita keeps making all sorts of plans for having a fun time with DV while holding his hand and just then Nani and Ajji come there and sees them. They too get confused and ask about her. Sanchi introduces them. Nani asks if she is Prachi’s friend, but Sanchi says she is DV’s friends. Ankita says she is not just his friend, but closest friend, and goes on telling them about how much she knows about him. Sanchi tells that she only invited her here, and Ankita says she is glad she did, as she was missing DV. Nani comments to Sanchi about her short dress, but Sanchi asks her to be open minded and go and have breakfast with her. Nani asks her about her dress and Ankita says that DV gifted her. Just then Dilz come and during introduction Dilz also get confused regarding her. Ankita starts eating from DV’s plate and even feeding him which makes everyone upset. Sanchi brings plum cake made by Dilz and Ankita forcefully feeds that also to her and Sanchi also gets a little upset.

Prachi and Sunil are having an argument about keeping in touch with her family, but Sunil says that if he and his mom have said no, then she should not keep in touch with them as they have to live in a society.

Sanchi is tensed and upset when Dilz comes there asking why DV has not told Ankita about her, and Sanchi says, she comes later, he has not told even his parents. Dilz says but Ankita is behaving as if she is DV’s top priority, but Sanchi’s says it’s DV’s fault that he gave her this right and place. DV comes there and he and Sanchi again have an argument. Sanchi asks why he has not talked to his family yet, DV says he didn’t get a chance. Sanchi asks if he didn’t get a chance even in party and when DV says no, she says then that probably means that this has no importance for him.

Precap: Sanchi telling DV how important he is for her and what he means to her Day Dreaming

Update Credit to: Bournville

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