Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran sitting alone, and Khanna comes to her. He tells her that he has booked the tickets, and they will be leaving tomorrow. Khanna explains her that he is not a fool to send her there. He says you both are not made for each other. He asks her to accept it. Dimpy comes and says someone came from Ranakpur to meet you. Its Rajveer’s dad. He greets them saying he is Rajveer’s dad. Khanna and Simran are shocked. He says his name is Hoshiyar Singh Sanghwaan. He says Jaggi told him everything and he came to know that Simran came to meet Rajveer. He says he also heard that Rajveer fell in love with some girl in Singapore.

Khanna says he is saying no because of his family. He says he wants Rajveer to get married to Simran.

He gives some hope to Simran. He says Rajveer loves you a lot. Khanna says he does not want it, His dad says he wishes the same, so I came to meet you. Simran says uncle, I felt the same that her life will be good if she gets Rajveer, but she now know that she is thinking wrong. Rajveer is because of his family, and if I take him away from his family, it will be like I m taking his life. She says I don’t want to break their hearts and make my life. She says Rajveer’s love is for his family. He should not stay far from his family. She apologizes to him. Rajveer’s dad blesses her and says now I understood why Rajveer fell in love with you. He says Rajveer’s life will be better if he marries you.
He says its his bad luck. He greets them and leaves. Simran hugs her dad. Khanna says he is
proud of Simran.

Scene shifts to Tau ji:

Tau ji is preparing for the marriage. Rajveer’s mum keeps jewellery for Rajveer’s wife. His sister asks for the jewellery. Rajveer comes and she tells Rajveer that everyone are united in welcoming your bride. Jhumri asks did you meet the one who came from Singapore to meet you. Baldev says they came to the house. Tau ji asks Rajveer to say something. His dad comes and tells a good person makes a place everywhere.
Everyone agree, and smile. He says its good that you have sent them back. Tau ji agrees and announces that to forget Singapore. Rajveer looks at his dad.

Scene shifts to Simran:

Simran sees Rajveer’s photos in a photo album and thinks of him. She cries looking at the photos. Dimpy comes to her and asks what is this. You have decided that you will forget Rajveer, why are you looking back. Simran cries saying she wants Rajveer to be happy. Simran asks do you know who is that girl. Dimpy says she is from a rich family. Simran asks her name, Dimpy says Urmila. Simran says thats a nice name, she says she wants to meet that lucky girl. Dimpy says why are you going backwards, think about your future. Simran is still thinking about Urmila and Rajveer.
Khanna looks for Simran and does not find her anywhere. Dimpy and her parents also look for her, Dimpy says did she go to meet Rajveer. Khanna says she will not go again.

Scene shifts to Simran:

Simran goes to meet Urmila, and meet those guys she met on the way last time. She says she was going from here and she thought to thank them. She meets Urmila’s family. She says the house is decorated, why so. The guys say its our sister’s marriage. Simran says can I meet her. They allow her. The guy and Urmila are discussing about them, and Urmila tells Om that she cannot live without him. She says I will die but not marry anyone else. Simran hears this.

Simran hears their conversation. Om says we cannot run, it is not practical, your brothers will not leave my family. Suddenly, something falls. They see Simran, and she runs away. The brothers come and asks how is our sister. Simran says she is very good. They invite her in the marriage and give her the wedding card. They tell her that their Jija ji is Rajveer Singh Sangwaan. They show her his photo. Simran is shocked.

Simran tells Khanna to help out Urmila and Om, and help them in running away.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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