Amita Ka Amit 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 10th June 2013 Written Update

Amit and Amita come to Kanha ji’s temple to seek his blessings. A lady is distributing sweets to everyone in the temple. Ammu recognizes her as Kalpana kaki and they exchange pleasantries. She greets Amit as well. She shares the good news with her that she has re-opened her sweet shop. She has sent the invite to Hemant bhai but they too have to come. Ammu sweetly accepts and commends her on her spirit. Kalpana kaki blesses them both and leaves.

Ammu looks at her and tells her story to Amit. She too used to have a sweet shop like papa and her pedas were very famous. One day the gas cylinder burst in the shop burning it down. Ganesh kaka died in the accident. Since then she and her 15 year old son has been making pedas and selling them here outside the temple. Its been 5 years but her hard work and efforts have paid off now. My papa too says that hard work eventually pays off. Koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti (the one who never gives up surely wins).
Amit too smiles understanding the wisdom of Ammu’s words. Kanha ji showed me the way. She wonders how. He shares just like your kaki. If she can work at it for 5 long years then why cant I? I wont give up. They both smile at each other and fold their hands in prayer.

Amit prays Kanha ji, give me strength so that I do more hard work so as to work in the company yet again making my dad proud of me. Ammu looks at Amit and then at Kanha. She says Kanha ji you have always helped me. This time help my Amit as well. I want to see his dad looking at him with pride again. I always want to see him smile. Amit is done with his prayers and looks at Amita.

Both are back home (Shah House). Fallu asks them about their whereabouts worriedly. Amit tells her to relax. They had gone to Kanha ji’s temple to pray. We have got Prasad for everyone. Kirath nods his head indicating his carelessness. Tina too fakes concern. Amit apologizes to her.
Rohan rubs salt to his wounds. I understand now that Kaka has made me CEO it would be tough for you to accept it but what can I do in this? Amit feels hurt but smiles. You are my brother after all. There is no point in feeling sad about it. Have Prasad. Amita, Fallu and all of them smile.

Ammu is heading to her room when she overhears Tina and Rohan speaking. They both are hinting at holding up his position in the company WISELY. Ammu feels something fishy as they keep on stressing the word wise.

Ammu comes to her room worried. She recalls how Amit was asking papa ji for some time to find out how this happened but papa ji had denied straight away. Wise Investments have taken over their clients already what now? She comes to Amit and shares her doubts. Who would mislead our clients? They were your clients and were happy with you then how come this happened?
Amit dismisses her doubts. I don’t know what how and why but all I know is that there is no point discussing all this now. She tries to speak sense but he bids her goodnight and goes to get his pillows.

Amit notices her lost. He reminds her that they had brought chikki for her family. They should go tomorrow to give it. Ammu becomes happy. They decide to go early morning. Right then Amit’s phone rings. Ammu notices it to be an ISD Call. Amit gets tensed takes his phone and goes in the bathroom leaving her wondering about the call.

Meanwhile Ammu calls her mother telling them about their coming tomorrow morning. She gets equally excited thinking what all to make for Amit Kumar. Ammu decides to make her talk to Amit himself. But she notices him looking worried and tells her mother that Amit is on call with someone. Make aamras and whatever else you wish to make. He would love it. They disconnect the call.

Ammu comes to him. He apologizes to her for he wont be able to go Patel House with her next morning. She lightens his mood. Its ok its office work after all. He wont be making an excuse to go off to meet someone secretly. He gets tensed and gulps. She leaves smiling. Amit looks worried.

Next morning, Amita comes to Patel House. She hugs everyone and smiles. Dada ji asks about Amit Kumar. She shares that he was worried about something related to office. Hemant notices her upset. He shares about Kalpana kaki’s shop. He takes her inside on the pretext of showing her the card.
He asks her if she had a fight with Amit. She denies. Rohan has been made the new CEO. Hemant is surprised. She rues that she doesn’t know but there is something fishy for sure. I will find it out. He trusts everyone blindly and thinks that everyone is like him. But I have heard Tina kaki, Rohan & Ria speaking. They were stressing about doing things WISELY. Our clients have gone to work with Wise Investments only.
He tells her to be careful for they cannot point finger at someone without any proof. She nods understanding. Even if I find proof and show him he wont believe me. He trusts everyone and thinks them to be naive like him. That is why people misuse him. But I wont let anyone misuse my hubby anymore.
Varsha enters and feeds her aamras. Ammu tells her that she cannot have it right now as she had breakfast already. You can pack it for me though. She shares she has to leave right now. She gestures Hemant who nods back understanding her intentions.

Ammu comes to meet Amit at the office. She asks about him at the reception. The receptionist tells her that he hasn’t come till now. Ammu wonders. He said he had some important work then why he isn’t here.


Ammu asks for spoons & bowls. She gets aamras for all the employees who thank her profusely. Amit enters just then. He tells everyone to get back to work. They diligently get back to their seats and computers.

Ammu tells him to have aamras but he walks in declining it. She follows him in his cabin. She asks him about his coming to office now. He thinks and then makes up an excuse. I had gone to Parel to meet my travel agent for some work.
Kirath enters (having aamras). He tells Amit to check the clients’ file kept in his office and in Rohan’s too. Since some times the accounts are showing excess expenses, check them too. Amit nods. Kirath compliments Ammu for the aamras before leaving for his cabin.

Ammu insists Amit to have one spoon of aamras and ends dropping it on his important documents. He looks at her angrily and leaves. She ends up writing them again. She notices some error in the calculations, gets the calculator and finds out that the Rate of Interest (ROI) has been put higher (12%) though it was to be taken as 8%. She does the whole calculation again. She wonders if Rohan is behind all this. She decides to tell Amit.


Amit comes back with some papers. She tries to show him the papers but he doesn’t pay heed to her. Account department handles it well.
She gets up and puts the paper and calculator in front of him to check. When he too realises the mistake he calls Rohan in his cabin. He shows the ROI difference to ROhan. He looks at Amita and understands that somehow she is behind it. He calls his accountant and shouts at him for his negligence. Prepare this again by today evening. The poor chap leaves nodding his head.
Kirath comes to Amit’s cabin hearing the noise. He asks about the reason. Amit shares that there was some fault in the calculation. Amita found it. Rohan immediately looks at her unhappily. Kirath compliments Ammu. She shares that she had got 92% in Accounts plus has done something in discount sales too. She can find faults like this. This doesn’t go down well with Rohan but Kirath tells her to come to office on and off. Amit and Amita smile looking at each other.


Update Credit to: pooja

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