Kaisa yeah isq hai , Episode – 28 & 29 , Gear Up

NOTE :- I’m extremely sorry friends actually the ongoing storyline was making me a little bored and my fingers could not type it with great enthusiasm . In that case I didn’t want you all to get bored and loose the charm of story .
So I’ve decided to gear up the plot for Episodes 28 and 29 in short in order to finish that lagging story part ASAP .
And if you didn’t liked it I’m sorry . Actually I want to write with my heart and mind , And unless any good plot is going I can’t go on like that .
Please bear with me so that next Episodes would be super fun & thrilling and intriguing .

Hope you all would enjoy .Here I go …( As I got so many requests to untie avneil as early as possible ) 💖💖💖


EPISODE – 28 , Truth behind history

AS you’ve seen by till now , Neil gets tipsy on being given alcohol by k.k without Neil’s notice , He longs to have a word with Avni to know about her plans but she’s seen no where .
The party’s ended and Kk is seeing off the guests .While shweta on being forced by Neil had gone out finding Alia in all possible ways Just to make him ready go home .

Avni meets daksh after 15 years and he tells her to sign on some papers if she wants her mother to he set free on being asked about what these papers are about Daksh asks her to come with him .

Neil finds Avni sitting into the car and runs behind the fast moving vehicle . He falls down and faints .

Shweta , K.k and others picks him up and takes him inside whereas , Neela comes in roaring “ Neil – Neil ”

There , Avni is dropped at a villa ‘ DAKSH MANSION ‘ where she sees her mother unconscious in terrible state .When she runs to touch her after so many years , VIDYUT comes blocking her way .

He tells her that he has been missing her since many days , After she had escaped his capture . He is astonished to see how a girl who was so timid years ago now had become so strong and brave . He calls her bold and beautiful . To this Avni gets infuriated and asks him what do they want from her .

Then , Daksh tells her to chill and sit down on chair which was placed adjacent to table , Over the other side of which Naina was sitting .

Vidyut tells that they both are brothers and it was all their plan . Avni says that their stupid mind created a a lot of mess in her life and to that Daksh replies it’s none of his business because he’s a businessman and wherever he’ll have profit he’ll go there .

Naina is fainted and unconscious , She couldn’t see or move but hardly she could hear everything going on .

Daksh keeps a couple of pages over the table and hands over a pen into her hands .

Avni holds it and turns the pages over , She finds the papers to empty white . She’s amazed .

Vidyut tells her that either she has to sign those papers or he’ll never release her and her mother .

Thinking that she had got her mother after a long she nods her head and continues to sign them .

Slowly and shivering she’s bringing the pen to sheets , That Naina began moving and magically she holds AVNI’S hand .But is still unconscious .

Naina murmurs faintly “ No ! No don’t do it avni , it’s a trick and nothing else , No ”

Right there avni halts .

ON THE OTHER HAND , Neil is operated by doctors who says that he’ll get up after some time as as usual his childhood mental illness has affected him and also the alcohol .

Neela rushes in and is amazed to see Neil in that situation . Being told by others she waits until he wakes up .
Shweta asks her why she’s so nervous and tensed but she replies with not a suitable answer .

Shweta gets tensed and panicked and goes to temple ( at home only ) and prays for her son . While prakash soothes Neela .

After some hard time of silence , Prakash exclaims that Neil is becoming conscious and opening his eyes . Before anyone could get to him , Neela goes and sat beside asking where’s Ahiana as she’s not there in the prison as Neil promised .

To this the whole family startles , Prakash asks what is she talking about .

Neil asks “ Ahiana isn’t there , In the party ( with a pause ) ” “ She should have been there ? ”

Neela “ At the party ? But how you promised that she would not be there ”

Neil “ She escaped ! ” he’s apprehensive

Neela raised her voice filled with grief “ Why Neil ! Why this didn’t happened something good . God knows where she would be ! ”

Prakash “ Ahiana you guys are talking about that girl who lives with you neela Ji , Party , Jail ” “ What’s fishy here ? ”

Neela “ I can’t say anything , I’m nerved ”

While Prakash tries seeking answers from Neela , Neil holds his head tight with fingers and tries reminisce the past episode . In his imagination he could see Avni talking to some men , And just a glance of her getting into the car .

Prakash “ Neela Ji please tell us we’re more than your family . ”

Neil suddenly announces “ Alia got into the car ; I saw her crying ” mutters faintly with turbulence

Both Prakash and Neela gazes at him .

Neela ” Where did Ahiana go ? She was crying ! Sitting in the car ? Neil what did you saw ? ”

Neil “ I don’t know anything Neela aunty ! My head’s spinning around I can’t think clearly ”

Prakash “ Neil ….son what’s going on over here She isn’t telling anything , Why aren’t you even ! ” “ You’re talking about Alia …Ahiana ….alia that singer …party …means Ahiana is alia ’’

Shweta overhears this and from her hands the plate meant for pooja falls down .

She shouts “ What ! Ahiana …that girl is Alia ”
“ What am I hearing Neil …Prakash Ji ”

Neela is stupefied .

Prakash “ Would you both clear what’s going on here ! ” “ Please I’m getting confused ”

Shweta “ Me too there’s something going on between you and Neela Ji ”

Shweta “ Neela Ji we’re family don’t you trust us . Please share your pains with us ”

Over other side , Avni demands from both men to tell her history and elaborate the text hidden behind these lines and says she’ll not sign until this will happen .

Daksh says if she has that power and strength to hear the story then he’s ready to explain. She agrees . Vidyut gives a proposal that since it’s Nainas & Avni story then Naina only should narrate it .

Vidyut brings a glass of icy cool water and splashes over her face harshly . Naina buzzes some unclear alphabets from her vibrating lips .

Avni shouts “ Ma !!! ” Stood up and clears her face with a cloth . “ Ma ! Please tell me everything I want to know ,Please Ma ! ”

Naina slowly opens up her eyes and sees her daughter whose voice she hadn’t heard as she grew from a kid to an adult .

Avni requests a lot to her to tell her everything . Finally , Naina speaks up . She says that she shouldn’t not sign these papers . These Daksh and Vidyut are not less than monsters.
She’d been living with him since many years and she knows him very well now . He’s heartless. He doesn’t have a heart instead there’s a stone in his body . He loves money and nothing else .

Years ago he killed her grandmother when she got to know his truth and a didn’t gave him the business share . He shot his own sister .
He and his more like brother Vidyut runs a brothel .
Vidyut lives away so that no body gets to know that they’re brothers .
Daksh wants to be powerful so that no body could point him . The reason why he came into politics .

Avni is shattered , She thinks that she told her everything but not why he’d captured her and herself .

Daksh says that he’ll continue with this story as he’s enjoying this storytelling and seeing his two enemies crying .

He tells that day in the history when his sister ,Avni’s grandfather got to know about his evil plans and even that he’s the only one who’d killed her son she slapped him hardly . His hurted his ego . She called police and decided to cut off his name from each every thing that belongs to her – Business , Property , Land , Etc . She orders him to get out of the house .
When she got to know that he is also having his hands involved in some illegal works she told him she’ll kill him with her own hands or else , He’ll ruin everything . He’ll be destroying everyone’s life . She took out the gun and pointed at his forehead .

This all was happening against Nainas eyes and she couldn’t believe all this happening .

So she tried stopping her , Daksh got totally infuriated and filled with agony he holds Naina and slaps her .

Tells her ( grandmother ) that he’ll sell her as well as her daughter and earn some money . No one could ever stop him . He says that he’d do anything and everything for money .

Then , AVNI’S grandmother shots with pistol . But the shot gets missed . Daksh says that he couldn’t believe that his sister will kill him and says before she does he’ll . So he drags her and throws her onto floor and shoots her with same gun . She dies on the spot .

A couple of days later when he opens the locker of the cupboard and takes out the land and property papers , He finds that they all are in the name of Ahils ( AVNI’S father ) and Nainas child , Avni . Until the child’s 20 and signs the document no one can claim the property .

But Daksh has to complete his task . He , Very cunningly had wrapped the gun ,Before shooting her so that not his but hers fingerprints gets over the pistol .

He claimed that jhanvi ( grandmother) had killed herself and had left suicide not giving her will to Daksh chadha .

After having heard the conversation , Avni , Filled with anger bangs over the table and stood up . She snatches away fastly a gun from one of the guy and points towards him .

Avni “ You didn’t did right ! Just for those papers you destroyed my whole family . You killed my father You’re a wreck on this earth. And the thing left incomplete by my Granny will be completed today ”

Neil’s POV ….

Neela “ Yes Alia is Ahiana only ” She tells shweta and Prakash .Neela tells that Daksh chadha had kidnapped her mother . Her real mother .For reasons I don’t know . She said she’ll meet today party and will fight against him to protect her mother .

Shweta “ what Daksh chadha ? The minister ! But what relations did he had with her ”

Prakash “ He’d kidnapped her mother ! I can’t understand this a bit ! ”

Neil “ But I know why ? ”

Neela gets shock and urges to know if he knows everything .

Neil says that he found that Vidyut and Daksh had some relation between them . Vidyut runs a bar and brother in London . He’d would have kidnapped Ahiana and her mother . He’d have kept her mother under capture here and forced Ahiana to work for them against her wishes there .

Prakash “ Yes yes …now could I understand something . Bits and bits are coming closer ” “ I really feel pity on that girl who’d lives a miserable life without her family ”

Neela thinks that Neil knows but knows only half of story when he’ll get to know whole what’ll happen to all of them . what she’d gone through can’t be thought or dreamt of . But I know now he’ll help her out .

Prakash “ Neil then you should go and help her. She needs you more this moment ”

Shweta stood quite lost in some memories

Prakash “ I’m nerved to think in what condition she’d be . Also it’s too dark now ”

Prakash exclaims in fear that he should take his team out on a search for her .

Shweta to that adds that he’s yet not recovered . He needs to have some rest . Why’ll he go to those dangerous men for that depraved lady . That’s what was there in her fortune .

Neela gets hurted and says though she’s not her real daughter , The day she met her , Her good values and character attracted her to her and now she loves her more than her own daughter .

Prakash shouts and tells her to keep quiet as she’s talking illogical .

During this tiff bebe who’s Neil’s grandmother comes out from another room . She’s seated over a wheelchair .

Prakash “ Bebe you should have rest just yesterday you were discharged out of hospital ”

Bebe “ No Sunny ” “ I’ve heard everything ” “ Neil just go it’s what your duty is ! ”

Shweta “ But bebe ! ”

Bebe “ Shut your mouth close shweta ! ” “ Aren’t you a human ! Just think if it was your daughter caught by them and abducted ! What’d you then be having feeling like ” “ Wouldn’t your heart come into your mouth ? ”

Bebe “ Neil you ought to go ”

Neela pressing her hands together “ Neil please go and get her to me , She’s fighting off alone to save her mother and now you gotta save her ”

Neil touches her fathers feet , Then moms and then Granny s .

He comes to Neela and touches her feet looking at her eyes he says that “ You don’t know if she’s adamant then I’m too . I’m also resolute I’ll get her to you safely ”

Shweta goes in her room and is jolted . She bounces over bed and thinks “ Daksh chadha ! I think as if there’s something I know about him . Something as if I’ve seen this person somewhere . But why I do think that he and we are in some common ”

“ God forbid what if that girl got killed . oh noo. I just can’t think how would she had been living there without her mother within those cruel people .
Everybody thinks I’m very mean but no I do have a heart . I wish she’s saved ”


Daksh “ What do you think of yourself ! You’ll kill me , Haaaa ! It’s a bad joke ”

Vidyut “ Bhai sahib let her try once , See her hands are trembling let’s see how good enough she’s ”

Avni “ I’m not a coward , I can shoot , Don’t underrate me ”

Vidyut moves his eyes and person from behind comes and hits over her head with thick rod and she falls down .

Naina shouts “ Avni …” And another man injects her chloroform .

Her voice slowly faints .

Daksh “ Eh ! There’s a a lot of trash over the floor put it in the bin ”


Neil sitting inside car and ordering dd “ Dd we’ve to be very careful they should not get to know that police is chasing them ”

Neil “ I see why Vidyut came here , Our information about Daksh having some link to him came out to be true ”

Dd “ Sir other officers are coming from another side we’ll trap them from four corners ”

Neil “ Hurry each and Every minute is crucial here ”

GEAR UP , EPISODE -29 , Fighting with fire


AVNI being dragged by people is throwned into a dark room and so her mother . The door is shut close and locked from outside .

Daksh and Vidyut on sofas and they’re talking about how they can make her ready to sign those papers as some foreign party is all ready to invest in their business and open a new franchise of pub and get the house reconstructed into bar .

Their Neil is on his way to reach . Avni becomes conscious and gain some power she gets up and sees Naina gaining consciousness she helps her getting up and looks into her tried dried eyes .

Naina asks her to go away from here any way and save her life . She tells that she’d break many traps then what’s this one . She’ll break this one also and she’ll save her .

Naina asks her that she’d have been living a difficult life but she says that nothing bothered her much because she was fighting with all odds in order to save her mother . Her mission was giving her strength all through .

Avni asks why would she just not sign those papers and give then what they want and live life freely. Naina tells that they’ve evil plans of break this house into fragments and covert into another hell . A place where her daughter has been living in . She doesn’t wants that the house which should be of Avni , Should actually be a place where girls are sold and they die .

Avni promises that she’ll not let this happen ever .

Avni says that she could never sleep peacefully in past years everyday those whips which used to be smashed on her soft bones , That dark room , And these kinds of cringy dreams used to trouble her a lot .
Avni lays down into her mother’s lap and asks her to sing the same childhood Lori to her .
While Naina does Avni feels all those bruises on her arms , Marks of thick and heavy shackles over her wrist and burnt fingers .
She holds her mothers hand and puts on her cheeks , She wipes her tears and tells her to keep her head in her lap and then Avni recites the Lori to her mother .

By till then , Neil reaches there and forms a strategy to go from behind .

Avni , Inside tells to her mother that she’ll find some way out of here . She looks through the high window , Just below which Neil was there . But destiny had some other plans for them .
Two hearts still beating but on with different rhythms .

Avni says that she thinks now everyone is busy so they can stealthily get out of the door .
She says that she knows the trick to open the door .
Naina says that , Usually at this time Daksh and His friends joins together for drinks so it could be a good option .

Avni tries to open the door with a bobby pin at the same time —
Neil and his team spreads at different angles around the house and waits for a opportunity .

Meanwhile , Ballu who comes out of the door holding a bar of cigarette between his already Brown lips looks at all possible ways with his big owl eyes as he could feel something unusual at that time .

He points his men to be extra careful .
Suddenly he hears some unknown sounds from behind the big bushes from garden and tries to figure out , He finds a man dressed in uniform and is shocked but before he could do anything Neil comes and hits at his head and he falls down .

Neil disguises himself a lot like him . And manages to enter the house .

As soon as he steps in he sees Vidyut and Daksh sitting over bar counter and they seems to be very much serious in their behavior . He ignores and gets on his mission .

Neil fortunately reaches quite near to the place where she’s captured but thinking that it could be a goon Avni stops creating that noise of door opening .

And Neil passes ahead of it .

Avni holds Naina’s hands and smiles she thinks “ Now no one will to save us it’s only me and you who can do something for ourselves ”

Neil thinks “ Ahiana where are you I’m here to help you ! And believe me I’ll ”

Ballu is tied with ropes and two men are keeping an eye on him but cleverly he frees himself and kicks at their buts , Calls Vidyut and tells them about the intrusion of police .

Daksh shoots with his in and calls out Neil he’s held Dd at his gun point . Neil comes and tells him that he’d got news of someone been kidnapped and kept here .
Vidyut hids himself . . Daksh says its fake and allows him to check everywhere .
Neil couldn’t find anyone and has to go out . Daksh asks him to leave as he has false news .

Actually , Daksh’s men had hided that door with a wallpaper . But before that they had left . Later when Daksh goes in finds that they’d tricked them and had escaped .

Dd asks that is really Ahiana not inside . Neil says no she’s a very brave girl and so is smart . He tells him that he found Ahiana’s handkerchief fallen over there .

Dd asks if he’s sure that it’s of Ahiana only he says he’s pretty confident with that he knows her well . He says she’s probably escaped before they could reach .

Daksh and Neil thinks that if she’d escaped from back side of house then they’d have landed in woody area.

Search begins for both they both are in hurry to find them first .

Avni and Neela holding each other are shown passing through the forest . It’s all black and night . Forces from both side chasing them .

Let’s see what’s written in their destiny .

Precap :- Its so dark nothing visible clearly ….

Naina falls in a gauge …Avni shouts very loudly …

Avni hugs Neil very tightly …she’s crying badly and trembling “ Neil tumhe meri kasam meri Ma ko bacha lo nahi to main bhi khud jaun ge ”

I know it was such a boring episode . Not really worth liking . Sorry and thanks for bearing with me by till now . Once this part is over we’ll again start with fresh plot with great enthusiasm . I’ll try uniting avneil as early as possible without disturbing the storyline .

Also as now my board exams are going to begin I’ll be very very late in updating story . But I haven’t ended it yet . Beautiful plots are still pending . I’ll see when I can put next .

Till then be happy and safe , Merry Christmas to you all . Bye !!!

Please forgive all the grammatical errors above . I’ll return soon with some intriguing plot . Just wanted to end this part fastly as it was making me sleepy and less interested in trying . 😘😘😘😘😘

If you liked please hit 👍👍👍 and do share with me your views . I’ll love to hear both good and bad .

Waiting for your comments and suggestions ….💞💞💞

cant wait to untie my avneil in story 💟💖💕

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