@mahilak room
Mahi is shown speaking in a phone…laksh is seeing her with pleading eyes…
Phone conversation
Mahi:sathya..tell me which u hate/love in swara?
Sat:but y r u asking it?
Mahi:i want to know
Sat:(smiles)i love my swara whole hearteadly..i didnt hate anything in her by saying he sidehugs swara
Mahi:thank god i thought all men r same but atleast my cousin is different(says by looking at laksh)
Sat:wat it means?
Mahi:will tell u later bye tc
Sat smiles and ends the call
Swara signs him as what..sathya nods as nothing ..both smiles at looking eachother

Mahi:c my sathya he loves his wife?? But u..(annoys)
Lak controls his laugh

Mahi:(saw his smile,immediately through a pillow on him) i hate u idiot..
Lak burst into laughter ..viren too smiles by seeing laksh’s laugh(1 and half yrs old)
Mahi:viren u too teasing mumma na ..k ..b with ur father itself by saying she sleeps on sofa …
After 5 min,when she doesnt hear their noise,she turns to c them but got lifted by laksh…Both had a eye lock which was interrepted by viren clapping sound
Lak mak her sit on the bed and he sit on his knee by holding her hand…
lak:”hate”(smiles)do u think i hate anything in u?u r my love mahi ..i have fallen in love with u not becaz of ur external appearance..”UR NATURE”..just to tease u i said those love never lessens even if u get double size..
Mahi hugs him happily
Lak:suddenly break the hug ..u thought i will hate u in something angry now(he turns)
Mahi pouts and pecked his lips by murmuring sorry when viren is not staring them
Lak widens …mahi smiles silently

@ragsan room
Rag is shown with closed eyes,sanskar is moving close to her ear
San:(huskily)i need to play hide and seek
Rag:opens her eyes and looked at him angrily
San:wat?dont u want to play
Rag:pushes him a little and starts to leave
San:holds her wrist,kk will say y i hate ur eyes
Rag:looks at him
San:eyes her to sit..whe she sat,he again goes close towards her and kissed her earlobe
Rag:(stammers)do u really hate my eyes?
San:smiles and started kissing on her cheek,do u think i could?

Rag nods as no
San:u itself know then y r u asking by saying he kissed on her neck
Rag:(with much difficulty)i want to hear it from ur mouth
San smiles again and kissed on her chin..y r u stammering like this
Rag:pushed him a little again and holds her thumping heart,,she stops him by placing her hand on his chest when he again moves closer to her ..glares him ..r u going to answer me or not
San:kk i will by saying steps a little towards her
Rag:stops him no no stay there itself..i can hear

San pouts and lie on the bed by facing the ceiling
Do u know y i hate ur eyes ?i hate it too the core…because whenever i see it, i will lose myself in it..whenever i thought to b angry on u,damn ur eyes it melts me..whenever i see ur tears it kills me..whenever i see a love for me damn i just got frozen it..whenever u smile na ur eyes glows ..omg thats enough to make me fall ..u itself see wat and all ur eyes r doing on me..then how could i lik it?i hate it tooo the coreeee
Rag:my innocence(stammers again,not able tp speak by seeing his love on her)
San:yeah i love it alot..u always think for others ..rewind our life ragini..eventhough i confessed my love,our parents gave approval for our marriage at that time too u thought for SWARA ..who will do like it?who will sacrifice their own life for her sister

Rag:but u hate me for that na
San:yeah because u didnt change the decision after i proved how much l love u also?even after our forceful marriage ,u acted like u hate me the most..thats y i said MAY B UR INNOCENCE
Rag:then y u love me this much?
San:dont know ragini..when janu aunty gave u to me in my hands ?at that time itself i thought u r going to b with me (fb shows when shek jan adopted ragini..sanskar was happy (san was 4 yrs old)to c a tiny baby..when janaki gave her to little sanskar ,he smiles happily when lil ragini smiles at him)
san smilingly turns towards her and his eyes widens by seeing her teary eyes,immediately goes towards her and wipes her tears
Rag hugs him tightly
San (wrdly)plz dont cry (in cracking voice)
Rag:smiles with teary eyes by sensing his worry

Rag breaks the hug:cupped his face..i love u
San:smiles with teary eyes i love u
Rag:im not crying plz u also dont cry by saying she wipes his tears ,again they hug each other
Ragsan were lost in hug
San(with closed eyes) hmm
Rag:my heart always says these

Rag:u deserve better than me.
Sanskar immediately break the hug and slept at corner of bed without cing her by showing his back
Rag:hits her forehead y i always hurting him by my words or my act(in mind)
Rag backhugs him im sry by saying she kisses on his cheek
San didnt response
Rag forcefully turns him and hugs him tightly by placing her head on his sry plzzzz
San closed his eyes tightly
Rag:(pouts)u only told i shouldnt hide anything thats y i told whatever i thought

San again didnt reply
Rag:(goes little up)kissed on his corner of lips
San:(controls himself) and tries to turns
Rag:(smiles)hugs him tightly inorder to prevent him frm turning…im sry..v both deserve each other..i wont speak lik that again
San:didnt reply
Rag:breaks the hug k gud n8 by saying she turns by showing a back to him
After 10 min(both were silent)
Rag:(in pleading voice)im really sry i not even think like that..

open ur eyes ..plz ..speak to me
When she doesnt get his reply…ragini felt bad and looks his face..
San:dont look at me ..turn and sleep(with closed eyes)
Rag:in cracking voice i hav rights to c my husband
San:immediately opened his eyes and cups her face..nods as no

Rag:r u still angry on me
San:nods as no.
San:initially i was but my anger vanishes by ur kisses but i thought to tease u ..sry
Rag:it means u r not angry on me na
San nods as no
Rag:then shall v play
San:looks at her
Both burst into laughter
Both goes under blanket

@after few hrs
Rag is shown sleeping on sanskar’s bare chest
San:kissed on her head
Rag lips curves into a smile in hee sleep

After 6 mnths
Rag kisses on sanskar’s forehead and wakes him with a cup of coffee
San smiles and ragini had a coffee and forwards a half cup of coffee to him…suddenly ayush cries who was sleeping beside sanskar
San places a coffee mug aside and lifts him wat happen beta
Ayush cries more by saying cup cup cup
Rag:cum beta i will giv u a cup
Ayush nods as no and hugs sanskar
San:ragu u go and bring one cup
Ragini nods and goes to kitchen
Ayush signs ragini to pour coffee to that cup

Ayush cries again
Rag unwillingly did it.
Ayush get down from sanskar and took the empty coffee mug(ragini tasted cup) and started to run with it
Sanskar startled for a second to understand it But ragini burst into laughter by sensing his son’s possesiveness towards her
San started glaring her
Rag:sry sry by saying again she laughs. .

San :how much possesive is he?(widens his eyes)
Rag:k drink it (she forwards a coffee)
San:u too become his side, i dont need coffee by saying he goes to restroom

Ragini tries to speak to him in dining area but he avoids her
When he enters their room to take a file..sanskar hears a sound
San:y r u closing the door now
Rag:dont u know
San:i dont want .u became ur son’s side..nowadays u r not giving mrng/night kiss properly and not talking to me in afternoon daily(their phone call)and today our coffee too was cutted..v promised v should follow it even in our fights but nowadays..k leave it
Rag:hugs him tightly…kissed him all over his face and lastly at his lips
San:kissed her passionately when he senses her worriedness

After 10 min both break the kiss
Rag:even im missing all the thing sanskar but now situations r different..ayush is just 1 and half yr and viren is also there..i will never forget our daily routins but got busy with kids ..wat should i do?whenever time shows 1.00 pm my hands suddenly goes to my phone only but wat should i do? At that time only viren cries for lunch..i only feed as he loves to eat with me only and mahi will feed ayush…and abt mrng/night kisses v have two kids in this home and moreover mahi is pregnant ..i have to b with her na(pouts)

San:i undersatand everything but still im missing it..
Rag:v have to b responsible now,v became father mother
San :v hav to sacrifice our daily routines ha
Rag:not lik that but sometimes it gets missed u hav to accept it
San nods with pouts
Rag pecks his lips
San again pulled her into a long kiss

Ayush hugs sanskar and sleeps
San:this much he loves me but not letting me to touch my wife.
Rag giggles
San:really our champ is cute na
San:i just loved him alot whenever i see his possesiveness towards u.
Rag:i know
Rag:sujatha aunty told me that u also did lik this during ur childhood
San nods blushingly

@one fine day
Rag:who will u love the most? Me or ur angel
San:angel?(suddenly gets her point)
Rag:blushes..v r pregnant again
San smiles and spins her

@leap of 6 yrs (ayush is 7 and half yr.viren is 8 yrs and diya (ragsan’s baby 5 yrs) and tanvi(mahilak’s baby 5 and yr old)
lak:mahi got ready soon ..they cam
Mahi :cuming laksh
All gather to take a family photo and mahi’s family and ragini’s family and satswa along with their child kavita came and they had greet time and took a family photo

Sanskar is playing with kids and ragini smiles happily by seeing them
San backhugs her
San:wat u said is right?
Rag:abt wat
San:eventhough our daily routine things changes happy becaz.i like our SECRET ROMANCE..
Rag smiles and turns towards him
When they hear ayush voice immediately hides behind the door
Rag:sighs him to leave her
San nods as no and pulls her closely
Rag loses her sense by seeing his eyes
San:kisses on her forehead
Rag tightens her grip on his shoulder
Sanskar left her immediately when they hear sujatha voice….

@night(guys imagine this scene happens in all the 3 couples room individually
@ragsan room/@mahilak/@satswa
San:wat r u thinking ayush?
Lak:wat r u thinking viren?
Sat:wat r u thinking kavi?

Aysh/viren/kavi:r u married ur COUSIN
Aysh/viren/kavi:hits their forehead y u did like this??because of u im in this situation

Ragsan/mahilak/swasat looks at each other…Y WAT HAPPEN

Ayush/viren/kavi:(lil bit angrily)because of that i DIDNT HAVE COUSIN



HOPE U lik it
This story is special to my heart ..its my first ff which has reached upto 45 happy abt it…its all becaz of u people…with lots of love

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