(KaiRa)(ff)Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 12

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(KaiRa) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 12
Precap:KaiRa Hot Moment n Pure Love
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Next morning kartik wakes up first n saw naira resting her head on his chest n hugging him she was looking like a sleeping beauty his heart was aching as he will soon loose her forever he kissed her forhead by his gesture naira wakes us n looks at him emotionally

Kartik: naira why my fate is so bad?
Naira: i also think same that why my fate is bad about love first family n now u …
Kartik: i wish to stop the time this moment cuz i don’t know how will i manage to live without u
Naira: i wish the same…but for negi uncle’s happiness we have to sacrifice our love
Kartik: i will support ur decision naira cuz i know what he means to u
Naira: i love u .. again tears from her eyes escape
Kartik: i love u too but pls be strong don’t fall weak by crying again n again…or i will loose strength

Naira: ur love n support is my strength that will never let me fall weak n she pecks his lips n gets up from bed

Kartik: i will go secretly now before anyone caught us n they hug n leave
Negi tell everyone that his sister will b reaching till lunch n tommorow evening it will b engagement KaiRa gave weak smiles but their hearts were shaking they were avoiding each other cuz they don’t want to fall weak the guy n his mother come n talk to naira in evening n like her naira just answer their questions uninterestedly then at night both KaiRa were upset in their rooms both wanted to meet each other but they were not having courage to face each other
N then the evening of engagement comes naira was getting ready she was wearing a beautiful blue lehenga n was trying to tie dori of blouse that she heard a knock at door
Naira: who is this? come in

Kartik enters the room wearing pink kurta both KaiRa look at each other
Kartik: i knew it u will b wearing this lehnga only
Naira: but why u wear this kurta…We decided to wear these clothes that we buy for each other on our engagement n today its she cries
Kartik cuts her: wipes her tears n says..so what naira just calm down? He was pretending to b ok but she know how much hurt he is… Anyways may i help u in tieng knot

Naira: nods yes n he comes close to her moving her hairs a side touching her bare back causing her to shiver n tie the knot she was feeling current passing through her body she turns to him n hugs him
Naira: i love u its very difficult for me..N sobs
Kartik: i love u too but now u can’t back off u r sacrificing our love for negi uncle happiness na then b strong
Then suddenly they hear some sound n breaks the hug n composes themselves
Kartik: i came to take u come

Naira: emotional n sad..hmm come
Then they reach a ground where engagement was going to held KaiRa goes to stage unhappily n greet everyone then negi uncle say lets start the ritual n give a ring to naira she holds it then negi uncle forward a hand to naira n she becomes shocked cuz it was kartik’s hand
Ng: what was u both going to do? U were sacrificing ur love for me why? Answer me now? Why ?

Naira: u never ask anything from me i was just trying to return ur favours on me
Negi: u stupid girl how to explain u my love for u is not favour on u … N u too kartik why u didn’t say anything its good that i listen ur conversation some time ago or i must have committed a sin of separating 2 lovers now do engagement before mahurat ends
KaiRa becomes overjoyed n gets engaged pandit give mahurat for wedding after 1 month
KaiRa were happy as their love was winning n they were going to reach their love’s destination …
Later at night KaiRa at naira room

Kartik: i still can’t believe this
Naira: then do believe as our dream come true our love win today we r going to be one soon …
Kartik: i can’t explain my happiness
Naira: me too
They both looks at each other emotionally n he kiss her forehead then pecks lips n leaves as negi uncle call him

Precap: KaiRa wedding n Golden Night ????

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    Omg!! Superb! Loving ur ff more n more as more episodes r posted! Keep it up! U r doing gr8?

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