SwaSan SS : Who Am I ( Chapter 3 )

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" How are u feeling now, shonaa???" Asked sanky with worried tone..

Swara just opened her eyes blinked it once gesturing him that she's fine.. n smiled a bit..

Sanky keep his hand on her forehead. She is still burning in fever like hell.. There was no sign of decreasing the fever..

Sanky : ( patting her head ) Look shonaa.. Its nothing like what all u r thinking.. Don't stress urself too much.. U knw ansh n his games ryt? When he see alien he started imagining them, when he see any giant cartoon he start playing like that.. same way he must have seen this pic.. dats y he's saying like this.. nothing else.. you plz don't take tension n sleep well now.. u'll feel better tomorrow morning. Okay?

Saying this Sanky put blanket on her and pecked her forehead. Saying good night he left frm there..

Ansh was sitting in car n playing his games.. Sanky opened the door of bunglow and went out closing it to play with Ansh..

When swara heard door closing voice, she got up frm her bed n went near window. She moved curtains and saw ansh n sanky busy playing wid each other..

When she turned back slowly, she had evil smile on her face.. the sweetness of her face was lost long back.. and bcz of dat devilish smile her face was looking more ugly n dangerous. She was staring at blank bt still she can see everything infront of her..

Slowly slowly she went near dressing table.. she opened the drawer n took out her red coloured lipstick from it..

She opened the lipstick n her eyes sparkled with happiness seeing that red coloured lipstick. She kept on staring it fr a long time while leaning her neck to right side..

Aftersmtym she went near wall n like sm robot she turned her head n saw upwards.. Again on her face, that cruel smile came.. she then moulded her neck n in fraction of second she was on top of wall.. she took out that red lipstick n write smthng there on wall..

Seeing her own words a different killer look was there on her face..

Then slowly she cm down on floor n slept in her bed as b4….


It has been 2 days that Ramu kaka was disappeared. There's no clue abt him.. Swara was also ill.. so Sanky only made sm food fr him and ansh fr eating..

There was wind outside of house thats y there were heat in weather.. sanky saw outside of window once.. All was silent.. Like any painter's beautiful painting.. Beautiful bt still non living…

He cm inside his room making ansh sleep in his room.. as soon as he entered in his room a cool breeze made his body shiver.. Though outside it was so hot bt inside.. so cold? How cm? He take out his clothes from cupboard n closed it.. He just see in mirror which is attached to the door of cupboard and he felt a sharp current passed through his body.. He saw 1 figure who was sitting while taking support of wall folding her legs to her stomach.. She was wearing red saree.. He couldn't see her face bt he could see her eyes which was filled by anger , fury..

Sanky quickly turned back.. bt there's no one.. He again saw in mirror bt this time mirror also dint show anything..

He was all sweating.. He looked all around the room bt he couldn't find anyone except swara..

That one moment.. took his breath away.. He still standing there holding handle of door tightly.. What I saw was a real? Or it was just my hallucination?  He was so confused..

He went near bed n lay down.. bt couldn't sleep.. His restlessness was increasing.. He was feeling as if sm1 will touch him if he turn back.. Only clock's  ' tak tak tak tak ' sound was heard.. he was trying to sleep.. he opened his eyes and again looked all over room.. bt there was nothing..

He looked at Swara.. Her face was looking all dull and pale.. She was so weak.. He put his hand on her forehead n checked fever.. Her fever decreased a bit.. he keep on caressing her hairs n finally sleep took over him..


Sunrays cm inside n hits on face of our heavenly couple. Sanky woke up n admires his love.. Swara too wake up… Her fever has gone now..

Swara : Morning….

Sanky : ( pecking her lips ) morning wifey.. how r u feeling now shonaa??

Swara : ( smiled ) now feeling well.. bt still weakness is there.. will u plz do my 1 work?

Sanky : Yeah.. tell na..

Swara : In kitchen, I kept 2 packets of ready to mix tomato soup.. will u make it fr me? Ansh will take it too..

Sanky : At ur service maaaammm.. ( saying this he salutes her n left to make soup )

When Sanky was preparing soup he heard swara's scream.. He ran to their room..

Sanky : Shonaaa.. wat.. wat happened?

Swara : ( seeing her hands with widened eyes ) Sanky.. see wat happened to my hands?? ( says showing her hands to him )

Sanky saw her hands.. her hand had red coloured sticky thing..

Sanky took her hands and smelled.

Sanky : Lipstick.. its the smell of lipstick..

Swara : Lipstick? Bt I dint applied lipstick. Then hw it cm to my hand?

Ansh was seeing all scene with his small eyes..

Swaransh : I knw wat mumma did with that lipstick..

Swasan looked at ansh with questioning eyes.

Swaransh : Mumma is bad girl.. see.. she draw patterns on wall with that lipstick. ( said cutely )

Swasan looked at wall where ansh was looking.. both gets shocked.. both looked at that letters n then to each others..

Sanky : What is that? As far as I remember,  b4 there was nothing written there..

Swara : I.. I.. donno sanky.. I dint write it.. look at there.. I can't even reach there.. How can I…

Sanky : ( assured her ) I knw shonaa.. bt this..

Swara : what was written? Is that in Sanskrit??

Sanky : No.. its not sanskrit.. Its Different language..

Swara : bt who wrote it that too on that much height???

Sanky : yes..bt this written msg seems to be new.. if it would be old then it must had sm dust on it.. bt there's nothing like that. … And..

Swara :  and what sanky???

Sanky : And.. ur hand's lipstick…!!!

Both were went into deep thoughts.. They cm back in senses hearing ring on Sanky's phone..

Sanky gets jerk by thaat sudden sound.. He keeps on looking at that phone fr sm tym.. then slowly he took it..

OP : Hellooooo… Sanky ji.. were u guys sleeping????

Sanky : Aa.. n.. no.. no.. Lucky.. we r awake..

Lucky means Laksh.. Sanky's best friend.

Lucky : Then y u lifted my call after ringing so long..?

Sanky : ( stammers ) aa.. n ..no.. where? .. everything. .. everything is fine..here..

Lucky : Arey bt when I asked if everything is fine? Y r u behaving like an idiot sanky??? Ok.. everything is fine na???

Sanky : yeah.. yeah.. everything is fine.

Lucky : Sanky wat happened? Will u plz tell me?  Hearing ur voice I can surely guess that everything is not fine.. so tell me..

Sanky looked at swara n cm out of room.. she was already scared thats y he cm out to talk with lucky.. He told everything which happened since they cm.. Lucky heard him patiently..

Lucky : Sanky do 1 thing.. click the photo of that writing n send me.. I knw 1 make up artist who works here.. he is too aged. And he studied many languages. I think he can help us..

Sanky : Yeah.. okay..

He cuts the call n cm in room.. swara was bzy in washing n cleaning her hands.. he looked at her once n then clicked photo of that wall.. n sent it to Lucky immediately.

Swara : ( cm near him ) What happened sanky? What lucky said??

Sanky : Nothing.. He knw 1 man who's in his staff who knew different languages. I sent this wall's pic to him.. He'll show it to him then we'll get to knw wat exactly it is written.

Swara : ( sighs ) Okay..

Sanky sensed her tension n took her in his embrace.. both were sitting on bed hugging each other..

Swara : Sankyyy…

Sanky : Hmmm…

Swara : M.. m scared..

Sanky : ( broke the hug n cupped her face ) Y shona??

Swara : I donno y sanky.. bt m feeling restless.. as if.. as if sm1 is snatching me away from u.. sm1 dragging me away frm u.. Sanky.. I.. I dont wanna go away frm u.. I can't live. .. plz.. dont leave me sankyyy… ( cries )

Sanky : ( wiped her tears ) Ssshhh.. shonaa.. no one can separate us. I won't let anyone take u away frm u.. u blv me na? ( swara nods ) then nothng will happen till m here… plz stop crying love.. I will never leave u.. ( hugged her again )

They sat in same position fr sm time.. feeling each other.. soon their moment got disturbed by phone call.. it was Lucky's.. Sanky quickly picked it..

Sanky : Ha say Lucky.. any clue? I mean u got to knw wat it is written?

Lucky : Sankyy.. ( sighs ) After hearing everything what u told me, this matter is not so easy, sanky.. Its smthng else.. u wait.. u all stay in 1 room only.. dont go away leaving each other alone.. dont touch anything which u donno.. me n ragini will be reaching there in next 5 to 6 hrs..

Sanky : yeah.. bt what happened?  Will u tell me anything?

Lucky : Yeah.. I'll tell u.. bt after cmng there.. we hv to talk abt it in detail.. if my assumption is wrong then its good only..

Sanky : Arey.. bt at least tell me the meaning of those words..

Lucky : ( sighs ) Revenge.. Revenge is the meaning of those words, Sanky.. we r cmng there asap.. ( cuts the call )

Sanky looked at swara n then at ansh.. He closed the door n sat beside them..

Swara : Sanky???

Sanky : Lucky n Ragini is cmng here…

Screen freezes..

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