Kaira : Together for a moment called Forever by Vrushy ( Chapter 40 )

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Chapter 40
You forget everything with time, but not your past.

“Sleep well ?!!” Naksh asked Naira. He mocked her raising his eyebrows and Naira flushed completely embarrased.

“I was..just…you..you know.” Naira tried to say but ended up stammering.

“Stop it Naksh. You are scaring the poor girl.” Keerti said and hit her husbands arm playfully.

Naira let out a breath of relief that she was holding since yesterday night. She decided to be happy today as she had finally realised her love for Karthik. She had decided yesterday that she would confess it to him soon.

“Back to earth Naira.” Karthik said and Naira came out of her thoughts. Karthik waved a hand in front of her. She smiled at him, shaking her head before attacking at the breakfast.

“I would like to have some balck coffee please.” Naksh said to the waiter and Naira observed Karthik getting stiff in his seat.

Her heart flinched at his expression. She could comprehend that some bad memory was disturbing him. She wondered what would be the connection of black coffee that would make him so upset ?!! And then immediately she knew that it had something to do with Gayatri.

Karthik felt a pang of unwelcomed pain listening of black coffee. It was Gayu’s favorite. Whenever anything happens that reminds him either of Gayu or their relationship, its always like a knife twisting deep into his soul.

At first he felt bad and then irritation followed by anger. He made such a bad choice in his life that not only affected him but also his family. When he confessed to Keerti Dii that his past was haunting him, it wasn’t wrong because every time he thinks of Gayatri, it boils his blood and he starts hating himself.

Naira excussed herself to visit the washroom. She couldn’t see him so disturbed.

She returned after a minute or so to find Keerti Dii sitting alone on the table.

“Where did Karthik and Bhai go ?!!” Naira asked Keerti.

Keerti pointed towards the glass doors where Karthik was speaking to someone on the phone and Naksh was laughing aloud, standing next to him. Naira and Keerti smiled at the scenario.

Naira’s smile slowly faded away. Every time she thinks about the dream, her heart flluters. What if it really happens someday ?!! Will he leave her ?!! No he wouldn’t, would he ?!! Naira stared at Karthik who was still busy on the phone.

Do you love her more Karthik ?!! Is she more important than me ?!! Will you go to her if she returns ?!! Was what she wanted to ask him but she didn’t have the guts to.

But then she told herself, “No he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t because he loves me. I can sense it. Do you love me Karthik ?!!”

As she asked herself, their eyes met and he nodded his head slightly, still talking on phone. Naira opened her mouth in surprise, for his answer to her unasked question and immediately she turned her head away from him.

After Keerti was done with her tea, she and Naira walked to their respective husbands after paying the bill at the restaurant. As they approached the men, they saw them talking to some third person. All of them were laughing and joking. Karthik turned around, revealing the person’s face to Naira.

“Meet my business partner and friend, Rithvik.” Karthik said.

Naira’s and Rithvik’s eyes met and held some unfamiliar emotion. Can her life become more complicated ?!! She asked herself.

Precap : More than Friends but less than lovers.

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