A Secret Crush (shivika) Chapter 1 and 2

Hello everyone..im here with next chapter..ik I’m posting after 3 long months..so in case if u hav forgot dw..i hav even included 1st chapter wid introduction of  characters which u need to know..

Shivaay singh oberoi – Nakuul mehta
Omkara singh oberio – Kunal jaisingh
Rudra singh oberoi – Leenesh mattoo
Siddharth singhania – Barun sobti
Anika singhania – Surbhi chandna
Ishana singhania – Vrushika mehta
Soumya sanghania – Nehalaxmi Iyer
Rohan mehra – Zain imam
Surbhi mehra – Surbhi jyoti
Mallika kapoor – Jennifer winget
Sejal mehra  – Himani sharma
Tia kapoor – Navina bole
Akash kapoor – ayaz ahmed

#Chapter 1 :

St. Saviour School

First day of school..(after vacations)

A huge campus is shown..which has a big enterence gate..from where 4 cars enter the campus..every one get down from the car..faces shown which get down from
Car 1 : Shivaay , omkara and rudra
Car 2 : Siddharth , Anika , ishana and soumya
Car 3 : Rohan , surbhi and sejal
Car 4 : Mallika , Akash and tia..

As the bell rings everyone run towards their classes..

Class 7th : class was silent as teacher entered the class..suddenly 3 students came running standing @ the door took permission of teacher to get into the class faces shown were soumya , rudra and sejal..

Class 8th : class was very noisy..a gang of 6 students enter the class i.e. Anika , Akash Ishana , Omkara , Surbhi and tia..

Class 9th : class was empty as they had their games period..so they 4 kept their bags on their respective  places nd ran towards ground..faces shown were..Rohan , Shivaay , Siddharth nd Mallika..

#Chapter 2

After first period..its 11:00 am

An anouncement was made that Scholars section (8th,9th,10th) students are requested to gather at auditorium..

At auditorium :

Everyone were standing engaged into their gossips..as soon as principle enters the hall was surrounded by pin drop silence..all the students wished her..she asked them to take their places..
All the students settled on the chairs..

Principal Speech (sorry a bit boring ) :

First of all Good morning to everyone present over here..today im going to make an important announcment
Its about ur house system..as u all know every year we divide students in 4 respective groups i.e.
3. STARS OF DIGNITY (yellow)

So even this year we are having same system bt this year techers will choose students for their respective houses..and one more thing Every year we had a voting system for house cabinets but this time teacher will choose the cabinets for their  house..
As u all know ur houses have marking system and the marks will be given by conducting different activities..but student take it seriously as this marks will be added to ur acadymics..
Now everyone stay here ur teachers will announce ur names in the houses..
Thankyou! She leaves the hall..

Everyone started their gossips once again..then teachers ask them to be quite and announce their group students names..as well as their house cabinets name

Teacher 1: of HEROES OF HUMANITY. (blue house)

My house cabinets are SIDDHARTH and SURBHI
Both were so happy..
Then she called out various names..

Teacher 2 : of  ICONS OF INTEGRITY.  (red house)

My house cabinets are SHIVAAY and ANIKA..
Anika was super happy.. but Shivaay and Mallika were feeling sad..
then the teach called out other members names

Teacher 3 : of COMMUNITY OF UNITY (green house)

My house cabinets are OMKARA and ISHANA
Both of them were happy..their happiness knew no bound..both hug each other but soon realise their position..and get back to normal..
Then teacher announced other students names..

Teacher 4 : of STARS OF DIGNITY (yellow house)

My house cabinets are ROHAN and TIA..
Tia was much happy..but Rohan was sad..
Then teacher called out other group member names..

All the groups and cabinets were finalised..

Bell rings.. its 02:00 pm

discussing so many things and making houses took alot of time..they dint had anythng since morning so as they came out of auditorium..they sat for lunch break..
In the break..evryone were discussing somethng or other matter..some were happy some were sad..

Bell rings..Lunch break over its 03:00 pm

All went to their respective class..as it was last period…but they once again hear an announcement..that was all the teachers are of scholars section are requested to come to principals cabin..all got happy..the teacher gives them some work to do..then leaves the class..all the students starts to complete the work given by teacher..

Bell rings.. its 04:00 pm..

School Over all shouted in happiness..yehhhh
And then run out of their classes..

So guys that’s all for today..
I know my English is not so good..but ill try to improve it..till then thume jhelna padega..sorry for that..
will post nxt chapter asap..
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