Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 6)

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Chapter 6
The Disappointing father and the pain bearing mother.

After having lunch, Naira and her mumma retired in the hall.

When the housekeeper, appeared before them. The round chubby face of Mrs. shah, looked thorougly fearful. The elder woman had always worked in their house. But, her usual cheery smile wasn’t graced over her features, except she had a drawn up anxious expression. She hesitated near the door of the large hall. Her hands wringing helpless.

“What is it, Mrs Shah ?!!” Naira rose up, and moved towards her.

Her mumma too got up from the chair.

“Sir is calling you two to his study.” She said in tremulous tone.

Naira tried to pacify her.

“There, there, now, Mrs. Shah, take deep breaths, yes , good, like that.” Naira took deep breath and expelled out, the sweaty woman followed suit.

After almost calming the woman a little, Naira enquired about the reason of her concern.

“Now, please tell me, what has bothered you and made you this frightened ?!!” Naira enquired.

“Sir looked so angry. Is he going to fire me ?!!” Mrs. Shah asked, her eyes puffy red now.

“Mrs. Shah, calm down. I’m sure that is not the matter. We are not going to let you go. Never at all.” Naira reassured the flustering woman.

When she was much calm than before and convinced that she still had her job, Mrs. Shah turned around and hurried away.

Naira sighed and looked across at her mumma. Her eyebrows screwed in a bewildered expression.

Why was her father calling them to the study ?!!. He never did call upon her, he didn’t care before to talk to her, but suddenly now she was summoned to his study along with her mumma. Why ?!! What urgent matter had come upon abruptly.

A heavy layer of dread spread over her heart and mind like a thick dark blanket. Something not good was going to befall on them. She could feel it.

Naira reached her father’s study with her mumma fast at her heels.They entered into the study.

Her father was behind the table, in his chair, with his suit hung over the back of his chair. His eyes reading out papers and documents from a file.

Naira glanced at her mumma in a worried expanse of a dread.

“Papa.” She whipered, it travelled through the thick silence.

Her father’s head jerked up. Her mumma hurriedly went to his side and stood stiff by the chair.

“You’re here. I was waiting to talk to you since all day long.” He said, his voice a deep soft loving tone.

Naira blinked, he was waiting to talk to her ?!! Her throat closed up, as she felt an immense wealth of tenderness pass through her.

But, I was waiting for you to say this since how many years, papa ?!! Her mind whispered a loud cry. A blink of an eye, remembered the thousand nights she waited up for him. Waited for him to lift her up in his arms and smile at her once, but he glided past her without even giving her a glance, a smile, a care, a love, a glimpse of affection. No. Never. Her smile often used to diminish with that snub, leaving her heart broken and in tears.

Naira blinked away the pained memories and smiled, really feeling the joy dispersing.

“Come, here, closer. Why do you stand so distant near the door ?!!” He asked and signalled her to come forward.

“Yes, papa.” She mumbled, and moved towards the table, smiling a wide one, feeling somehow relieved.

“Look, here are some patterns and designs for cards, which one do you like ?!!” He asked her out of the blue.

She looked down at the cards on the table. They were five different cards. Brown. Blue. Yellow. Red and plain white. Her eye turned bewildered and speculative. The cards looked auspicious.

She lifted her confused eyes at her father’s smiling ones.

“They look like wedding cards. Are we attending any function soon ?!!” She asked innocently, her voice not a notch higher than average normal one.

With that, her father threw his head back and guffawed hard.

What was happenning here, only she didn’t know about ?!!

“A function we’ll be going, she asks.” He stated and chuckled lightly and turned his eyes to hers.

“It’s your wedding we’ll be attending.” He concluded in finality.

Naira’s wide smile clipped out, leaving her lips pale and her face drained.

“You’ll be married two weeks later.” her father went on.

“I’m not getting married.” She blurted out.

No. Never. It’s not going to happen. Come whatever may. She was never going to let go of her dream, now this close to her hand’s reach.

A complete silence fell around the study.

Naira reluctantly looked up at her father. He stared back.

She stayed stern, though a deep rake of shivers darkened her mind and body.

“Why ?!!” He asked her simply, leaning back in his chair.

Why ?!! Her mind vibrated the question incredulously, why because, he didn’t ask or consult or even thought about her while deciding her wedding date.

“I’m not getting married, papa.” She said firmly, still blinking back the coming tears at bay. Her voice wavered a bit, but not her words.

Her father’s stare sharpened at her tone, her mumma looked on helplessly, never uttering a word, she stared at Naira, pleading with her to consent.

I will never be forced, Naira stared too !!

Her mumma rushed forward as a rescue.

“See the time, Naira, We’re keeping your father from his work.” her mumma crossed the distance and moved towards her husband.

“Do you want tea ?!!.” she asked.

Right then, a whip of sound vibrated all over the walls, and a pained moan of a heavy cry splintered apart the floor.

“Mumma !!” Naira screamed, and fell on her knees.

Her mumma lay on the floor.A hurting groan coming out of her lips. Naira’s throat rose bile rising sobs. Immense tears flowed down her cheeks. As her chest pained crying.

She looked at her father, whose hard powerful hand clenched, the hand which gave the hurting slap.

“How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t need tea.” He sneered down, raising his foot to kick her mumma.

Naira jumped and clutched his foot in a tight hold of her hands.

“Please !! Papa, don’t do this.Please.” Naira begged brokenly.

“Creating useless daughter to raise her voice against me !! How dare you make her grow up like this.” He growled ugly words to her mumma.

He stopped and glared down at Naira, then his eyes turned colder as he smiled and looked around.

Naira’s body froze when he took hold of a glass vase from the table.

She heard her mumma’s painful moans, as he raised it up and flung it down in slow motion.

“Alright. Alright. I will get married in two weeks papa !! I will get married. Please don’t do anything to mumma. Please, Papa !!” She screamed and screamed, closing her eyes tight, feeling her heart die out.

Naira could do nothing. It was her fault. It wouldn’t have happened if she had agreed.

“Get up.” He ordered.

Naira glanced down at her mumma with new fresh tears flowing out of her eyes.

“Leave her there.” He ordered again.

“Take this card. I like the white one.” He waved it, and put that in her hands.

Naira heard her mumma moan, she immediately tried to move towards her, but her father clamped his hand on her wrist. Hard. Biting.

“Mumma.” She cried heavily.

“Leave the room.” Her father warned again.

She clamped the card hard in her clenched hands, as she flew fast running out of the study. If she didn’t go out of the room, god knows what else he would do to her mumma.

Naira ran fast and hard, sobbing heavily, her eyes flowing, she reached her room.

She locked it behind her and bawled her eyes out.

She flung the pair of ghungroos kept near her night stand on the ground. She pushed the music DVD’s from the table,on the floor violently. Still crying hard. She opened her laptop and deleted all her dance videos without giving it a second thought.

She glared down at her laptop with angry tears. Because of this dream, her mumma paid today. Paid so heavily. Paid through blood and beatings. Naira clutched her hair with both of her hands and slid down on the floor.

Broken. Failed. Done. Her form became lifeless and her eyes turned vaccant.

Naira blinked slowly and unclenched her hand. She straightened the card and her eyes moved on the gloden gleaming lines of the card board piece.

“Naira Singhania”


“Karthik Goenka”

Her eyes stayed glued to the name.

Shocked. Bewildered. Hypnotized. Surprised. Speculative. Astounded. With all these things Naira read out the words again. Imagining if her eyes were acting up. But no, the words were glaring back at her.

Naira’s eyes now turned colder. Every cell of her body hated the name with its depth and core.

It’s a business deal then. Her father with that man. This wedding was a transaction. She knew it or why would a stranger without even looking at her, meeting her, talking to her would marry her in two weeks.

Her wounded mind decided and her thoughts strayed to one and only one motive.

It’s time to meet the destructor of her fate. To see the devil written in her destiny face to face !!

Precap : The sweetness meets the rudeness !!
Domestic Violence. A crime that’s still common in our country and is never taken seriously. I loathe such men who beat their wives to show their strength and supperiority.

Also the girls who have to give up on their dreams due to lack of family support. Killing someone’s dream is equal to killing that person itself.

So I have not mentioned Naitik and Akshara as Naira’s parents here as I know none of you can imagine them in such character. Naitik can never be such ruthless father and cruel human being while akshara would never be quite about something that’s totally wrong.

As many of you asked me about Naira’s family in the previous Chapter. Well she is the only daughter of her parents. I won’t be adding any character from the serial as the main focus of this FF would be kaira. Also soon they will be getting married and then the plot would shift completely on them !!

Hope you liked this update. Its a long one as I didn’t want to divide this part into two. Next Chapter will have their face to face meeting. Also they would be talking to each other for the very first time. Expect the unexpected !!

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