SwaSan : Who Am I ( Chapter 4 )

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When Laksh and Ragini reached, it was 3 at noon..

Laksh : How's Swara???

Sanky : She's fine.. fever is reduced bt still weakness is there..

Ragini : N Swaransh?

Sanky : He's fine.. jst lil scared..

Lucky : Let's meet swara.. then will talk in detail..

Sanky : Ok cm.. swara is in upper room..

All entered in SwaSan's room.. Swara was sleeping.. n bcz of sitting in home frm morning,  ansh too slept being bored..

Lucky : Ragu, u stay with swara and ansh.. we both are outside.. u too take rest..

Ragini : ok..

Suddenly he remembered smthng n he asked sanky by gesturing. Sanky showed him that wall n words through gesturing. Lucky looked at it fr smtym n then cm out..

Both were quiet fr smtym.. no one spoke.. Sanky went inside kitchen n brought 2 orange juice glasses.. both settled down on couch.. after taking 3,4 sips Sanky broke silence.

Sanky : Now tell me Lucky? Whats all this? What is the matter?

Lucky : ( seeing straight in Sanky's eyes ) Sankyy………. Do u believe on ghosts, spirits etc?

Sanky : What? Ghost? What nonsense!  In which century we r living? Science achieved so much success nd u…

Lucky : Yes or no? Tell me only this.. Me too learnt science. ( said lucky stopping sanky in middle )

Sanky : ( thinks fr while ) Umm.. No!

Lucky dint say anything.. seeing this sanky spoke..

Sanky : U mean.. this all is happening bcz of sm ghost or spirit?

Lucky : I can't tell you by assurance.. bt seeing all this.. I can only sense that..

Sanky : Arey bt.. Hw cm ghost will cm in this generation..?? Its all old superstitions n imaginations.. now who will blv these things???

Lucky : Why?? Ghosts get change after changing generation??? See I knw sm superstitions was there in old times n its proved by science. Bt still no one proved abt ghosts by assurance.. who experienced it they'll blv who dint they wont…

Sanky : Bt y r u feeling like.. all this is..

Lucky : This bunglow must hv sm history. Here must be smthng wrong happened. Smthng which hurted sm1 very badly.. u only think.. after cmng here, dont u feel smthng different?

Sanky : …………..

Lucky : Dont u feel restless???

Sanky : …………..

Lucky : Leaving we 4,5 humans.. y there is nt even a single animal or bird here? And that words…

Sanky : Yeah.. that words are puzzle only.. who must hv written that words on that much height? ??

Lucky : Sanky.. seeing swara's hands lipstick mark can't u even guess it.. I think swara only wrote that letters or sm1 mst hv been written it through swara's hands..

Sanky : ( angry ) Ohh just stop it lucky..!!! Now u r spkng anything. U mean to say sm spirit haunted swara????

Lucky : See Sanky.. m nt saying it by assurance. We hv to go in deep to search abt this.. bt situation is showing us smthng like this only.. u tell swara to write those words on any page again.. m sure both handwritings will match.. say.. u ready??

Sanky dint say anything.. he was tensed..

Lucky : That day, at night,  u only said u saw swara's new avtar.. yes or no???

Sanky : ( shocked ) WHATTT? U mean to say that day I had s*x wid sm.. Ghost or spirit???

Lucky : ( shrugging his shoulder ) The very next day swara got high fever.. this thing give proof to my sayings..

Sanky : Fever? What is the connection of fever n this? She was scared bcz of ansh's matter.. bcz of tension also she would've got fever..

Lucky : Just now we talked abt spirit n ghosts.. our body is dependent on our soul.. when sm other soul will try to take over it then it will protest.. This thing must have happened with swara.. and her weakness may be indicating that only..

Sanky was lost in his thoughts…

Lucky : see we donno exact thing.. bt we hv to assume smthng na.. lets assume this n go ahead to search.. may be will get to knw smthng.. may be this wont be any ghost thing.. then we will change our direction of search.. what say??

Sanky was busy remembering swara's face n her behaviour of that night..

Lucky : Sankyyy.. wat I was saying??

Sanky : Hmm.. alryt.. if u r saying then we'll start by this.. bt m sure.. There will be nothing like that..

Lucky nods and smiled bit..

Sanky : ok then.. from where n how we shd start??

Lucky : hmm.. I thought abt it while cmng here..

Saying this he went near his car n brought 1 black bag inside..

Sanky : What's in it??

Lucky : Camera.. Video Camera..

Sanky : n what u'll do of it?? R u going to shoot ghost or spirit through it? We couldn't even see 1 dog here.. how will u see ghost?

Lucky : Its Thermal camera, sanky.. It can record heat and energy around us..

Sanky : I dint get u.. how'll u shoot ghost or spirit through it??

Lucky : wait.. I'll tell u.. bt b4 that u tell me.. what do u mean by ghost or spirit?  How will u define it??

Sanky : ghost means… how to tell that.. umm.. suppose any person dies and if his any  will remains incomplete then his spirit wont get peace.. and then that person's spirit roams around.. May be that is ghost!

Lucky : Right… now what do u mean by spirit?

Sanky : ( shrugging his shoulder ) I donno..

Lucky : spirit means one kind of energy na? Which may be we can not see by our eyes.. Bt  we can't deny its entity.. This thermal camera.. spirit.. as we hv imagined.. r there in the form of energy or heat, then it will record it fr sure..

We can see only those things which r in light or which passes through light.. bt that doesn't mean that we can see each n every type of light.. our eyes may be can't see every type of energy. Spirit, energy which get formed by it is of that type only.. In scientific language it is called as ' ectoplasmic spectral light ' and this camera can click that light..

Sanky : Bt.. bt.. if ur sayings are true then swara, ansh and we all are in danger.. better way we shd leave frm here.. lets pack our luggage n will leave.. ryt now.. What's say?  ( said while getting up from his sit )

Lucky : No.. no Sanky.. We shd nt do this.. Swara is not well.. our assumption, unfortunately is true then her body n mind is totally weak.. if that spirit get angry and does smthng harmful to swara then..?? So instead of running frm this situation I think we shd stay here fr 2 more days to discover things..

Sanky : ( teary eyes n hugs lucky ) Lucky… Swara.. she.. nothing will happen to her na? M also scared.. I can't loose her lucky..

Lucky : ( console him ) Sanky.. calm down dude.. nothing will happen. Believe in God.. we'll find sm solution.

Sanky : bt b4 that.. we hv to do smthng fr our protection na?

Lucky : Hmm.. now we r believing all things then wat if we do which Ramu kaka said???

Sanky : Ramu kaka?  What he said?

Lucky : He told abt that garlic room.. I think we shd stay there fr tonight..

Sanky nods..

Till now sunset was almost done.. darkness was starting to spread up every where..

Lucky : Ok then.. lets start our work..

Saying this both gets up frm their sits.. Sanky went in room while Lucky got busy setting camera..

Lucky : Sanky, we all r going to stay in this room whole night.. bring all necessary things here even dinner.. at any cost we r not going to get out of this room.. m I clear???

Sanky : Okay.. now m gng to swara, ansh n ragini. Bt Lucky.. we shdnt tell..

Lucky : ( cuts him ) Yeah.. we r nt gonna tell them anything now.. u just hurry up..

Sanky nods n left.. Lucky got busy setting tripod.


Though Sanky n Lucky dint tell anything to Swaragini bt due to their restlessness, changed behaviour n suddenly cmng to stay in that room was bothering them too.. Especially swara.. she got to knw dat smthng is fishy.. weird..

Finally lights in the room gets on and here is the start of their NIGHT…

Sanky closed the door from inside.. Camera was setted outside of room.. SanLak were trying to chill the environment by remembering old days.. bt no use..

Its 9:30 pm.. still there's no movement outside..

Sanky : ( monologue ) May be what all we thought is wrong..

He thought bt still increasing restlessness n stress in the environment was bothering him.

At 10 pm all had their dinner and went fr sleep.. of course, it was impossible to sleep in that condition bt still all were tired bcz of exhausting day..

Nearly at 1 am sanky got up due to sm voices.. He was thinking long time that what must be this voice.. that voice was.. like sm1 was skidding or sm1 cleaning house with broom..

Sanky slowly shook lucky n woke him up.. Lucky too got up.. Both started to listen the voice carefully.. That voice was cmng near slowly slowly. In few seconds it cm near door n later went near stairs.. slowly slowly that voice went far..

Few seconds went in silence n then both heard a furiful scream.. And again that skidding voice they heard.. slowly slowly that voice cm near door n stayed there only.. ' That smthng ' was standing outside of room..  only door was in between.

Few minutes went in silence. Every second was stressful.

" Sankyyyyy… " Sanky and Lucky got jerked due to sudden voice of Swara..

Sanky got up n went near swara..

Sanky : Shonaa.. what happened? 

Swara : Sankyyy.. m feeling suffocated.. very restless. .. Sankyyyy… ( swara said moving her hand from her neck )

Sanky : ( looked at Lucky n again at her ) Shonaaa.. u..

Lucky : Swara.. What's happening?

Swara : ( cries ) I.. I donno.. smthng is biting me.. m feeling like.. lot of flies are chewing my skin.. a lot of ants are biting my body… Sankkyyyy.. plz do smthngg.. aahh.. plzzz..

Sanky : ( panicked n teary eyes seeing her state ) Shonaaa.. dont worry.. m here.. haa.. I'll do smthng.. wait.. haa..

Swara was all restless n was rolling in bed… smtimes on neck or smtyms on throat, she was moving her hand.. smtyms was jerking her hands..

Sanky : ( all panicked ) Luc.. lucky.. whats.. whats happening with shonaa?? Why she's doing like dat??

Lucky : Swara.. do u having any nightmare?  Haa? Get up nd drink sm water.. u'll feel better.

Swara opened her eyes n got up from bed nd was going to drink water.. bt that very time that devil power pushed her towards wall.. swara, in fraction of seconds, was pushed to wall.. sm1 slapped her tightly like that her neck went on ryt side.. Her eyes bcm all white.. bcz of tight slap her hairs got messed n cm over her face.. swara's legs got crisp like any wood.. slowly she started to walk on wall n went on top of roof..

SanLak n Ragini were seeing this scene with widened eyes. They were nt blvng wat all they were seeing..

After smtym swara's voice cm out. Actually it wasn't swara's. Coz the swara who was having sweet n melodious voice, her voice can't be husky, loud n devilish.


Saying this that voice laughed so loudly.. Hearing that laugh SanLakRag got goosebumps on their bodies.

Slowly slowly swara cm on floor n collapsed. She was fainted.

Sanky looked at her with teary eyes n ran to her.. he took her in his arms n hugged her tightly crying his heart out. He picked her up n placed her on bed..

RagLak was seeing this from far..

Sanky pecked her forehead n get up from there.. He saw towards laksh n hugged him tightly.

Sanky : She's in pain.. Lucky.. plz save her.. plzzzzz… ( cries )

Screen freezes….

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