Kaira Ek Ehsaas Kaira FF Episode 15

Episode starts

Vedika is on her way to Goenka house while Akshat follows her. She enters the house and walks inside while he keeps an eye on her.
As she enters the house Kartik and Naira rush down carrying Baby Kaira

Kartik: Maaaaaa….Papa….maaaaa

All rush hearing their voice

Swarna: What happened Kartik?

They see Kaira who is unconscious

Manish: What happened to her?

Kartik: She was playing well papa but suddenly

Akhil: Ill take the car. You come lets go to the hospital

All including Vedika rush to the hospital. Naira is holding Kaira close to her bosom trying to wake her up

City Hospital Udaipur

Doctors are examining Kaira while Kartik and Naira are waiting outside looking through the glass doors of the ICU. They intertwine their hands and find solace in each other when their eyes are wet with tears which drip down their cheeks leaving a track. Kairav is crying while Swarna handles him as if he had sensed that his sister is in trouble.

Doctors come out and Kaira rush to them

Kartik: Doctor…

Doctor: Mr.Goenka do you or does your wife have any past history of any blood clot?

Kartik and Naira are shocked and look at each other.

Kartik: Naira had a blood clot in brain

Doctor: Can we get her reports sir?

Kartik: Sure

Kartik rushes home while Naira is crying. Dadi and Swarna console her

On the way Kartik remembers those days when Naira underwent her surgery

Kaisa suluk zindagi tu kar rahi hai

Mujhe paraya tu muji se kar rahi hai

Jaise ki aakhri sinsaas chal rahi hai

Yaadon se teri lipat ke faryad itni kare

Yahan wahan hai tu

Mujpe rman hai tu

He enters his room in a rush and opens his laptop to access Naira’s reports. His hands are shivering as he handles the reports.

Within sometime Kartik reaches the hospital with the reports of Naira . He witnesses a broken Naira and goes to her. They hug each other and share their sorrow

Doctor: Mr.Goenka we have examined your daughter. She was born premature right? In this hospital and was

Kartik: Police would have informed you right?

Doctor: Haan yeah our management is looking into it. Now the matter is she is having atrial septal defect called heart hole. It was our mistake as the baby was trafficked from our hands if not this could have been detected after birth itself. So we bear the responsibility for her treatment. We need to do a surgery soon.

Manish: Do it as soon as possible Doctor.
Doctor: Sure Mr.Goenka

The doctors leave. Naksh feels miserable to see Kaira suffering. Keerthi consoles him.

Naira goes to the god statue in the hospital and cries

Naira: God…why is my daughter suffering like this? What sin did I commit ? Even if I had committed why don’t you punish me ? My daughter already suffered a lot. Why are you making her suffer more.
Naira breaks down miserably. Kartik pulls her into a bone crushing hug. He has no words to console her as he himself is broken into pieces.

Vedika notice their bonding and realises that she can never get any place in Kartik’s life. She starts to walk away

Akshat comes to her

Akshat: Vedu..I came to know everything. Remember one thing Kartik has a family now you cannot …

Vedika: I understood it Akshat. Kaash I too meet someone like him who loves his girl a lot

Akshat: Well check your eyes then..you cant see someone infront of you

Vedika is surprised

Akshat: Vedika I really really love you. Will you marry me

Vedika : I..I need some time

Akshat: Why not?

Vedika walks away.


Kartik and Naira go inside to see Kaira who is put on ventilator. As Kartik goes nearby Kaira holds his little finger tight.

Tears drip down Kartik’s eyes as he remembers the pain he felt when he was informed that she was dead

Kartik in mind: Krishnaji I have already faced the pain of the death of daughter. Please dont test us more. Just now we got her. Please cure her soon.


  1. Emotional and sad episode 🥺
    Poor Kaira😓

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya Our choti sherni will fight back dear 😔

  2. Kavya_P

    Emotional too
    Update soon

    1. thankyou

    2. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kavya 🤗🤗

  3. A very sad and emotional episode…..feeling sad for kaira.. I literally had tears in my eyes…hope she is well soon…waiting for the next…

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kaira sorry for the tears 😔. She will soon 😊

  4. Sad and emotional episode….kaira baby will get will soon…

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna hope you liked it 😇. Your words will come true 😊

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