LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 41

CHAPTER 41: Warning

(Day after Arjun-Pankhuri’s engagement)

Ishana was sitting frustrated on her sofa…. The entire living room was filled with papers…. Some crumpled mercilessly and thrown…. Some torn into pieces…. Some scribbled…. Some with things written and left incomplete…. She had been trying…. Trying hard to write her first report about Tia’s murder case but she couldn’t…. Every time she started writing…. His face flashed in front of her and she could not think about anything else but him…. She was angry with herself for still thinking about him….

His sweet and kind words were revolving in her mind…. His eyes were all that she could think of…. Those eyes that portrayed so many emotions at once, how they had managed to fool her…. He had fooled her and here, instead of forgetting about him and concentrating on her work, all she did was think about him…. Why was she still thinking about him…. When all he did was use her till he found it convenient and then left her as if nothing bothered him…. How he had said all those words about truth and fighting for the truth, but when he actually had to fight, all he did was take a step back…. She was so glad to be proved wrong that all rich people were not the same but alas, that was short term happiness…. Omkara had proved her wrong…. He had proved that just like the others, he was no different…. How could he be any different, after all he also was one of them, one of the Oberois….

She again crumpled the paper in her hand and threw it away…. She was thinking of restarting yet again when the doorbell rang…. She was already not able to concentrate and now some visitor had come to irritate her…. She got up from the sofa muttering words under her breathe…. If it was some stupid salesman, she was not going to spare him for disturbing her already disturbed mind…. She opened the door and was about to shout at the person but stopped…. She was surprised seeing Ranveer and Abir standing in the passage…. They smiled at her and she putting away her anger, smiled at them….

Ishana: What are you both doing here?

Abir: Are, aate hi direct questioning. No hi, no hello.

Ishana: Hello Mr. Abir Rajvansh, oh sorry ACP Abir Rajvansh.

Abir: That’s better.

Ishana: Now tell me, why have you come here?

Ranveer: So, we are going to talk here and you plan on not inviting us inside.

Ishana: Sorry, woh…. Come in.

Abir and Ranveer looked around the place and then at each other…. Shock and confusion was clearly evident on their faces…. Ishana looked at them confused first but then realizing the mess in her house, she mentally slapped herself….

Abir: Looks like a storm had hit this place.

Storm was there but not in the house but within Ishana…. A storm created by Omkara Singh Oberoi…. The storm was wreaking havoc in her always composed mind…. The storm was creating ruckus in her always peaceful soul…. The storm was causing devastation of her always calm heart….

Ishana: Sorry, actually I was working and then….

Ranveer: It’s okay, we can manage.

Ishana looked on as the two of them cleaned some of the mess and made place for them to sit around…. Once they settled, Ishana smiled at them….

Abir: Before we start talking, Ishu yaar, adrak wali chai should be there, hai naa.

Ishana: Of course.

Ranveer: Is it really indeed, I think we should talk….

Ishana: Of course, it is needed; stop being so formal Mr. Randhawa.

Abir: Absolutely correct.

Ranveer shook his head seeing the two of them…. He didn’t have say when majority was against him…. Ishana quickly prepared the tea…. Once the tea was done…. Ranveer signed Abir to start talking about the purpose of their visit….

Abir: Ishu, we are here to talk about something important.

Ishana: Important, what?

Abir: We want you to work with us on the Tia’s murder case.

Ranveer: Yes Ishana, we could really use your help.

Ishana looked at them surprised…. Abir and Ranveer looked at each other hoping that she agreed…. They had discussed this with Priyanka and Mishti when Mishti came up with this idea…. This was a good thing to do…. They could solve the case and also keep Ishana safe from Daksh…. They didn’t wish Ishana to feel alone….

Ishana: I’d love to work with you all.

Ishana smiled and Abir and Ranveer felt relieved seeing that she had agreed…. Ishana thought this was the best thing to do…. She could do her work and also her mind would get diverted from Om and Daksh….

Abir: Great.

Ishana: I’ll come from tomorrow, today I have to complete the report.

Ranveer: Sure, see you tomorrow then.


Riddhima was sitting in her office when her assistant informed her about Om’s arrival…. She made herself ready…. No matter what she had to get the papers signed by Om today only…. The more she delayed, the more would Tej’s plan get delayed…. She didn’t wish to lose this opportunity…. Om entered the cabin and she smiled at him…. He took the seat in front of her….

Omkara: What has happened Ridz, on the call you said it was urgent?

Riddhima: Yes Om, actually there this new venture I want to start and I needed your help.

Omkara: My help? I know nothing about fashion.

He laughed and she smiled at him….

Riddhima: Of course I know, it’s not about that. Actually, I wish to start some workshops for under-privileged children, in which we’ll teach them about art as well as fashion. Students who want to learn art but cannot because of their financial conditions.

Omkara: This is a great thought Riddhima. I would love to contribute to this.

Riddhima: I knew it Om, you would agree.

Omkara: What do I have to do?

Riddhima: Well, one thing is of course, you have to help me in teaching them and second, the important thing, some legal formalities need your signatures, so….

Omkara: Oh yeah, I’ll do it. Tell me when the papers are ready.

Riddhima: They are ready.

She took the file from her drawer and forwarded the file to Om…. He smiled at her….

Riddhima: Om, you read them and sign them.

Omkara: Ridz, you know me, I don’t understand these legal terms, you just tell me where I have to sign, and I trust you.

Riddhima smiled and told Om to sign on certain papers and places…. Om without even glancing at the words signed the papers…. He trusted Riddhima…. She was not only his girlfriend but also his best friend…. Riddhima’s heart pricked a little seeing Om trusting her blindly and she taking advantage of that trust…. She wished to stop him and ask him not to do it…. However she composed herself and smiled….



After hours of struggle Ishana managed to complete the report…. She rested her head backwards on the edge of the sofa and closed her eyes…. Writing a report had never been so difficult….

The lights went off and Ishana opened her eyes…. Already she was not in the best of her mood and now this…. She moved her hands to find her mobile phone…. She was about to take her phone when there was a knock on the door…. She looked irritated and walked towards the door carefully she did not want to break anything or hit something…. She opened the door but to her surprise no one was there…. Must have been the naughty kids in the society, she thought…. She closed the door and turned to go in when again there was a knock…. She would have enjoyed this prank if it was some other day but definitely today was not the day…. She took a deep breath and opened the door…. She was about to scold the kids when she felt a force and before she could understand what had happened she was on the floor….

“Hello beautiful”

As soon as Ishana recognized the voice shivers ran through her body…. Sweat beads formed on her forehead…. Her throat went dry…. She wanted to shout for help but no sound came out from her mouth…. Her voice was betraying her…. She tried to get up but the person pulled her harshly…. Ishana knew that she had to fight back…. She remembered Abir’s words…. “Don’t panic, relax, think and then act”…. She took a deep breath and looked at the person…. He was smirking seeing her…. Ishana looked past him…. The door was not completely shut…. Her phone was lying on the table and she couldn’t reach it…. The door was her only option…. She looked at the person again…. He was holding her hand tightly…. His fingers were going to leave marks on her skin….

Ishana: How dare you enter my house Daksh Khurana?

Daksh: This is a small thing, I can do much more, you know that right.

Ishana: It is better you leave from here before I do something and you regret coming here.

Daksh: Oh, look at you, roaring like a lioness, I am getting scared.

He laughed evilly…. He looked at her and she clenched her fingers tightly forming a fist…. She was ready to face her worst nightmare…. She had to fight him…. He held her hand firmly, and moved his finger over her face…. She felt disgusted and moved her face away from him…. She slapped him tightly with her other hand…. Daksh stumbled a little because of the unexpected move…. He had to let go of her hand….

Ishana: Don’t you ever try to do any of this ever again.

Daksh: You….

Ishana: Don’t, don’t say anything and leave before I do something worse.

Daksh: I am going now but remember, you’ll pay for this. I will not let you live in peace.

As soon as Daksh walked out of the house Ishana quickly closed the door and locked it…. She sat down on the floor, her back leaning against the door…. She closed her eyes and took few deep breathes…. Now that he was back in her life, she knew she would have to face him someday and that she had to fight back…. She wiped the tears that were going to flow, this time she would not cry, she had cried enough…. This time she would fight back…. This time Daksh would get punished for whatever he had done to her family….


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Om has signed the papers trusting Riddhima blindly, will he find out the truth behind the papers? What is Daksh going to do with Ishana now? Will Ranveer and Abir’s efforst to keep Ishana safe work out? Is Ishana’s life in danger now that she has challenged Daksh’s ego?

Also, one important note, there are various sub plots to the story along with the main plot that focuses on Tia’s murder. So, the priority will be solving the murder case and other stories will be revealed in bits in various chapters. Therefore, I request you all to keep reading and enjoying the story. I’ll make all stories worth the wait.

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  1. Loved the way ishana back answered daksh
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    1. Prajkta

      Thank you Nandini!!!

  2. Shesha485

    Nice episode. It was really scary when Daksh suddenly entered Island’s house. But the way, Ishana fought is incredible. Good to see, Ishana’s entry in Ranveer’s team. Sad to see, Ishana could not focus on her work due to Omkara. I feel Om might have a reason for that activity which could be revealed soon. Shocking that Omkara signed the business papers. Riddhima broke his trust and probably it would be the end of Riddhima-Omkara’s relationship.

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you…. Ishana will definitely fight back against Daksh and come over her fears…. Let us wait till Om finds about Riddhima’s lies and Tej’s plans….

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      Excuse me! Kindly understand that this is not romance related FF, it is a crime thriller. It is nice of her to give sub plots of couple to make you guys happy. Please provide creative freedom for the writer to write scenes and she has already promised to give you their scenes which worth the wait. Also, Mishbir wise, they were reunited, unlike many couples who are in cliffhangers.
      Other than that, there are many Shivika, Ishkara, Pranbir, Priveer fans and she need to satisfy them also. So please be patient and don’t strain her regarding that… Hope you understand what I meant.

    3. Prajkta

      Also, I am really sorry if my story is disappointing any Mishbir, Pranbir or any other fans, but as I had already explained it many times, the story is main plot is Tia’s murder and its investigation…. All other sub plots will be revealed slowly and mostly in the later parts of the story…. I request you all to keep reading with patience till then…. At least wait till they find Tia’s killer…. You’ll get clues about other sub plots along with the main plot…. This story will definitely focus less on how the love story develops and more on how the lies, secrets and deceptions of others are exposed…..

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